Dr. Orris

DR. ORRIS WILLIAM SAUNDERS was born in Camden NJ in 1876. He was the son of John and Anna B. Saunders. His father worked at a shoe factory in Camden, and soon went into the shoe manufacturing business for himself. In 1880 the family lived at 441 South 4th Street

Orris Saunders graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1898. When the Census was taken in 1900, Dr. Saunders was living with his parents at 420 North 2nd Street in North Camden. He married Lillian Marie Kelly after the 1900 census enumeration.

After interning at the Red Bank Sanitorium, Dr. Saunders set up his medical practice in Camden's 8th Ward. He specialized in tuberculosis and general medicine. At the time of the 1920 census Dr. Saunders owned the home at 1700 Broadway, the corner of Broadway and Van Hook Street with his wife Lillian, sons and daughter, also named Orris and Lillian.

Dr. Saunders was active in politics and civic affairs. He served on Camden's City Council from the 8th Ward prior to the institution of Commission government in 1923. He ran for election to the City Commission in May of 1927. Although endorsed, along with commissioner, Melbourne F. Middleton Jr. and Carroll P. Sherwood, by Camden's Non-Partisan League, his slate, which included newly appointed Judge Frank F. Neutze, and realtor Carl R. Evered, did not win. Dr. Saunders also served as County Coroner, and was on the original Board of Managers of the county tuberculosis sanitarium at Lakeland. He also served as County Physician, and was elected the president of the Camden County Medical Society. Mrs. Saunders was active in the affairs of the Church of the Sacred Heart, a short walk away at Broadway and Ferry Avenue

In 1918 Dr. Saunders, along with
Alfred L. Sayres, Albert S. Woodruff, Mark Bulifant, William C. Davis, Dr. William E. Miller and O.O. Phillips founded the Parkside Trust Company, a bank which stood at the corner of Haddon Avenue and Kaighn Avenue. This bank later merged with the West Jersey Trust Company. Dr. Saunders served as director with the new bank after the merger.

At the time of the 1930 Census, Dr. Saunders was still living at 1700 Broadway, His neighbors, the Jucketts at 1702 and the Rosevelts at 1704 Broadway, would send their sons off in World War II, John Rosevelt would be killed while serving in the Army overseas in 1945.

In May of 1934, Dr. Saunders was nominated as the Republican candidate for freeholder in the 8th Ward, defeating Walter Sekula in the primary.

Dr. Saunders was still living at 1700 Broadway when he passed away in 1946. His wife Lillian joined him on August 27, 1954. For many years, up until 2003, his home and offices at 1700 Broadway was the site of the Georgiana Ramsey Memorial Home, a facility for the elderly, maintained by the Union American Methodist Episcopal Church.

1700 Broadway

The Corner of
Van Hook Street

September 15, 2003

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Philadelphia Inquirer - September 11, 1906

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 24, 1910

Dr. Wendell P. Winegender - Dr. Orris W. Saunders

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 15, 1911

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 10, 1912

William T. Boyle
Dr. Orris W. Saunders
Dr. William S. Jones
Mrs. Eva Zark
Ringgold Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 22, 1912

South 4th Street - Kaighn Avenue
Samuel Goldstein - Abraham Goldstein
Dr. Orris Saunders
Charles Stevenson - Albert Taylor

Camden Post-Telegram - January 25, 1915

John Leitenberger - Thomas Cunningham - John Gilbert - Alexander Armstrong - Washington Street
Rose Alcone - Lewis Allison - Viola Street - Dr. Orris Saunders - Dorothy Penney - Louis Street
Mrs. Nellie Harris - Sheridan Street - Dr. William G. Moore


Camden Courier-Post * October 29, 1931

Professional and Business Leaders Back Camden Man for Governor

Forty-seven more prominent professional and business men yesterday joined the Baird-for-Governor Business Men's League and pledged themselves to work actively in interest of David Baird Jr., for governor, and add special impetus to his campaign.

The league was organized this week at an enthusiastic meeting of 18 outstanding Baird supporters in professional and business life at the Camden Club, 315 Cooper Street. The league membership is open only to business, professional and industrial leaders who are not holding public office and who are not politicians.

The latest enrollments among community leaders pledging themselves to devote themselves to the Baird cause are the following:

F. Morse Archer, president of the First Camden National Bank; Clinton. L. Bardo, president of the New York Shipbuilding Company and of the New Jersey Taxpayers' Association; George C. Baker, of the Baker­Flick Company; Watson Shallcross, president of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce; Howard J. Dudley, Broadway merchant; Thomas E. French, prominent attorney; J. David Stern, publisher of the Courier-Post newspapers and of the Philadelphia Record; Wellington K. Barto, of the West Jersey Trust Company; Dr. Joseph Roberts, Cooper Hospital; William Clement, of the Clement Coverall Paint Company; Robert Wright, of the Haddonfield National Bank; Arthur J. Podmore, of the Camden Pottery Company; Nathan Leopold, Haddonfield druggist; Dr. J. Edgar Howard, of Haddonfield.

