OSCAR ADAMS EASTLACK was born in Mantua NJ in 1869. When he was one, his father, Charles Eastlack, came to Camden, where he prospered in the retail grocery business. Charles Eastlack was the first to operate a chain of grocery stores in Camden. After being educated in the Camden public schools and the Louderbach Academy in Philadelphia, Oscar Eastlack went into his father's business. 

Oscar Eastlack was interested in sports. A fan of boxing, he promoted Old Dan McConnell in the 1890s and early 1900s. Around 1907, Oscar Eastlack brought the first automobile to Camden, a red Brush automobile, manufactured in Detroit by Alanson Partridge Brush, who had designed the first Cadillac, before opening his own automobile manufacturing venture. Oscar Eastlack was a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, and was involved the erection of their fine building, the Eagles Hall, that stood at 415 Broadway.

Oscar Eastlack sold his grocery and bakery business in 1920, and established Camden's first truck dealership, which he ran until his retirement around 1930. He spent his later years living in an apartment at 301 Penn street.

Oscar Eastlack passed away at home, of a stroke, on January 19, 1938. After services at the Joseph H. Murray Funeral Home, he was cremated, and his ashes interred at Harleigh Cemetery. 


The Editor's Mail Bag

August 11, 1933

Camden Courier-Post - January 21, 1938


Camden's First Auto 'Sped' at 20-Miles-an-Hour;
Men Grabbed Horses Reins in Fear of 'Red Devil' 

January 29, 1938

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