Richard A. Williams

CAPTAIN RICHARD WILLIAMS was born in 1878. He was serving in the United States Army at the time of the Spanish-American War, and served in that conflict, the Mexican border campaign in 1916, and in World War I. In 1934 he organized the colored National Guard unit at the old Armory at 1490 Broadway, and led the unit until 1940. He retired from the National Guard at the beginning of 1942. 

Captain Williams was a retired postal worker, and was living at 301 North 39th Street in Philadelphia at the time of his death on December 16, 1945. . He was survived by his two daughters, Mrs. Alice Tucker, a teacher at the Sumner school in Camden, and Mrs. Hilda Picou, wife of Camden police officer Cecil Picou, and his two sons, Lieutenant Richard A. Williams Jr., then serving with the 761st Tank Battalion in Germany, and Lt. Thomas A. Williams, an Army Air Force pilot stationed at Tuskegee AL.

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