DANIEL B. REIGEL was born in Selinsgrove PA to Harry E. and Katherine Reigel around 1889. By 1906 the Reigel family, which included younger brothers Harry Jr. and Charles, moved to Camden. At some point during 1906 he began working at New York Shipbuilding Corporation. He remained an employee there for the rest of his life, primarily working as a locomotive engineer within the confines of the shipyard.   

The Reigel family owned a home at 1140 Baring Street, just off of Kaighn Avenue, when the census was taken in 1910. When the 1920 Census was taken, Daniel Reigel still lived with his father Harry, a then a foreman at New York Ship. His mother had by then passed away. The 1923 City Directory shows Daniel B. Riegel at 1134 Baring Street. By 1928 he had moved to 1124 Baring Street, and when the Census was taken in April of 1930 he was again living with his father at 1140 Baring Street. From 1923 through 1929, city directories indicate that Joseph A. Baxter, a member of the Camden Fire Department, boarded with Daniel B. Riegel. In 1929 or early 1930 Joseph A. Baxter married and moved to Spruce Street.

By 1947 his father had passed away, and Daniel Reigel was living at 763 Walnut Street. He later moved to 929 South 8th Street, where he was residing at in late 1953.

On December 29, 1953 Daniel B. Reigel, who had been suffering from viral pneumonia, was treated by Dr. R. Dean Cavalli at the doctor's office at 702 Broadway. He got into his car, started the engine, but suddenly died before he could move the vehicle. He was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car, which was parked on Line Street near Broadway. After a funeral services at his home at 929 South 8th Street, he was buried at Harleigh cemetery. 


December 31, 1953