Pelouze Sr.

HARRY PIERCE PELOUZE was born June 25, 1881 in Camden NJ to Franklin P. and Laura Pelouze. His early years were spent at 452 Royden Street. Franklin Pelouze, a type finisher by trade, moved his family back in with his father Charles Pelouze's home at 604 South 5th Street by 1888. Grandfather Charles Pelouze had for many years conducted a grocery business at Broadway & Kaighn Avenue and had served on Camden's City Council before passing away in 1894.

Harry Pelouze graduated from the Manual Training and High School at Haddon and Newton Avenues in 1899. He trained as an optician, and in 1914, with Walter Campbell founded Pelouze & Campbell, enjoying great success as practicing opticians. Harry Pelouze married Rachel 'Rae' Figner, the daughter of 

one-time Camden city councilman Alfred Figner, on April 25, 1905, at St. John's Episcopal Church on Broadway. The couple moved to Haddon Heights NJ. Harry and Rae Pelouze were living there when son Harry Pierce Pelouze Jr. was born on March 9, 1910.

At the time of the 1920 Census, Harry Pelouze was living with wife Rachel 'Rae' Pelouze and son Harry Jr. in the Sabra Apartments at 205-A Penn Street. He later moved back to Haddon Heights. 

Although by then a resident of Haddon Heights, when Camden changed to the commission form of government in 1923 during the administration of Mayor Victor King, Harry P. Pelouze Sr. was appointed Purchasing Agent for the city. He served in that capacity until 1927, when the Republican Party returned to power. Dr. Charles B. Helm succeeded Harry Pelouze as Purchasing Agent.

Later a resident of Haddonfield NJ, Harry Pelouze Sr. passed away in September of 1966. 


Harry Pelouze Sr.
was an 1899 graduate of the
Manual Training
High School

at the corner of
Haddon and Newton Avenues. 

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Camden Courier-Post - January 16, 1928

Broadway Merchants to Hold Annual Banquet at Hotel Walt Whitman, Jan. 25

 An exciting contest is expected in the annual election of officers of the Broadway Business Menís Association. The elections, preceded by a banquet, will be held Wednesday evening, January 25, at Hotel Walt Whitman.

Three merchants are candidates for the presidency, which will be vacated by Harry Pelouze. There are J.V. Moran, Walter Friant and Morris Futernick. They were nominated at the November meeting of the association.

Another battle is looked for in the naming of a vice-president. M. Fuhrman and J.W. Holmes are the two candidates while Morris Jaffe is the retiring vice president. Edwin C. Norcross, president treasurer, will be unopposed for re-election. Albert S. Dudley will be unopposed when he succeeds David Tattersdill as secretary.

Representatives from every business in every section of the city have been invited to attend the affair, while every one of the 150 members will probably be present. The principle speaker will be former Judge John B. Kates, of the Broadway Merchants Trust Company.

An address on interstate traffic and its relations to the transportation problems of Camden business will be delivered by J.J. Ruster, head of the transportation department of the Camden ≠Chamber of Commerce. Francis B. Wallen and Loyal D. Odhner, president and secretary respectively of the Chamber of Commerce will also be guests of the merchants.

A comparison of the work of other commercial organizations will be made by several well-known visitors. Benjamin Shindler, William Lipsitz and H. Zbieratski, presidents respectively of the East Camden, Kaighn Avenue and Mount Ephraim Business Menís Associations, will speak.

The new constitution and by-laws of the association will be adopted at the January meeting. Eighteen directors will be elected; six for terms of three years, six for two-year terms and a similar number for one year.

The candidates for director are Harry Pelouze, Joseph Kobus, J.W. Holmes, Albert Israel, James V. Moran, Walter Friant, Dr. I.S. Siris, Joseph Fuhrman, William E. Cross, S. Abeson, M. Futernick, Howard B. Lee, Fred W. Schorpp, Morris Jaffe, W. Mitchell, L. Markowitz, Joseph Corbett, M. Lasala, P. Thatcher, W. Falture, G. Lockerman and David Tattersdill

Camden Courier-Post * January 24, 1928

Reesman Tells Merchants Funds Are Too Low to Make Improvements This Year

Hopes of the Broadway Business Menís Association to obtain 75 more lights on that thoroughfare have been blasted, Commissioner Clay W. Reesman says no funds are available to make possible the improvement.

