LAWRENCE BURTON READER was the third son of John Reader and his wife Lillia. The family had lived in Camden in the 1870s before moving to Minden NE, where Lawrence Reader was born on February 16, 1886. The family returned to Camden in 1890. John Reader was appointed to the in 1898.

Lawrence Reader played baseball and studied law as a young man. In 1905 and 1906, and possibly in 1907 he was a member of the Orient team, one of the many local ball clubs in Camden and its environs. In that same year he became a notary public, working with another young lawyer, Ernest Bartelt. He married Bessie McLear in June 1907 at Atlantic City. New Jersey. In 1908 Lawrence Reader was admitted as attorney, with an office 207 Market Street, Camden

Lawrence Reader became involved in politics. He was elected to city council from Camden's 13th Ward six consecutive years, beginning in 1913.  During his years as a councilman he served on the Property, Ordinance, Finance, Electrical and Accounts committees. 

Lawrence Reader registered for the draft in Camden on September 12, 1918. He and wife Bessie were then living at 1362 Haddon Avenue. Sadly, Lawrence Reader died in Camden, a victim of the influenza epidemic, on October 10, 1918 and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery.

Lawrence Reader was survived by his wife Bessie and four children, his father, step-mother, and brothers Aaron and Dr. Addison B.G. Reader. 

The Reader Family
Lillia Grindle Reader John Reader Dr. Addison B.G. Reader

Orient of Gloucester Baseball Team - 1907

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 7, 1911
  Amos Richard Dease - John A. Mather - Melbourne F. Middleton Jr. - William D. Brown - Arthur Colsey - William F. Kelly - R.J. Garrison - James E. Hewitt  Lawrence Reader - Dr. Grant E. Kirk -
George Kleinheinz
- James F. Walton - David A. Henderson - John T. Rodan - Charles Laib

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 28, 1911

Mayor Ellis - Soldiers' Monument - William Thompson - Rev. A.H. Newton
First Methodist Episcopal Church - Isaac T. Nichols - Amos Richard Dease
H.L. Hartshorn - William D. Vanaman - Charles A. Ackley -
Charles M. Baldwin - James M. Bentley - John W. Coleman - C.K. Deacon -
Malachi D. Cornish
Louis T. Derousse - William Fox - Abe Fuhrman -
Harry C. Kramer - Ira E. Lute
Dr. J.W. Martindale - Jacob Neutze - Edward Nieland -
Dr. H.S. Riddle
William Sangtinette -
Bernhard Schroeder - William Schmid
 Sigismund Schoenagle - Daniel M. Stevens - Frank W. Tussey
Walter L Tushingham -
Francis B. Wallen,- Harry A Whaland.

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 5, 1913

Thirteenth Ward Republican Club

Haddon Avenue - Lawrence D. Reader - Calvin F. Bucks - Harry Kurz - Hugh Greenan - J.P. Scull
J.P. Daly - James Cunningham -
Frank S. Albright - Wilbur Ellis - Henry Budney - Edward Kabinsky
George Williams - Liberty Park Republican Club

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 1, 1914

Charles H. Ellis 
Frank W. Tussey
Charles M. Curry
W.L. Tushingham
Bernhard Schroeder
William Schmid
Edward Nieland - Daniel M. Stevens 
W.F. Powell - Abe Fuhrman
C.K. Deacon - Jacob Neutze
Charles A. Ackley

Francis B. Wallen

  Harry A Whaland
Dr. Wallace McGeorge
Ralph D. Baker
William F. Kelly
Lawrence B. Reader
Malachi D. Cornish
Gen. John A. Mather
James E. Hewitt
David Jester
William Sangtinette

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 19, 1915

Dr. Emma M. Richardson - William J. Cooper - William F. Rose
Harry C. Sharp - Frank Van Hart - H.C. Dole - Lawrence B. Reader
Mrs. Stephen Pfeil - Mrs. J.W.F. Bleakly - Mrs. John W. Croft
Mrs. Rose Batters - Mary J. Ball Day Nursery

World War I Draft Card