LEVI ELMER FARNHAM was born in Massachusetts around 1856. By 1887 he had relocated to Camden NJ, and was employed as the assistant city surveyor, making his home at 550 Berkley Street. By 1890 he was promoted to city surveyor. Shortly thereafter he was made City Engineer, in which he served for 30 years. The Farnhams lived at 550 Berkley Street from 1887 to 1890.

The 1900 Census shows Levi Farnham living with his wife Georgeanna at 416 South 6th Street. By 1906 Levi Farnham, still employed by the City of Camden, had purchased a home at 413 Chambers Avenue, not far from the Berkley Street address. Among those on his staff in the City Engineer's office was Thomas J. Daley. Mrs. Farnham was an active member of the Womans Club of Camden.

Levi E. Farnham, for over thirty years City Engineer of Camden, died October 13, 1923 at the age of 67. Still a resident of the Chambers Avenue address, his wife joined him in August of 1931.

On December 1, 1927 the City Commission of the City of Camden re-named Forest Hill Park, between Kaighn Avenue and Baird Boulevard and along the Cooper River, Farnham Park in appreciation of Levi Farnham's services to the city. 

Postcards of Farnham Park in the 1930s

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Farnham Park - 2003

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Philadelphia Inquirer - March 14, 1890

Levi Farnham - Harry M. Snyder - Isaac Givens - Thaddeus P. Varney 
William T.G. Young Jr. - John Blowe

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 26, 1896
Harry A. Goodman - William H. Cole - J. Oscar Nichuals - Richard C. Mason  
Owen B. Jones - William T. G. Young Jr. -
Levi Farnham - Frank S. Fithian
Samuel Lee -
John Cherry - Samuel Lodge - C. Harry Price - Frank Vacke
Arthur Bedell - Thaddeus P. Varney - Charles Van Dyke Joline
George D. Barton - Charles Hollingshed - Councilman Charles P. Sayrs

Camden Daily Telegram
September 2, 1896

Henry C. Moffett
Rev. J.R. Mace
Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church
Jesse Pratt
Thaddeus P. Varney
John Blowe
William A. Husted
Levi Farnham
Christopher J. Mines Jr.
Walter Moffett
Charles C. Moffett

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 23, 1898

George Pfeiffer Jr. - Levi Farnham

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 1, 1899

Levi Farnham

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 15, 1902

Broadway - Spruce Street
Louisa Traubel -
Levi Farnham
Gately & Hurley Company
George Fields -
John Welsh
Joseph Nowrey -   Arthur Stanley

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Philadelphia Inquirer - September 5, 1903

David Baird Sr. - J. Wesley Sell - Frank F. Patterson Jr. - E.V.D. Joline
E. Ambler Armstrong -
Frank T. Lloyd - F. Morse Archer - Robert L. Barber
William J. Bradley - William D. Brown - Thomas P. Curley - Charles F. Currie
Isaac W. Coles - E.W. Delacroix -
John J. Burleigh - John Cherry - William Graeff
Theodore Gibbs -
John S. Roberts - Henry J. West - George Pfeiffer Jr.
Irving Buckle - Samuel Wood - Jonathan Watson - Maurice Redrow
Richard R. Miller - Lwis H. Mohrman - David M. Anderson - G. WIlliam Harned
Edward H. Chew - William Coffin - Dr. John B. Davis -
Dr. Henry H. Davis
Samuel S. Elfreth - Charles H. Ellis - Levi Farnham - John Blowe - J. Palmer Earl
Samuel P. Jones - George W. Turner - Henry M. Snyder - Lewis Stehr Sr.
Charles P. Sayrs - Henry J. Rumrille - William M. Palmer - Frank Peterson
Martin J. O'Brien -
J. WIllard Morgan - J. Alpheus McCracken - John R. McCabe
A.G. McCausland - Joseph Kolb - John M. Kelly - E.E. Jefferies - Jacob S. Justice
Robert Jaggard - Harry L. Jones - Upton S. Jefferys - William Kettler
John D. Courter -
Dr. William S. Jones - Mahlon F. Ivins Sr.
Samuel G. Hufty - Ephraim T. Gill -
Francis Fithian 

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 26, 1904
E.E. Jefferis - Edward H. Sayford - James E. Bryan - Clara S. Burrough
Susanna Danser - Julian K. Potter - G. Bovilla Fry - George T. Phillips
Helen E. Herbert - Frank Healy - Peter Verga - Frank Gardner - Broadway
Camden Manual Training and High School - Camden Lodge of Elks
Amos R. Dease - Levi Farnham - Albert West - Federal Street - Linden Street 

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 16, 1906
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Charles H. Ellis - Samuel Hufty - Levi Farnham
Charles Elfreth - J.F. Newton - Frank Heisler
William Osler - John McCabe
William Steinmetz - Harry Francis

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 12, 1906

Levi Farnham - Charles H. Ellis - E.G.C. Bleakly
Louis Mohrman

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 30, 1909

Levi Farnham - Mrs. Caroline Hackett

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 5, 1921

Joseph Forsyth - Levi Farnham - Martin Schreiber - Wellington Barto - 
J.J. Blanchard -
William L. Roberts - E.H. Sapp - Charles H. Ellis

Camden Courier-Post August 24, 1931

Levi Farnham - Mrs. Caroline Hackett

Camden Courier-Post
August 25, 1931