WALTER L. PHILLIPS was born in New Jersey around 1865, the son of Thomas and Sallie Phillips. 14 years old at the time of the June 1880 Federal Census, he had already left school to go to work in one of Camden's woolen mills. His father was a bricklayer. When the census was taken the family lived at 414 Williams Street in South Camden, and there were three younger children in the household, Lizzie, Clarence, and Harry.   

The 1887-1888 Camden City Directory, the Phillips family had moved across Broadway, to 513 Berkley Street. The Directories from 1889 through 1891 show the family at 512 Clinton Street. In these years Walter L. Phillips worked as an oilcloth printer.

When the Census was taken in 1900 Walter Phillips had begun his career as a letter carrier for the United States postal service, a vocation he would follow for the rest of his life. When he started working for the post office, it was located at 420-424 Federal Street. In 1900 Camden's Post Office began operations at a new building at 3rd and Arch Streets.

The Phillips family still resided at 512 Clinton Street, although by this time his father had passed away. By 1910 the family had moved to 214 South 5th Street. Living next door at 212 South 5th was prominent lawyer and future judge William C. French;  his brother and partner, Samuel J.T. French, also had a long and distinguished career as a barrister in Camden. It should be noted that through these years Walter, Lizzie, or Clarence Phillips married. 

Walter L. Phillips was known to thousands of people in Camden, as a letter carrier and through his activities as a Mason. His postal route was in the area of City Hall, which then stood in the area of Haddon Avenue near Cooper Hospital.

Walter Phillips later moved to 19 North 4th Street, where he lived with his sister. He took a fall in 1927, and broke his leg. Complications set in, and Walter Phillips passed away at Cooper Hospital on January 14, 1928, survived by his sister Lizzie.

The U.S. Post Office
Postcard dates from around 1910
The U.S. Post Office
Postcard is dated 1917
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Camden Courier-Post - January 16, 1928

Succumbs After Months of Illness Following Broken Leg

Masonic funeral rites will be conducted for Walter L. Phillips, prominent Mason who died Saturday at Cooper Hospital. He was 62 years old and had been ill  for several months from the effects of breaking his leg in a fall.

Phillips was a letter carrier for over a quarter of a century and was known by thousands of Camden residents. His route was in the City Hall district. He was also widely known in Masonic circles, and had held many high posts in the order. He was a member of Trimble Lodge and several affiliated organizations.

As a result of his death, his sister with whom he had lived at 19 North Fourth Street, is extremely ill. She was taken to the home of friends on Chambers Avenue.

Services will be held at 1 o’clock on Wednesday afternoon from the Murray funeral home at 629 Market Street. Burial will be in Harleigh Cemetery.