WILLIAM E. HIBBERT was born in Camden NJ on January 7, 1873, one of seven children born to John Hibbert and Elizabeth Broomhead Hibbert. His parents had emigrated from England, and had lived in Ohio for a few years before coming to Camden shortly before William Hibbert's birth. John Hibbert worked as a machinist. The family resided at 1163 Cooper Street in the late 1870s and early were still there as late as 1891. John Hibbert passed away prior to the compilation of the 1887-1888 Camden City Directory. 

William E. Hibbert first appears the city directory in the 1890-1891 edition. He was living with his family on Cooper Street and working as a bookbinder. William Hibbert married around 1898. The 1899 City Directory show him living at 815 Fern Street in North Camden.

When the census was taken in 1900 William Hibbert he was living with his wife Laura and infant daughter Ruth at 109 North 34th Street in East Camden, and still working as a bookbinder. A son, John W. Hibbert, was born around 1903. The family moved to 117 North 33rd Street by 1906. William Hibbert joined Camden's Fire Department around 1908. A second daughter, Thelma Hibbert, cane around 1912. The Hibberts bought a home at 649 Washington Street, the corner of Washington Street and Chambers Avenue, prior to the compilation of the 1914 Camden City Directory. When the census was taken in 1920 they resided there, along with Ruth Hibbert's husband Leroy Scott. 

William Hibbert and his wife appear to have separated in the early 1920s. Neither is listed in the 1924 City Directory. In the 1927 and 1929 editions, William Hibbert is listed at 526 Benson Street, while Mrs. Laura Hibbert is listed at 649 Washington Street.

On April 2, 1928, at the age of 55, he retired on a pension of $83.10 per month. William Hibbert had last served as a junior captain with at Engine Company 5

William Hibbert returned to the Washington Street address by April of 1930. He was then working in real estate, and lived there through at least 1931. William Hibbert was living in Collingswood at 36 Haddon Avenue when the 1940 City Directory was compiled. He passed away in 1955 and was buried at Arlington Cemetery in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Camden Courier-Post - April 2, 1928