Dr. Louis


DR. LOUIS MARSHALL GOLDSTEIN was the son of Dr. Hyman I. Goldstein and his wife, Dorothy Wessel Goldstein. He was born in Camden NJ on May 16, 1929. His father and uncles Leopold Goldstein and David Cooper were all doctors or dentists, and Marshall, as he was known, became one as well, although in a somewhat circuitous route.

Dr. Louis Marshall Goldstein passed away in December of 1978. His story is best told by his cousin, Joseph Cooper, below.


Dr. Goldstein was the only son of Dr.  Hyman I. Goldstein, and, overcame a number of obstacles to become a successful physician, and his personal strengths and fortitude, along with hard work enabled him to achieve his goal.

Marshall, lost his mother, at an early age and was supervised by employees of his father who spent periods away from home lecturing, teaching and traveling to important medical centers in the United States and abroad. Under these circumstances, Marshall went to the Camden public schools, including Kaighns Elementary School, Hatch and graduated from Camden High School (Class of 1947) where he won the Latin prize, and entered Rutgers University where, during his freshman year he could have spent my time with his studies than at other things.  He decided to take a year off, and worked a year in a local Camden supermarket, then applied and entered the University of Alabama. He graduated with a BS and applied to, and was accepted at the Jefferson Medical School. However, during his first year, he decided to enter the United States Army, where he served as a Corporal, and, on the death of his father, he was honorably discharged.

Thinking over his career options, Marshall re-applied to the Jefferson Medical School, and the Board of Admissions agreed to admit him again, and, starting over, he received his MD, passed his Medical Boards for medical practice in Florida and other states.  From the early 1960s, he practiced in his specialty, Internal Medicine within a Miami group practice. 

Louis Marshall Goldstein MD died of a heart attack while awaiting a flight at Miami International Airport in 1978.

Joe Cooper, August 2003

Dr. Louis Marshall Goldstein is remembered by his cousin, Joseph Cooper.