Dr. Milton H.

Dr. Milton H. Gordon was born September 17, 1911. He lived at 917 Broadway. After graduating from high school, he studied medicine at the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia PA. A fine musician, he worked his way through college plying banjo on cruise ships such as the Normandie and in other venues. As a young man, his address was 917 Broadway, over the Camden Credit Jewelers Store.

By 1947 Dr. Gordon had established a practice with offices at 12 North 27th Street in Camden and at the Wilson Building at Broadway and Cooper Street. He would continue to practice medicine at the East Camden address until the early 1970s. Dr. Gordon specialized in internal medicine and cardiology. Milton Gordon had married, and with wife Natalie lived at 201 Barby Lane in Haddonfield NJ in 1947. He moved to 12 North Drive in Haddonfield at some point in the 1960s, and later to a house in Cherry Hill NJ.  

Dr. Milton H. Gordon passed away August 15, 1996 in Jerusalem, Israel. 


August 29, 1935