South Jersey: A History 1624-1924

BRONISLAW PIONTKOWSKI—For the past seven years Bronislaw Piontkowski has been actively identified with the real estate and insurance business, but since 1920 he has been the owner and manager of the enterprise formerly owned and conducted by J. Lukens Anderson.

Lorenz Piontkowski, father of Bronislaw Piontkowski, was born in Germany, August 2, 1857, and in 1888 came to this country and settled in Camden, where he was engaged in business as a grocer to the time of his retirement. He married (first) Frances Gorski. She died in 1905, and he married (second) Constance Pawelczyk. Children of Lorenz Piontkowski are: Ladislaw; Casmir; Lawrence; Bronislaw, of further mention; Sophia, who married Samuel Mollick; Frances, who married Alex Olejkowski; and Clara.

Bronislaw Piontkowski, son of Lorenz and Frances (Gorski) Piontkowski, was born in Camden, New Jersey, October 6, 1897, and received a practical education in the parochial and public schools of his native city. In 1912 he found his first employment with the Castle Kid Company, who were located on the corner of Broadway and Jackson streets, and that connection he maintained until 1916, when he accepted a position as manager of the rental department of the real estate and insurance business of J. Lukens Anderson. He found that line of business activity entirely congenial and quickly developed a high degree of skill in appraising real estate values, as well as in handling the business of the rental department. When the development of Mt. Ephraim began, the population was about four hundred. But through both Mr. Piontkowski and J. Lukens Anderson's efforts the population was increased to 3,000.

In 1920 he purchased the business and the building located at No. 320 Market Street, and there he conducted a prosperous business until July 1, 1922, when he removed to his present location at No. 611 Market Street. There he is constantly adding to the scope of his activities and increasing his already large patronage. In addition to a general real estate line, he carries fire and automobile insurance and also mortgages.

Mr. Piontkowski is secretary and one of the organizers of the Jan Sorbieski Building and Loan Association; and director in Mt. Ephraim National Bank. He is a member of the Camden Real Estate Board, and serves his community as a member of the Volunteer Fire Company of Mount Ephraim and Northmont. He was acting court interpreter, Camden Court House, in Cumberland Circuit Courts, 1923-24. He enjoys baseball and football and is a skilled pool player. His religious affiliation is with St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church.

In All Saints' Church, at Burlington, New Jersey, July 18, 1923, Bronislaw Piontkowski married Sophia H. Szostakowski, and they have one child: Wanda Frances, born October 22, 1924. Mr. and Mrs. Piontkowski reside at No. 15 Sycamore Street, Mt. Ephraim, New Jersey.