South Jersey: A History 1624-1924

THOMAS S. PANCOAST-For twenty-five years prior to his passing Thomas S. Pancoast had been identified with the confectionery busi­ness in Camden, New Jersey, and for more than fifteen years had conducted a flourishing busi­ness under his own name at No. 228 Market Street in that· city. He was of ancient family, members of the Society of Friends, a son of Nathan D. and Meribah (Slim) Pancoast, nephew of Caleb and George Pancoast, who served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and scion of the family founded in New Jersey by John and Caleb Pancoast, brothers, who came early in the seventeenth century. 

Nathan D. Pancoast was born at Maple Shade, New Jersey, September 26, 1838, died May 18, 1918, son of Nathan D. Pancoast, born December 10, 1804, died July 25, 1885, and his wife, Sarah Moffett, born February 9, 1809, died July 25, 1885. Nathan D. Pancoast, the younger, was engaged in farming at Moorestown, New Jersey, in his mature years, and was held in high esteem in the community in which he moved. He married Meribah Slim, born in Lenola, New Jersey, March 17, 1842, who survives him and continues her residence in the old homestead in Moorestown. 

Mrs. Sarah (Moffett) Pancoast was a great­granddaughter of Archibald Moffett, born November 14, 1765, died August 3, 1824, son of Archibald, Sr., and Elizabeth (Clark) Moffett, the former born on November 20, 1730, died March 16, 1817, the latter born in 1735, died May 7, 1804. It was from such ancient and honorable New Jersey families that Thomas S. Pancoast sprang, and in his life he exemplified the manly, upright traits of his ancestry.

Thomas S. Pancoast, son of Nathan D. and Meribah (Slim) Pancoast, was born at the home farm in Moorestown, New Jersey, April 17, 1871, died November 27, 1923, following an operation for appendicitis at Cooper Hospital, Camden. He was educated in Friends' School and in high school, there finishing his educational training. He remained at the home farm, his father's assistant until 1897, then, at the age of twenty-six, he entered business in association with the wholesale grocery firm of G. R. Danenhower & Son, their place of business at the corner of Broadway and Kaighn's Avenue, Camden, New Jersey. During the three years he was with that company Mr. Pancoast became interested especially in the candy department, and when, in 1900, he made a change, he secured a position with a Camden confectionery house and fitted himself for that line of mercantile activity.

In 1904 he embarked on his private venture in business, opening a confectionery store at No. 519 Market Street, Camden, there remaining until 1907, building up a flourishing trade. In 1907 he removed to No. 228 Market Street, in the same city, and there his business grew and prospered abundantly until his sudden passing from earthly scenes. In his dealings with the public Mr. Pancoast made many friends, and earned the high regard of his contemporaries of the business world and in social circles. He was a member of the board of directors of the Security Trust Company, of Camden; member of the Confectioners' Association of South Jersey; a Republican in politics; and a member of the Society of Friends. In earlier years, gunning was a recreation in which he found a great deal of pleasure, but in his later years the automobile supplanted this earlier sport.

On February 18, 1909, in the First Baptist Church, of Camden, New Jersey, Thomas S. Pancoast married May E. Boardman, who survives him, daughter of Oscar J. and Bella (Beckett) Boardman; her father born January 6, 1847, died November 22, 1908, son of Thomas Boardman, who came from England to the United States in the earlier half of the nineteenth century. Bella (Beckett) Boardman was born May 30, 1845, and died May 3, 1918. To Mr. and Mrs. Pancoast three children were born: Wilbur, who died in infancy, April 17, 1910; Heulings Boardman, born March 12, 1913; and Lester, born November 22, 1917, died in infancy. Mr. and Mrs. Pancoast had just completed a beautiful stone residence on Warwick Road and Summit Avenue, Haddonfield, New Jersey, when Mr. Pancoast passed away. He was buried in Harleigh Cemetery, Camden.