GEORGE HAROLD WILLIAMS worked as a pharmacist in Camden for well over 40 years. Born in Pennsylvania on May 6, 1871 in Berwyn, Chester County, Pennsylvania, he appears in Camden in the 1900 Census, living at 331 North 4th Street, the corner of North 4th and Linden Street, where he boarded with his employer, the pharmacist Lewis H. Wilson Sr.

Bt 1904 George H. Williams had gone to work elsewhere, and made his home at 300 Kaighn Avenue, where he most likely also worked. He married Bertie Grace Stevenson 1906 or 1907, and with wife Bertie had two children, Grace and Flora. The 1908 Camden City Directory shows that 1908 Dr. Grant E. Kirk had hired George H. Williams to work as a pharmacist at 1801 Broadway. George Williams moved from 300 Kaighn Avenue to a house that Dr. Kirk apparently had an interest in at 1715 Broadway. The 1908 City Directory indicates that he had moved to 1715 Broadway, and was working as a "drug clerk". This property appears to have been owned by Dr. Kirk, who was the son-in-law of noted Camden physician Dr. John Donges. Dr. Donges had began practicing medicine at 1801 Broadway around 1871, and his son-in-law made his home and practice at that site as early as 1897. 

The 1911 City Directory shows George H. Williams as the manager of the pharmacy at 1801 Broadway. Dr. Kirk appears to have sold 1801 Broadway to George H. Williams in time for publication in the 1914 Directory. Dr. Kirk appears to have moved his offices, and perhaps his residence, to 1715 Broadway, where George H. Williams had lived, before later moving to Collingswood NJ

George H. Williams would live at and conduct his pharmacy there until his death on December 21, 1941, his wife having preceded him in death in March of that year. 

1801 Broadway

Where George H. Williams
lived and worked from  the
1910s through the early 1940s

Camden Courier-Post - February 27, 1928
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Earl Bogard
Maurice DeNicoli
Rox Saponare
George H. Williams

Ferry Avenue
Westfield Avenue

Camden Courier-Post * June 4, 1932
Grace Williams - Flora Williams - Norma Bachman - Lorraine Houck
Kathryn Mutzer - Evelyn O'Neil - Helen Rudolph - Louise Sheaffer - Edna Smith
Adele Williams - Mrs. Robert Long - Mrs Robert Miller - Mrs. John Richardson 
Mrs. herbert Tushingham - Mrs. W. Leonard Johnson


Camden Courier-Post
June 18, 1932

George H. WIlliams
Langham Avenue