JACOB L. FURER was born to Michael Furer and his wife, the former Lizzie Zimmerman in Bridgeport CT on January 24, 1893. His family, which included younger brother Lazarus, moved to Camden in 1905. The 1906 City Directory shows the family living at 1131 Broadway. By 1910 his father had moved the family to 346 Kaighn Avenue and established a business there, the Premium Tea Company. 

Jacob Furer graduated from Camden Manual Training and High School at Haddon and Newton Avenues and went on to study law at Temple University Law School, graduating in 1915. After clerking for Judges French and Davis he was admitted to the New Jersey Bar. 

In 1917 Jacob Furer enlisted in the United States Navy and served as an ensign patrolling local waters in the Fourth Naval District. He resumed his legal career upon returning from active duty. He was active in real estate law in Camden and was a director of the Diamond Building and Loan Association. Jacob L. Furer was active in affairs if Camden's Jewish community and especially active as a member of the Jewish War Veteran's Tri-county Chapter, which he served as commander of in the late 1930s. He was also a member of Camden Post No. 7 of the American Legion, serving as its adjutant in the mid-1940s. He served as an appeal agent for Camden Draft Board No. 11 during World War II, whose members included John McCaffrey, Dr. David S. Rhone and Thaddeus Borz.

Jacob Furer married Elizabeth Getzov in 1921. The family made its home at 1124 Langham Avenue in Parkside. A son, John Falk Furer was born in 1923. Sadly, after graduating from Camden High School, John Falk Furer was killed in action while serving with the United States Army in France in July of 1944.  

Jacob Furer's parents and brother had moved to Atlantic City by the spring of 1930. His father had retired. Brother Lazarus Furer was then managing a rolling chair company on the Boardwalk. He remained a resident of Atlantic City until his death in 1964.

Mr. and Mrs. Furer were still living in Parkside as late as 1947. By 1956 Jacob L. Furer had moved to an apartment in Collingswood NJ. He was still practicing law at 712 Market Street in Camden as late as the fall of 1959. Jacob L. Furer died on January 17, 1964 and was buried at Crescent Burial Park in Pennsauken, New Jersey, not far from where his son lay. Mrs. Furer continued to live in Collingswood through the fall of 1970, according to the New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory for that year. Last a resident of Oaklyn, New Jersey, she passed on February 26,  1976 and was buried at her husband's side.

South Jersey: A History 1624-1924

JACOB L. FURER—In legal circles in Camden, New Jersey, Jacob L. Furer holds a prominent position and for the past decade has been active in practice in this city. Identified with the public advance in real estate interests as well Mr. Furer's career is bearing ever greater significance to the welfare and progress of the city. He is a native of New England and a son of Michael and Lizzie (Zimmerman) Furer, residents of Camden for nearly twenty years, his father a successful merchant here.

Jacob L. Furer was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, January 24, 1893. Coming to Camden with his parents as a child of twelve years, his education was received in the local public schools, and following his graduation from the Camden High School he entered Temple University Law School in Philadelphia, from which he was graduated in 1915. During the year 1912-1913 Mr. Furer was active with Judge French, and in 1913-1914 with Judge Davis, then following his clerkship was admitted to the bar of the State of New Jersey as attorney and later as counselor. His progress in the profession has been interrupted by his participation in the World War. He enlisted in the United States Navy in 1917, and was assigned to patrol duty in the Fourth Naval District of New Jersey with the rank of ensign.

Upon his return to civilian life, Mr. Furer resumed his professional activities, and, with offices at No. 517 Federal Street, Camden, has won a prominent position in his chosen field of endeavor. Real estate affairs have also commanded Mr. Furer's attention for some years and he has become broadly interested in local development work. In this connection he has done much to forward the progress of the community and his broad familiarity with legal affairs forms a force for progress in the real estate field. He is a director of the Diamond Building and Loan Association and solicitor for the organization which was formed in the year 1919, also largely promoted by Mr. Furer. He is interested in every phase of organized advance and is affiliated with the Young Men's Hebrew Association Lodge of Camden and attends the Jewish Synagogue. 

Jacob L. Furer married, on November 24, 1921, Elizabeth Getzov, daughter of John Falk and Rebecca (Lewin) Getzov, her father deceased, but her mother still living. Mr. and Mrs. Furer have one son, John Falk Furer, born March 10, 1923.

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 2, 1912
Benjamin Natal - Joseph F. Kantor - Max Goldich - Philip M. Pinsky
Bertrand Schneeberg - Arnold Weiss - Samuel Heine -
Jacob Furer
Israel Heine

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 24, 1914
Benjamin Natal - Joseph F. Kantor - Max Goldich - Mark Obus - Dr. William M. Lashman - Arnold Weiss
Bertrand Schneeberg -
Jacob Furer - Broadway Theatre - Sig Schoenagle - Charles H. Ellis

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 26, 1914
Benjamin Natal - Joseph F. Kantor - Max Goldich - Mark Obus - Dr. William M. Lashman - Arnold Weiss
Bertrand Schneeberg -
Jacob Furer - Broadway Theatre 

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 10, 1914
Harry Greenberg - Milton Manheimer
Max Lewis - Mitchell Blank - Benjamin Natal - Joseph F. Kantor
Max Goldich - Mark Obus - Arnold Weisss - Bertrand Schneeberg Broadway Theatre -
Jacob Weinberg - Meyer Wessel - Jacob Furer

