ROBERT FREEMAN was born in Perth Amboy NJ on October 31, 1815. His father died when he was but 10 years old. His mother, with eleven children, was in dire straits, and young Robert worked on a farm, where he attended school in winter. He left the farm and school at 14 to work in a grocery store in Perth Amboy, became a partner, and remained there into his 30s. After successfully engaging in a variety of business pursuits in Nashville and Philadelphia, Robert freeman built a home in Camden at 104 Pearl Street, in 1870. Still a vigorous man in his 60s, he went into the real estate business in 1880, and established a company to pursue that in 1882. Robert Freeman made his home at 104 Pearl Street in the late 1880s and early 1890s, and was still active in business in the mid 1890s, by which time his son Thomas and grandsons Clarence and Edgar Freeman had become actively involved. 

Robert Freeman's real estate office was for many years at 27 Market Street. His grandsons later moved the business to 314 Market Street, and the company was known as Freeman Brothers by 1914.  Clarence Freeman was active in the business as late as 1936. 

1897 - Biographical Review


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1906 City Directory Cover Ad

Letter regarding sale of the Hotel Ridgway
April 27, 1914

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Freeman Brothers Letterhead

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Estimate given to the Freeman Brothers real estate business by Harry Brown for repairs to 129 York Street in North Camden on January 30, 1930.