ALEXANDER J. MILLIETTE was born October 20, 1854, in Brooklyn NY to Moses Alexander and Eliza Milliette. His parents were originally from Philadelphia, and his father soon moved the family to Philadelphia, where he established a successful bookbinding and publishing business. The Milliette family moved to Camden in 1871. 

Alexander J. Milliette learned the printers trade as a teenager. in Philadelphia and with the West Jersey Press newspaper in Camden, published by Sinnickson Chew. In 1874 he started his own business, first at 5th and Federal Streets. His business steadily increased, and in 1888 he moved his business to 95 Federal Street, where it remained to at least 1897.

In May of 1875 Alexander J. Milliette married Rachel R. Mines. Her father, Christopher Mines, was a Civil War veteran and a prominent figure in Camden politics in the 1870s, 1880s, and 1890s, as was brother-in-law Christopher Mines Jr.. Brother-in-law Dr. Marcus K. Mines, had a long and distinguished career as a physician and servant in Camden. Another brother-in-law, William W. Mines, served with the Camden Fire Department and the Water Department. Alexander J. Milliette served on Camden's City Council form 1876 to 1879. A Republican like his father, in 1895 he was appointed Secretary to the Speaker of the New Jersey House of Representatives. He was an early member of Camden Lodge No. 293, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, and was elected as the Exalted Ruler of the lodge in 1906. 

Alexander J. Milliette's father was a Civil War veteran. His son followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a member of the 6th Regiment, New Jersey National Guard, eventually rising to the rank of Second Lieutenant. 

Alexander J. Milliette was an expert rifleman, and won several shooting contests, including two events in May of 1879 when the Stockton Rifle Range Association held a series of matches at their range in what is now East Camden. Alexander J. Milliette won  two of the matches, carrying home two expensive rifles, one a Remington Creedmore costing $100.00 at the time. 

By 1880 Alexander J. Milliette was living at 577 Berkley Street in Camden, where he lived into the 1890s. The 1920 Census shows that he was by then a widower, and living at 105 Penn Street. He was still living there as late as April 1930. Alexander J. Milliette passed away in the mid-1930s. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 7, 1880
David Baird Sr. - J. Willard Morgan - Edward Delacroix
Charles A. Randall - Christopher J. Mines Jr.
A.J. Milliette - Gabriel Johnson

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 5, 1884

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 5, 1884

E.A. Armstrong - J. Willard Morgan - Charles A. Butts
John Campbell - Thomas B. Harned - A.J. Milliette Jr.
Christopher J. Mines Jr. - Dr. John D. Leckner - John Blowe
Jacob P. Nesson - John Ware - Gabriel Johnson
Charles Bunisholtz - Thomas Goodwin - Thomas Blackwood
John P. Kennedy - William A. Husted - W.S. Thomas - John Evans
Albert Merritt - Charles Curry - Frank F. Patterson Sr.
Charles H. Peters

Historical and Industrial Review of Camden, N.J. - 1890


AMONG the well-known houses in this line none have been more successful than Mr. Alexander J. Milliette. This business has been established since 1874, and in 1880 Mr. Milliette took the whole thing. 

Two floors are used, each 40x80 feet in dimension. They are fitted with the best machinery, 8 steam presses being used. Specialties are made of color work and fine job printing. A large jobbing business is done. Thirteen assistants are constantly employed.

Mr. Milliette is a native of Brooklyn, N. Y., but removed to Camden twenty years ago. He is an ex-Councilman. Prior to removing here Mr. Milliette was a resident of Philadelphia for about fifteen years..

Biographical Review

ALEXANDER J. MILLIETTE, the efficient Manager and Treasurer of the A.J. Miliette Printing and Publishing Company, at 95 Federal Street, Camden, was born October 20, 1854, in Brooklyn, N.Y., son of Moses Alexander and Eliza (Davis) Milliette. Moses A. Milliette, who was a native of Philadelphia, followed the trade of bookbinder in New York City for a time. Later, in Philadelphia, he became the publisher of Milliette's Illustrated Magazine, which had an extensive Southern circulation until the breaking out of the Civil War. He then enlisted in the Northern Army, and served fifteen months as Quartermaster. On receiving his discharge, he returned to Philadelphia,  and there remained six years. In 1871 he came to Camden, where he resumed bookbinding. He also held a position at City Hall for six years. At the end of that period he retired from the arena of business activity on account of poor health. He was actively interested in politics, both in Philadelphia and Camden. His wife Eliza, who was a native of Philadelphia and a daughter of James Davis, reared a family of ten children, six of whom are still living. These are: Clara, Alexander J., Ida, Sylvanus, Maud, and May. Both parents were highly respected members of the Episcopal Church. The father died at the age of sixty-six years. The mother, now sixty-four ears old, survives him. 

