BERNHARD F. SCHROEDER was born in 1848. He came to Camden in 1882. He established his own undertaking business at 19 South 4th Street in 1884. He was at 15 South 4th Street by 1906. The business and the Schroeder family soon afterwards moved to 338 Arch Street, where it would remain for many years until 1926. 

Two sons were born to Bernhard F. Schroeder and his wife Johanna. Robert G. Schroeder in 1890 and Bernhard C. Schroeder in 1892. Both would join their father in the mortuary trade. 

Bu 1911 Bernhard F. Schroeder was engaged in a freight business, the Potter Express Company, with local businessman H.B. Hanford. Hanford was the president of the firm, while Mr. Schroeder served as vice-president. He was soon joined in business by his sons Robert Schroeder and Bernard C. Schroeder. By 1914, besides the funeral business at 338 Arch Street (southwest corner of North 4th and Arch Streets), the Schroeders also had stables in the rear of 408-410 Mickle Street, a warehouse at 326-328 Taylor Avenue, and a hall known appropriately enough as Schroeder's Hall, at 336 Arch Street. By 1916 was serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the Broadway Trust Company bank.

Oldest son Robert Schroeder took the lead in running the business in the 1920s. He also was politically active, serving as Camden County's coroner in 1914 and in 1924. Sadly, Robert Schroeder suffered a fatal heart attack in 1925, not having reached his 36th birthday. Bernard C. Schroeder stepped forward, and in 1926 moved the business to the Labor Temple building at 538 Broadway. Bernhard F. and Johanna Schroeder had moved to a house at 6 Fifth Avenue in Haddon Heights NJ by this time. Bernhard F. Schroeder passed away in 1927, and was buried overlooking the lake at Harleigh Cemetery in Camden NJ.

Bernhard F. Schroeder was a member of Mozart Lodge No. 121, Free and Accepted Masons. He was elected to a one-year term as the lodge's Master in 1899.

In 1936 Bernhard C. Schroeder purchased the John Cooper house at 715 Cooper Street.  This address remained the location of the Schroeder Funeral Home as late as 1969, when the construction of Interstate Highway I-676 caused the historic building and many like it to be razed.

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 4, 1894

259 Spruce Street - Charles Marshall

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 15, 1895

Mozart Lodge No. 121 F.&A.M. - August Hettmansperger
August Uehlinger - Benedict Baler - William Moering Frederick Roedel -
Bernhard F. Schroeder
Frank X. Braun - Jacob Gnang - Charles Poekerto
Peter Greenwald - Jacob Wagner - Francis Steinbach

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 28, 1909

Camden Memorial Day Committee

In order that Camden veterans may have an elaborate celebration on Memorial Day, Mayor Ellis yesterday appointed the following committee of citizens to act in conjunction with them: William D. Vanaman, William Sangtinette, Frank W. Tussey, William Fox, Dr. J.W. Martindale, Walter L Tushingham, Ira E. Lutte, Harry C. Kramer, John W. Coleman, Bernhard Schroeder, Edward H. Nieland, Daniel M. Stevens, W.F. Powell, Abe Fuhrman, Jacob Neutze, Francis B. Wallen, Charles A. Ackley, Louis T. Derousse, James M. Bentley, John K. Newkirk, William Schmid, John Larsen, Sigismund Schoenagle, Charles M. Baldwin, and Harry A Whaland.

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 12, 1910

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 28, 1911

Mayor Ellis - Soldiers' Monument - William Thompson - Rev. A.H. Newton
First Methodist Episcopal Church - Isaac T. Nichols - Amos Richard Dease
H.L. Hartshorn - William D. Vanaman - Charles A. Ackley -
Charles M. Baldwin
James M. Bentley -
John W. Coleman - C.K. Deacon - Malachi D. Cornish
Louis T. Derousse - William Fox - Abe Fuhrman - Harry C. Kramer - Ira E. Lute
Dr. J.W. Martindale - Jacob Neutze - Edward Nieland -
Dr. H.S. Riddle
William Sangtinette -
Bernhard Schroeder - William Schmid
 Sigismund Schoenagle - Daniel M. Stevens - Frank W. Tussey
Walter L Tushingham -
Francis B. Wallen,- Harry A Whaland.

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 1, 1914

Charles H. Ellis 
Frank W. Tussey 
Charles M. Curry
W.L. Tushingham 

Bernhard Schroeder
William Schmid - Edward Nieland
Daniel M. Stevens 
W.F. Powell - Abe Fuhrman
C.K. Deacon - Jacob Neutze
Charles A. Ackley
Francis B. Wallen
  Harry A Whaland
Dr. Wallace McGeorge
Ralph D. Baker - William F. Kelly
Lawrence B. Reader
Malachi D. Cornish
Gen. John A. Mather
James E. Hewitt
David Jester - William Sangtinette

Camden Post-Telegram
October 14, 1912

Bank Directory - March-December 1916

Broadway Trust Company
Broadway below Walnut St. Camden, N.

. J. BURLEIGH President
ANTHONY KOBUS Vice President - WM. J. COOPER Vice President
BURLEIGH H. DRAPER Secretary and Treasurer 


John J. Burleigh        

William Mills 

Dr. S G. Bushey         

Anthony J. Oberst 

Ralph D. Childrey         

John Wesley Sell 

Robert H. Comey         

Dr. Marvin A. Street 

William J. Cooper      

Wilbert L. Sweeten

George A. Frey          

Edward B. Stone

Albert Fogg         

Adam Schlorer

Frederick Grant         

Bernhard F. Schroeder

John B. Kates         

Edward Schuster Jr. 

Dr. Grant E. Kirk     

John O. Wilson

Anthony Kobus


Condition of Bank - March 7, 1916

538 Broadway
Schroeder Funeral Service -1926-1936

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Camden Courier-Post - July 5, 1926

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715 Cooper Street
Schroeder Funeral Service 1936-1969

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715 Cooper Street
Schroeder Funeral Service 1936-1969

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Bank Directory - March 1, 1916

Bernhard F. Schroeder
Family Plot

Harleigh Cemetery

Camden NJ

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