JAMES WARREN DRUMMOND was born around 1898 to John and Amy Drummond. His family moved to Camden when he was a boy, and he attended local schools. In 1915 he went to work for the Isaac Ferris Shoe Company, in Camden, where he learned the business of shoe manufacturing. On December 6, 1921, he and his brother Raymond and founded, at 310 Friend's Avenue in Camden, the Drummond Shoe Company. He left that business the following year to form a partnership with Anthony Dietz known as the Drummond & Dietz Shoe Company, at 315 Stephens Street. During the late 1910s and into the mid-1920s the Drummond brothers and their parents lived at 603 Walnut Street.

By 1930 James W. Drummond had moved, with his father and brother Raymond, to 1146 Lansdowne Avenue. He was still engaged in the shoe manufacturing business at that point. 

James Drummond, his business, and the Drummond family does not appear in the 1936 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory nor were they listed in Camden when the 1947 City Directory was compiled. 

South Jersey: A History 1624-1924

JAMES WARREN DRUMMOND, who in the year of this writing is not yet thirty, and who is descended from old American ancestry, is a successful and wealthy shoe merchant in Camden, the active and managing partner of Drummond & Dietz Shoe Company, an achievement for which he spent many years in preparing. He is a well-known Mason of his city. 

James Warren Drummond was born at Hancock's Bridge, Salem County, New Jersey. His father is John Drummond, the son of John Drummond, a charter member of Woodstown Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, and a farmer who fought in the Civil War; the first John Drummond was also a Knight Templar. James Warren Drummond's mother was Amy (Roork) Drummond, a native of Salem County like her husband.

When James W. Drummond was about ten years old, the Drummond family moved from his birthplace to Camden, where he finished his schooling, having started it in the grammar schools at Alloway, New Jersey. For about six years he was with the Isaac Ferris Shoe Company, in Camden, and when he resigned from the company's employ to enter business for himself, he was foreman in the finishing department. On December 6, 1921, he and his brother entered a partnership, and founded, at No. 310 Friend's Avenue, Camden, the Drummond Shoe Company. A year later the association was dissolved so that Mr. Drummond could become the partner of Anthony Dietz, with whom he established the Drummond & Dietz Shoe Company, at No. 315 Stevens Street, Mr. Dietz supplying the capital and Mr. Drummond managing the business, which specializes in upper fittings and novelty shoes, using the McKay process.

Mr. Drummond is a member of the Ionic Lodge, Free & Accepted Masons, of Camden/ He makes his home with his parents at No. 603 Walnut Street, Camden.