Alexander J. Milliette obtained his education in the Philadelphia schools. He then learned the trade of printer, and afterward worked at it in Philadelphia and later in Camden with the West Jersey Press. In 1874 he engaged in business for himself at Fifth and Federal Street. This place soon proved too small for his increasing trade, he removed to 21 Federal Street, and subsequently to still larger quarters in a building on Front Street. In 1888 Mr. Milliette  established himself in his present location, where he presently occupies two floors, uses the latest machinery, and carries on a flourishing business, being one of the busiest printers in Southern New Jersey. In Company C, Sixth New Jersey Regiment, of which Mr. Milliette was formerly a member, he was promoted form the ranks to the grade of Corporal. Later he was made First Sergeant of Provisional Battalion, which took the first prize at the bicentennial celebration at Yorktown, and the first prize for equipment, field maneuvers, and manual of arms, in a contest with Provisional battalions from the various States of the Union. He was finally commissioned Second Lieutenant of Company C, serving ten years in the Guard. He was in the Phillipsburg riots, and his company was one of the first in the field to aid in opening the road from Phillipsburg to Little Washington. Mr. Milliette was a very fine marksman himself. He took a great interest in rifle practice.

   In May 1875, Mr. Milliette was married to Rachel R. daughter of Christopher J. Mines. Mr Mines is a worthy representative of a prominent family, and the father of twelve children, all born in Camden, nine of whom are still living. Mr. and Mrs. Milliette have two daughters, Blanche and Ada. In politics Mr. Milliette is a Republican. He served in the City Council from 1876 to 1879, in 1895 he was appointed Secretary to the Speaker of the New Jersey House of Representatives; and he is a member of the American Order of United Workmen, the Improved Order of Heptasophs, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, No. 293, and the Camden Republican Club.

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 17, 1895
William D. Hart - Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - Charles N. Robinson - George A. Frey - W.H. Tice
Jacob S. Justice -
Francis Ford Patterson Jr. - William J. Browning - George W. Johnson - John Baker
C.E.W. Moore -
A.J. Milliette - Charles Preusch - Dr. Phillip Wendell Beale
W.W. Mines Jr. - Harry Davis - D.W. Pierce

April 18, 1906

Camden Lodge No. 293, B. P. 0. E.

CAMDEN, N. J., April 13, 1906


You are requested to attend the regular Stated Meeting, April 18, 1906, at 8 o'clock, at which time the following named applicants for membership will be balloted for:


Thomas H. Edwards

37 Shoe Man'f''g 423 Benson St.

John H. Switzer

Bro. John Harris
Bro. W. Penn Corson
Bro. Asa L. Roberts

Francis. J. Bicker M.D.

46 Physician

Fillmore & VanHook Sts.

John S. Smith

Bro. H.H. Davis
Bro. J. Willard Morgan
Bro. George B. Bond

Charles W. Bossle

31 Hatter 706 Linden Street

Joseph Bossle Sr.

Bro. J.R. McCabe
Bro. H.B. Francis
Bro. B.H. Shivers

John Morgan Jr. 

27 Real Estate Agent Merchantville, N.J.

John W. Barr

Bro. William F. Rex
Bro, D. Harry Condit
Bro. Frank E. Gardiner

Howard Callingham

23 Bookkeeper Orston, N.J.

Joseph Bossle Sr.

Bro. Tomas J. Moore
Bro. Samuel B. Crall
Bro. James H. Eyster

G. Frank Travis

34 Tailor 320 Spruce Street

John W. Barr

Bro. John H. Switzer
Bro. William G. Maguire
Bro. Charles W. Brecker

Theodore Stiles Jr.

42 Meat and Provision Dealer 27 N. Third Street

C.W. Brecker

Bro. Wm. Shillingsburg
Bro. James T. Bailey
Bro. P.S.D. Johnston

C.F. Taylor

35 General Storekeeper Collingswood, N.J.

Thomas J. Moore

Bro. Samuel B. Crall
Bro. James H. Eyster
Bro. H.I. Cooper

Frank Reiss

  Cotton Duck Salesman Collingswood, N.J.

