ENOS BOWEN DELLMUTH was born on October 24, 1884 in New Jersey to Henry Dellmuth and his wife, the former and Christina "Anna" Hahn, who were both born in Germany, and who met and married in the United States. By 1880 the Dellmuth family had taken up residence at 618 Front Street in Camden, where Henry Dellmuth operated a bakery. His maternal grandfather, John Daniel Hahn, briefly operated a saloon at 120 Market Street in the early 1880s. Henry Dellmuth passed away at the age of 44, around 1895. He left his family well off, and Enos Dellmuth completed his education.

Enos Dellmuth was married by 1908, when his wife Florence bore their eldest son, Carl Dellmuth. Four daughters followed, Ethel, Dorothy, Marian, and Mary. By 1920 the Dellmuth family had purchased a home at 426 Chambers Avenue in Camden. Enos Dellmuth was at that time a salesman for the C. Howard Hunt Pen Company on State Street in North Camden. He became the manager of the eastern division of the company by 1928.

Enos Dellmuth was active in the fraternal, political, and civic life of Camden in the 1910s and 1920s. He was a member of Trimble Lodge, No. 117 Free and Accepted Masons, the Camden Lodge 293 of the Elks, the Camden Shrine Club, and many other organizations. He was a charter  member of the Camden Rotary Club. A Republican, he was a member of the Ninth Ward Republican Club, and served as President and Vice-President of that group.

The Dellmuth family had a summer home at Seaside Heights NJ. In the summer of 1928 he had been called to serve as the foreman of the Camden County grand jury. On Friday, September 7, 1928 he was driving to Camden from Seaside Heights when he suffered a mini-stroke. Instead of seeking medical treatment, he continued to the courthouse, where he fulfilled his civic duty on the last day of the jury's term. Shortly after the end of business, he complained of severe pains in his head, and was taken home by his fellow jurors. Doctors Wesley Barrett and Everett Schull diagnosed Mr. Dellmuth as suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage. Enos B. Dellmuth passed away on September 9, 1928. 

Enos B. Dellmuth was buried at Harleigh Cemetery. he was survived by his wife and children, and an older sister, Mrs. Anna Dellmuth Hauser. More than 1000 people came to pay there respects at his funeral, which was held in his home. Among those who came were Congressman Charles A. Wolverton, State Senator Joseph Forsyth, Mayor Winfield S. Price, former mayor Frank S. Van Hart, and many other of his business, political, and fraternal contemporaries. Reverend Edwin Forrest Hann of Broadway Methodist Church officiated at his funeral.

The Dellmuth family remained on Chambers Avenue into the 1930s. Florence Dellmuth never remarried. She later lived in Collingswood NJ, until her passing in February of 1981. Marian Dellmuth graduated from Camden High School in 1932. Carl Dellmuth graduated from Swarthmore University in Swarthmore PA in 1931. He returned to Swarthmore in 1938, and worked for the school for many years as its alumni secretary. His office became the foundation of Swarthmore's alumni relations, public relations, and development programs.

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 11, 1918
John B. Kates
Charles G. Garrison

Herbert A. Drake
Howard M. Cooper
J. Truman Stackhouse
George G. Bergen
Enos Dellmuth
Louis Clark
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Camden Courier-Post - September 10, 1928
Enos B. Dellmuth - Dr. Elliott Schull - Dr. Wesley Barrett - Edward Holloway
Samuel M. Shay - C. Howard Hunt Pen Company
Trimble Lodge No. 117, F&A. Masons - Camden Rotary Club
Camden Lodge No. 293, B.P.O. of Elks

Camden Courier-Post - September 12, 1928

Chambers Street, looking north from Washington Street, around 1900.
426 Chambers is on the right side of the street, near the red mark