Trenton Times * September 3, 1915

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 16, 1916

Samuel Macklin
Fannie Lashman
Harry Greenberg
Harry Teitelman
Meyer Teitelman
Benjamin Natal
Aaron Levin
J.Z. Blank
Julia Silver
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Florence Frisch
Jacob Weinberg
Meyer Wessel
Louis Mackler
Mark Obus
Jacob Furer
Bernard Bertman
Sig Schoenagle
Israel Heine

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 4, 1917
Meyer Wessel - Dr. Philip Wenkos - A. Rosenfelt - J. Heine - Mark Obus
Abe Fuhrman - Samuel Mackler - Isaac Frisch -
Jack Weinberg - Jacob L. Furer
Arnold Weiss - Harry Greenberg

Camden Courier-Post - June 30, 1928

Antonio Rocco - Jacob L. Furer - Giacomo Visalli - Stevens Street

American Jewish Yearbook for 1931-1932
Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia PA - 1931



Dale, H., Haddon Book Bindery


Adlen, R., 1455 Broadway
Arnoff, Rabbi Nachman, 1254 Langham Avenue 
Brown, Barney B., 1222 Langham Avenue
Conston, H., 707 Broadway
Cooper, Dr. David E., 1314 Broadway 
Cooperson, Leon, 40 North 4th Street
Feldman. J., 422 Kaighn Avenue 
Feldsher, R., 800 Broadway
Fine, Florence, 520 Kaighn Avenue
Fox, P., 1122 Broadway
Fridrick, H. E., 2587 Baird Boulevard
Fuhrman, Abe, 444 Broadway
Furer, Jacob L., 602 Wilson Building
Goldstein, Dr. Hyman I., 1125 Broadway
Grossberg, J., 827 Broadway
Heine, Samuel, 910 Broadway 
Hermann, I. H., 300 Broadway
Jaspan, H., 631 Grant Street
Kaplan, S., 804 Wilson Building
Levy, W. H., 2554 Baird Boulevard
Liberman, Lewis, 307 Market Street
Lichtenstein, H. S., 1450 Wildwood Avenue
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Newman, A., 1178 Haddon Avenue
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Palitz, Sarah L., 514 Federal Street
Polivnick. Miss C., 1449 Ormond Avenue
Rose, Leon H., 511 Income Insurance Building (300 Broadway)
Rosenfeld, R. H., 3046 Federal Street
Udell, W., 504 Kaighn Avenue
Visor, David L., 23 Broadway
Weitzman, Israel, 1456 Haddon Avenue
Yuschinsky, Miss Dora E., 520 Liberty Street
Zinman, Philip, 548
Federal Street

Camden Courier-Post * October 29, 1931


David Baird, Jr., Republican nominee for governor, will make his final appearance in the current election campaign Monday night, in his "own home town," when he will address a monster rally at the Hebrew Republican League, at the Talmud Torah, 621 Kaighn avenue.

The Hebrew league reorganized formally at a luncheon in the Hotel Walt Whitman. Lewis Liberman, assistant city solicitor, was elected president; Sig Schoenagle, Samuel Shaner, Israel Weitzman, vice-presidents; L. Scott Cherchesky, secretary, and Samuel Label, treasurer.

Trustees of the league include Hyman Bloom, Mitchell E. Cohen, Benjamin Friedman, Jacob L. Furer, Isadore H. Hermann, Carl Kisselman, Edward Markowitz, Louis L. Markowitz, Harry Obus, Maurice L. Praissman, Samuel Richelson, Meyer L. Sakin, Julius Rosenberg, Jacob Rosenkrantz and Jack Weinberg.

In addition to former Senator Baird, speakers at the Jewish rally will include Mrs. Elizabeth C. Verga, Republican state committeewoman and vice chairman of the county committee; Congressman Charles A. Wolverton, Congressman Benjamin Golder, of Pennsylvania, and State Senator Samuel Salus, of Pennsylvania.

Camden Courier-Post * February 4, 1938


Commander Jacob L. Furer, commander of the Tri-County Post, Jewish War Veterans, wants to make 1938 the outstanding year in the history of the post; Among his objectives will be close co-operation with other veteran organizations, the purchasing of a home and formation of a uniformed drum and bugle corps for the Sons of Jewish War Veterans.

Appointments announced by Commander Furer are Morris Bloom, quartermaster; Mitchell Blank, adjutant; Julian Jaspan, officer of the day; Judge Lewis Liberman, the first commander of the post, judge advocate; Harry Bush, chaplain; Louis Berg, liaison officer; Lew Bryen, service officer; Harry Mendell, patriotic instructor; Samuel Shepard, historian; Samuel Herman, post guard; trustees, Isador S. Worth, past commander; Samuel Shapiro and Nathan N. Wolpert.

Camden Courier-Post - February 11, 1938


Commander Jacob Furer, of the Tri-County Post Jewish War Veterans, has begun a drive to secure as members all veterans who are eligible to join.

He is urging all members of the Tri-County Post to join the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars or Disabled Veterans of the World War, as he desires the entire post to co-operate with other veteran groups.

The committee on new members is composed of Joseph Getsov, junior vice commander, chairman; Morris Cohen, Nat Wolpert, Jules Jaspan, Sam Shapiro, Louis Rosenthal, Al Becker and Sam Herman.

World war II Draft Card