Reesman's reply to the request for additional lights was contained in a letter received yesterday by Harry P. Pelouze, president of the organization. Members of the association have sought the new lighting for more than a year, contending that present facilities are inadequate for the volume of business.

At Reesman's office today, it was said a smaller budget this year leaves no money available to pay for additional lights. The new standards themselves, it was reported would be erected by the Public Service Company, but the cost of obtaining them would amount to approximately $5,500 a year or from $72 to $75 for each new light.

The request for better lighting on Broadway was made by the businessmen to the previous city commissioners, who assured the merchants that provisions for the additional lights would be made in 1928. No appropriation, however, has bee voted. The association will decide on what further steps to take at its next meeting.

Camden Courier-Post * January 27, 1928

Reesman Tells Broadway Merchants City Just Hasn't Money for New Lamps

Camden Courier-Post * October 29, 1931

Professional and Business Leaders Back Camden Man for Governor

Forty-seven more prominent professional and business men yesterday joined the Baird-for-Governor Business Men's League and pledged themselves to work actively in interest of David Baird Jr., for governor, and add special impetus to his campaign.

The league was organized this week at an enthusiastic meeting of 18 outstanding Baird supporters in professional and business life at the Camden Club, 315 Cooper Street. The league membership is open only to business, professional and industrial leaders who are not holding public office and who are not politicians.

The latest enrollments among community leaders pledging themselves to devote themselves to the Baird cause are the following:

F. Morse Archer, president of the First Camden National Bank; Clinton. L. Bardo, president of the New York Shipbuilding Company and of the New Jersey Taxpayers' Association; George C. Baker, of the Baker≠Flick Company; Watson Shallcross, president of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce; Howard J. Dudley, Broadway merchant; Thomas E. French, prominent attorney; J. David Stern, publisher of the Courier-Post newspapers and of the Philadelphia Record; Wellington K. Barto, of the West Jersey Trust Company; Dr. Joseph Roberts, Cooper Hospital; William Clement, of the Clement Coverall Paint Company; Robert Wright, of the Haddonfield National Bank; Arthur J. Podmore, of the Camden Pottery Company; Nathan Leopold, Haddonfield druggist; Dr. J. Edgar Howard, of Haddonfield.

Dr. Alfred N. Elwell, of this city; Edward Preisendanz, Clarence Peters, N. Franks, of. Franks & Sweeney; U. G. Peters, Ralph D. Baker, prominent real estate man; Archibald Dingo, George Bachman, Sr., and George Bachman, Jr., Dr. O. W. Saunders, Henry Cooperson, Leon Cooperson, Herman Z. Cutler. Charles Bauman, Harry Rose, George Austermuhl, Walter Gulick, Albert Voeglin, Howard Fearn, John A. Schlorer, Ernest L. Bartelt.

William S. Casselman, George M. Carr, J. Price Myers, Carl R. Evered, former president of the Camden County Real Estate Board; Francis B. Wallen, former president of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce; William H. Alff, Edmund J. Alff, Harry Pelouze, Walter Campbell, Dr. Thomas R. Bunting, Joseph F. Kobus and Henry E. Kobus.

Enrollments, it was announced, may be made through the following committee of the league:

Ludwig A. Kind, Thomas Gordon Coulter, Charles H. Laird, Walter J. Staats, Frank C. Middleton, Jr., Frank J. Hineline, William T. Read, Charles S. Boyer, W. W. Robinson, George R. Pelouze, Paul A. Kind, Dr. Paul A. Mecray, Jerome Hurley, Harry A. Moran, James V. Moran, William J. Strandwitz, former Judge Lewis Starr and Frank C. Norcross.

Harry P. Pelouze is remembered by his grandson, H. Pierce Pelouze III