S.H. Wilkinson

Bro. Thomas J. Moore
Bro. Samuel B. Crall
Bro. James H. Eyster

Edward M. Wright

35 Produce
Com. Merchant
Merchantville, N.J.

John Stewart

Bro. Al. L. Smith
Bro. M.W. Taylor
Bro. H.H. Voorhees

      Attest: J. FRED. NEWTON,                                                           ALEX. J. MILLIETTE,
                                             Secretary.                                                                              Exalted Ruler.

Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - George D. Borton - Alexander Milliette
Francis Warren - J. Henry Switzer - John Henry Fort -
Samuel Kilpatrick
Camden Elks Lodge No. 293 - North 2nd Street - York Street
Reverend George Hemingway -
First Presbyterian Church

Camden Courier-Post - February 8, 1933


Past exalted rulers will be honored  tonight by Camden Lodge of Elks with a dinner, ceremonial and en tertainmen t. 

The program will be nation-wide. A dinner will be served at 6:00 PM, followed by a business session. Harry G. Robinson, present exalted ruler, will open the ceremonial and turn the lodge over to the past officers.

The past exalted rulers expected are Samuel Kilpatrick, who served in 1900 and 1921; Dr. A. Haines Lippincott, Alexander J. Milliette, J. Harry Switzer, James H. Long, Marian Moriarity, Allen Jarvis, Albert Austermuhl, William L. Sauerhoff, former Mayor Frank S. Van Hart, D. Trueman Stackhouse, Harry Ellis, William G. Ferat, Judge Garfield Pancoast, Rudolph Preisendanz, Jr., Theodore T. Kausel, Edward J. Kelley, Mayor Roy R. Stewart, William H. lszard, William S. Lehman and J. Harry Todd.

Camden Courier-Post - June 2, 1933

Advisory Committee Will Present Formal Invitation for State Meet

The twenty-first annual reunion and the convention of the New Jersey State Elks Association will be held in Camden next June if efforts of the advisory board of' Camden Lodge of Elks are successful at the state meeting in Newark on June 15, 16 and 17.

Members of the advisory board for the local lodge, who are past exalted rulers of the Camden lodge, will present the invitation to hold the 1934 meeting in Camden, at the twentieth reunion and convention in Newark.

Members of the lodge have adopted a resolution confirming the action of the advisory board and plans were made to set the necessary machinery in motion to bring the 1934 convention to Camden. It was pointed out that Camden Elks have the largest home in the state.

Samuel Kilpatrick, the oldest past exalted ruler of the lodge, is head of the advisory board, and Harry G. Robinson, youngest past exalted ruler, is delegate to the state association, which is composed of past exalted rulers of all Elks lodges in New Jersey. 

Although the state association was formed in Camden, there has never been a reunion or convention of the association held here, it was pointed out.

The outstanding feature of each annual convention is the mammoth sessions, with thousands of Elks in line. It is estimated the parade would draw more than 50,000 persons to Camden, if the local lodge's invi­tation is accepted.

The Camden lodge is sending the band and patrol to Newark for the parade, which will start at 7 p. m. on June 17. Arrangements are being made to have the largest delegation in the parade represent Camden.

Past exalted rulers who comprise the advisory board, and the year they took office, follow: Samuel Kirkpatrick, 1900; Dr. A. Haines Lippincott, 1901; Alex J. Milliette, 1906; J. Harry Switzer, 1908; James H. Long, 1911; Marion Moriarty, 11113; Allen Jarvis, 1914; Albert Austermuhl, 1915; William L. Sauerhoff, 1917; Theodore T. Kausel, 1918; Garfield Pancoast, 1919; William G. Ferat, 1920; Harry Ellis, 1921; Samuel A. Dobbins, 1923; D. Trueman Stackhouse, 1924; Frank S. Van Hart, 1925; Edward J. Kelly, 1926; Rudolph Preisendanz, Jr., 1927; Roy R. Stewart, 1928; William H. lszard, 1929; William Lehman, 1930; J. Harry Todd, 1931, and Harry G. Robinson, 1932.

Deceased past exalted. rulers and the year they took office are: John H. Foster, 1895; W. E. B. Miller, 1896; Philip Burch, 1897; D. Harry Condit, 1898; H. L. Hartshorn, 1891; George D. Borton, 1902; Maurice Rogers, 1904; Francis Warren, 1907; E. Wilmer Collins, 1909; Lewis H. Leigh, 1910; Morris Odell, 1912, and W. Wallace Balcom, 1922. 

577 Berkley Street

November 2004

The Home Of
Alexander J. Milliette
from 1870s through the 1890s


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