Dr. Alfred N. Elwell, of this city; Edward Preisendanz, Clarence Peters, N. Franks, of. Franks & Sweeney; U. G. Peters, Ralph D. Baker, prominent real estate man; Archibald Dingo, George Bachman, Sr., and George Bachman, Jr., Dr. O. W. Saunders, Henry Cooperson, Leon Cooperson, Herman Z. Cutler. Charles Bauman, Harry Rose, George Austermuhl, Walter Gulick, Albert Voeglin, Howard Fearn, John A. Schlorer, Ernest L. Bartelt.

William S. Casselman, George M. Carr, J. Price Myers, Carl R. Evered, former president of the Camden County Real Estate Board; Francis B. Wallen, former president of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce; William H. Alff, Edmund J. Alff, Harry Pelouze, Walter Campbell, Dr. Thomas R. Bunting, Joseph F. Kobus and Henry E. Kobus.

Enrollments, it was announced, may be made through the following committee of the league:

Ludwig A. Kind, Thomas Gordon Coulter, Charles H. Laird, Walter J. Staats, Frank C. Middleton, Jr., Frank J. Hineline, William T. Read, Charles S. Boyer, W. W. Robinson, George R. Pelouze, Paul A. Kind, Dr. Paul A. Mecray, Jerome Hurley, Harry A. Moran, James V. Moran, William J. Strandwitz, former Judge Lewis Starr and Frank C. Norcross.

Camden Courier-Post - June 17, 1932
Dr. Mabel Grier Lesher - Camden High School - Dr. Helen A. Shrack - Dr. Jennie Sharp
Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott - Mrs. Arthur J. Casselman - Mrs. Orris W. Saunders
Mrs. Alexander MacAlister - Mrs. William A. Wescott

Camden Courier-Post * July 6, 1933

Mrs. William F. Zink, of 1151 Princess avenue, this city, was guest of honor at a luncheon given by Mrs. John B. Ludy, of Germantown, at the Union League, Saturday. Mrs. Zink with Mr. Zink will sail early next month to spend the Summer abroad. Additional guests at the luncheon were Mrs. Philip E. Smith and Mrs. Orris Saunders, of Camden, Mrs. Agnes Richter, of Haddonfield; Mrs. William G. Conroy, of Woodlynne; Mrs. Charles van Ronk and Mrs. Edmund Funk, of Germantown. 

Camden Courier-Post * May 7, 1934

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Camden Courier-Post * May 8, 1934

Camden Courier-Post * May 17, 1934
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South 4th Street - South 6th Street - Hale Street - Viola Street
Dr. Orris W. Saunders - George Zeitz - Nicholas Scarduzio - Walter Sekula
Edmund Walsh - Mamie Piraine - Theresa DiLello - William Tansky Jr.  
Leon Branch - Fiore Troncone -  John Hess - Joseph Samenich
Nicholas Sustich - Isaac Shute

Camden Courier-Post * May 18, 1934

John Hess, left, was held for the grand jury on charges of illegal possession of firearms as a result of the shooting incident at Tansky's Cafe. On tight is his attorney. Edward V. Martino. Click on Image to Enlarge. 

Camden Courier-Post - February 28, 1938
Diabetes and Mental Hygiene Subjects for Public Relations Meeting

Diabetes and mental hygiene in their relation to public health will be discussed authoritatively at the annual public relations meeting and tea of the Auxiliary to the Camden County Medical Society to be held tomorrow afternoon in the Camden Woman's Club, 424-26 Linden street.

A discourse on diabetes will be presented by Dr. Alexander Ellis, of this city, who is a member of the Cooper Hospital staff, in charge of the out-patients diabetic clinic.

"The Basic Principles of Mental Hygiene" is the topic which has been announced for a second speaker, Dr. Camilla M. Anderson, secretary of the Mental Hygiene Committee of the Pennsylvania Public Charities Association.

Dr. Anderson covers the entire state of Pennsylvania. She is the psychiatrist in charge of the women's division in the Pittsburgh City Hospital and the Allegheny County Hospital. She is assistant professor of nursing at Duquesne University and a special lecturer on mental hygiene in the department of nursing education at the University of Pennsylvania. "Emotional Hygiene, the Art of Understanding" is the title of a book which was written by Dr. Anderson during the past year and which recently has been published.

Mrs. Orris W. Saunders, of this city, is hospitality chairman for the day. Mrs. Arthur J. Casselman, of this city, and Mrs. E. Reed Hirst, of Haddonfleld, will pour and those assisting will be Mrs. William Braun, Mrs. Penrose Thompson, Mrs. A. Lincoln Sherk, of Merchantville; Mrs. Kenneth B. MacAlpine, of Gloucester; Mrs. Kenneth Athey and Mrs. Alfred M. Elwell, of this city.

The Auxiliary has planned a fashion show to be followed by cards for Monday evening, March 7, in the Hotel Walt Whitman. Mrs. H. Wesley Jack, of Haddonfield, is general chairman for the affair.

Mrs. Oswald R. Carlander, of Merchantville, is president of the Auxiliary.