J. Howard
Howard N. Kirkbride


J. HOWARD KIRKBRIDE was born on March 3, 1849 in Medford NJ. He married Lydia E. Gamble in 1873, and lived in Pemberton NJ for many years. In 1886 he ran for Burlington County Surrogate on a Prohibition ticket. J. Howard Kirkbride came to what is now East Camden in 1893 where he and became involved in the building and real estate business. By 1897 he had erected 300 homes in what was then Stockton Township (present-day East Camden), and laid out 400 building lots in the tract known as Camden Heights. Previously active as a member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, in 1893 he too part in founding St. George's Methodist Episcopal Church, which stood at 3316 Mickle Street in what is now East Camden. J. Howard Kirkbride passed away on July 5, 1910. 

His son, HOWARD H. KIRKBRIDE was born in Pemberton NJ on February 12, 1874. He moved to Camden with his father, and initially worked with him in the real estate and construction business. In 1894 he entered the newspaper business, and soon owned a printing business at 3406 Federal Street. He was the publisher of the Stockton Argosy, a weekly newspaper which was popular in Stockton Township in the late 1890s.