MARTIN A. McNULTY was born in Maryland in October of 1888, to Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McNulty. By the time he was 12 his mother had passed away. At the time of the 1900 census the McNulty family, which included Martin and his 4 younger siblings, were living in Sparrow's Point MD, near Baltimore. 

Martin McNulty had come to Camden by the summer of 1910. At the time of the 1910 Census he was unmarried, lodging at 1914 Broadway, and working as a machinist in one of Camden's many shipyards, most likely that of the New York Shipbuilding Corporation, a short walk south on Broadway

Shortly after the Census was taken in 1910, Martin McNulty married. By January of 1920 he had bought the building at 307 Kaighn Avenue, where he operated a hotel, a term which in that time referred more to being a bar and restaurant operation than an overnight lodging business. By this time his wife Florence had bore him three children; Catherine, Florence, and James. His unmarried sister Mary also lived with the family.

With the advent of Prohibition, Martin McNulty closed his hotel operation and opened a hardware and home furnishings business at 307 Kaighn Avenue, which was still in operation as late as 1947. Another child was born after 1920, a daughter named Margaret. Sadly Florence McNulty passed away in January of 1928. 

A staunch Republican, Martin McNulty served as Camden County's purchasing agent in the late 1930s and early 1940s until being forced out of his position as a result of a political fued with his former patron, Louis Bantivoglio.

Martin McNulty was still living at 307 Kaighn Avenue as late as 1959. 

Camden Courier-Post - January 25, 1928


As a result of a serious operation which she underwent in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Philadelphia, Mrs. Florence McNulty, 38 years old, wife of Martin A. McNulty, of 307 Kaighn Avenue, died shortly after midnight. She had been ill since Monday.

Mrs. McNulty had lived in Camden all her life. Her husband has operated a hardware store at 307 Kaighn Avenue for many years. Besides her husband, three daughters, and a son survive their mother. They are Catherine, Florence, Margaret and James, all living at home.

Mrs. McNulty was very active in the affairs of the Church of the Sacred Heart. She was president of the Parent-Teacher Association of the in­stitution at the time of her death.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed.

Camden Courier-Post * June 1, 1932

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Camden Courier-Post
June 8, 1932

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July 24, 1941

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July 31, 1941

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