GEORGE R. DANENHOWER was born in Willow Grove PA on June 27, 1835. He first came to Camden in 1857. He enlisted as a private with Company C, 12th Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers in 1862, and was promoted to corporal on October 1, 1864, and sergeant on February 1, 1865. He served alongside his brother-in-law, Sergeant Virgil Willett, another Camden resident who would be involved in the grocery business after the Civil War.

George Danenhower returned to Camden after the war. In 1866 opened a grocery store at 428 Kaighn Avenue. He soon opened a large store at 1201-1203-1205 Broadway, and went into the wholesale grocery business in 1880, in which he was very successful. George Danenhower moved from Camden to Beverly NJ in 1893, but continued in business in the city. From 1897 to 1900, Thomas S. Pancoast was in his employ.

After 65 years in the retail and wholesale trade, the George R. Danenhower & Son Company closed its doors in September of 1921.

Among the many church and civic activities engaged in during his lifetime, George R. Danenhower had been one of the original trustees of The Home for the Aged and Infirm of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

1201-1203-1205 Broadway

George R. Danenhower
G.R. Danenhower & Son

1870 to 1921

Letter postmarked 11/28/1895

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Philadelphia Inquirer
February 13, 1890

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George R. Danenhower  
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Biographical Review - 1897

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 9, 1897

Henry B. Phillps - Royden Street
George R. Danenhower  


Camden Trade Expo - 1918
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