JAMES J. SCARDUZIO was a member of a large family that was well known in Camden's old Eighth Ward, which was centered around the intersection of Broadway and Ferry Avenue. He operated a successful real estate business at 1809 Broadway, as early as the 1930s. He was active as a Republican politician in the early 1930s, and was able to prosper even after the Democrat Party ascended to dominance in Camden after the May 1935 election. James J. Scarduzio also served a justice of the peace. 

After the sudden death of James H. O'Brien, the original manager of the William Stanley Ablett Village public housing project, in March of 1944, James J. Scarduzio was named to replace him.

Camden Courier-Post - February 10, 1933

8TH WARD G. O. P. 

The Eighth Ward unit of the Young Republicans of Camden county will meet each Thursday night at 1718 Broadway, it was announced last night by the club president, Magistrate J .J. Scarduzio..


The Eighth Ward Young Republican Club will meet at 8 o'clock to­night at 1718 Broadway. Justice of the Peace James J. Scarduzio, president, will preside.

Camden Courier-Post
June 26, 1933

Camden Courier-Post * February 17, 1938

Ben Polumbo, president of Societa Di N. S. Unione Forza will be honored February 24 at a dinner in the Licata Restaurant, 417 Walnut street. Polumbo recently was elected for his seventh term. Guests invited include Mayor Brunner, Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, Assistant City Solicitor Edward V. Martino and John L. Morrissey. Police Judge Gene R. Mariano will be toastmaster.

James J. Scarduzio is committee chairman. Others on the committee are John Colleratti, vice chairman; Samuel Barbarosa, treasurer; Nick Caramanna, secretary; Antonio De Marco, financial secretary; Joseph Mascico, Carman Calvanetti, Ernest Parattoglia, Rocco Melfi, Nick Del Rossi, Louis Bush, Antonio Marcchiore and Fred Muscella.

Camden Courier-Post * February 24, 1938

Societa' di M.S. Unione e Forza
Benedette Palumbo - Gene R. Mariano - George E. Brunner
Mary W. Kobus - Edward V. Martino - John L. Morrissey
James J. Scarduzio - John Colleretti - Antonio De Marco
Sam Barbarossa - Nick Carramanna - Carmen Calzanetti
Ernest Tartaglia - Rocco Melfi - Antonio Marchior
Michael Rossi - Louis Bush - Licata Restaurant - Walnut Street

Camden Courier-Post - July 22, 1941

Camden Drive Brings $14,575 to Recreation Fund For Service Men

Contributions to the United Service Organizations continued to flow in yesterday. 

The money will be used for recreational programs for men in the armed forces of the nation through clubs, which are being established adjacent to army and navy cantonments.

Total receipts as announced by Ralph Vasso, chairman of the volunteer gift committee, were $14,575.58. The goal set up for Camden in the nationwide appeal for contributions is $21,000.

Funds are being sent by mail, and delivered in person to headquarters of the U.S.O. in the Camden County Chamber of Commerce offices, Sixth and Penn streets, Sidney P. McCord, city comptroller, is treasurer of the committee. 

Yesterday's contributors are: I.ouis Seitchik, $50; employees of Louis Seitchik, $125; Camden County Girl Scouts, $5; Alice B. Eaton, $3; Mrs. T. T. Eaton, $2; Dealers Liquor Company, additional $5; Minters Distributors, $10; John W. Whitecar, $10; Loyal Order of Moose, $10; General Chemical Company, $25; house-to-house collection, Parkside section, $7.35; collections by cans in motion picture theatres, $21.65; Sam Slutsky. $5. 
Bishop Bartholomew J. Eustace, $50; Father J. P. Fallon, $5; Camden Section National Council of Jewish Women, $10; Camden Realtors, $51; James Scarduzio, $1; John A. Neff, $5; additional from employees of MacAndrews and Forbes, $43.40; office employees of Warren Webster and Company, $24.54; factory employees of Warren Webster and Company, $55.06; Gustav Schwoeri, Jr., 52; Monsanto Chemical Company employees, $51.25; Budget Plan Corporation, $10.