Dr. Paul


DR. PAUL COHEN was born in Moorestown NJ in 1903. He graduated from Moorestown High School in 1922, the University of Pennsylvania in 1926, and trthe University of Switzerland Medical School in 1934. Dr. Cohen interned at St Luke's and Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. Dr. Cohen served in the United States Army Medical Corps as a Captain, entering the service in 1943, and returning to civilian life in 1946.

Dr. Cohen made his home at 500 State Street after the war, and was a general practitioner. He was widely known and respected in the community and by the families he served. 

Paul Cohen last was a resident of Collingswood NJ. He passed away in September of 1971.

Remembering Dr. Paul Cohen

I've been meaning to ask you for quite awhile if you know of, or  are related to our family Doctor from the 50's and 60's. His name was Paul Cohen and he was at 5th and State Streets. He treated every member of our family from the early 50's thru the mid 60's. 

The good Doctor was not only a great Doctor, but a decent caring human being. Dr. Cohen was never concerned with your ability to pay.... he could wait until you got the money, his primary concern was the well being of his patients. This kind gentleman would make house calls  after office hours, well into the night. I remember him coming to treat me for measles, around midnight.

I lost track of him after 1965,I think he may have retired, because my Grandmother, one of his patients for many years said he had discovered a blood clot in his leg and he could no longer get around. 

 His home was on the corner of 5th and State. The front was on State and you would enter his office thru a side door, near the rear of the building on 5th.

 He drove a great big maroon colored Buick...said it was the only vehicle for a Doctor, very reliable!  He was a wonderful caring person.

Charlie Moy
July 2004

If you have any further memories of Dr. Paul Cohen, please contact me by e-mail at phil552@comcast.net