WILLIAM E. KELLY was born in 1915 to John and Mary Kelly of Camden NJ. The Kelly family had moved to New Jersey from Pennsylvania in the early 1910s. By 1930 John Kelly Sr. had been a Philadelphia policeman for many years, and in 1930 he worked as a truck driver. The family had by this time owned a home at 55 State Street in Camden NJ. The two oldest brothers, John Jr. and Cornelius were working as clerks in the transportation industry. Still at home besides Leo were brothers Leo and Jeremiah, and sisters Catherine and Julia Kelly. John Kelly Sr. passed away in 1931. Brother Leo later went to work for Campbell's Soup.

On November 16, 1940 William Kelly joined the Camden Police Department, along with Joseph Caputi Jr., Joseph Carroll, Roland Comerford,  Joseph Hooven, Julius Kaunacki, Frank Nelson, and Harry Tracy.

William Kelly enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps after Pearl Harbor. He left Camden for basic training on January 27, 1942. His brothers Jeremiah and Leo also enlisted. Leo Kelly was killed in action while serving with the United States Navy aboard the battleship USS South Dakota on November 15, 1942 .

Returning to Camden and police work after his wartime service, William Kelly married and started a family. The 1947 Camden City Directory shows him and his wife, Mary T. Kelly, at 362 Garden Avenue in East Camden. A son, William E. Kelly Jr., was born in 1951. The Kelly family remained at the garden Avenue address into the 1970s.

On September 5, 1949 Detective Kelly took part in the arrest of Howard Unruh, who had gone on a shooting spree in Cramer Hill that had resulted in the death of 13 people.

William Kelly was still with the Camden Police Department in 1962. After retiring from the Camden Police department, William Kelly worked as an investigator with the Camden County Prosecutor's office.

His son, William E. Kelly Jr., is a journalist an author of regional history books, as well as a history of golf. He has been involved in researching the assassination of President John F. Kennedy for since the mid-1970s, and maintains an excellent blog website.

Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger - 1934
Lawrence Bunker - Thomas P. Flaherty - Paul LeBaron Springer
William E. Kelly - Martin Odlen - Joseph R. Guarino - Cramer Street

Camden Courier-Post * December 4, 1940

Joseph Caputi - Joseph M. Carroll - Roland Comerford - Vincent Conley - James Eskridge
Joseph Hooven - Julius Kaunacki - William E. Kelly - William H. Neale - Francis J. Nelson
John E. Opfer - Cecil H. Picou - Earl Quinton - Edward W. Tatem - Harry Tracy - Harold Vecander
John H. Watkins - Edward Watson - Donald R. Watson - George T. Weber - Stanley Zuckowicz
Philip Farrow - Anthony Bretschneider - John Gryckiewicz - Thomas Winstanley
William Palese - Anthony Dzinski - Joseph Guarino -
Martin "Sid" Nelson - William Cleary - Otto Kaiser   

Camden Courier-Post

February 10, 1942

Camden Courier-Post * December 1942
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Camden Courier-Post - March 2, 1944

William E. Kelly
Joseph Campbell
George E. Brunner
Dr. David S. Rhone
William Cahill
Charles Humes
Freeholder Schneider
Freeholder Quinlan
First Ward Republican Club
York Street

September 5, 1949

In this photo from the Camden Courier-Post, Detective William Kelly (left) and Officer Charles S. Hance stand ready to fire during he September 5, 1949 standoff between city police and Howard Unruh, who barricaded himself inside his apartment at North 32nd Street and River Road in Cramer Hill after shooting 13 people to death. More than 50 Camden policemen took part in the arrest. 


Camden Courier-Post
September 7, 1949

Charley Humes

Howard Unruh - Walt Carley - Jake Weiner - Stanley Bobiak - William Deery - Russ Maurer
Charles Hance - Everett Joslin - Cecil Picou - Thomas Carr - William Moll - John Ferry
Martin "Sid" Nelson - Harry J. "Barney" Tracey - William Kelly Sr.
William Rogers -
Marshall Thompson - Vince Conley - Leonard Andruzza

Camden Courier-Post - November 6, 1951
Benjamin Dzick - Robert Bailey - Joseph Carpenter - Charles Richards - William E. Kelly
Kaighn Avenue - South 2nd Street - Sycamore Street - Clarence Watson - High Street

Camden Courier-Post * April 5, 1952
Thomas Murphy - George Wilmer - Liberty Street - Earl Quinton - William Kelly - William H. Neale
Clifford Carr - William O'Brien - John Huston - August Pflederer - George Ellis - Marshall Thompson 


November 5, 1952

Thomas Murphy
Edward "Biggie" Swietkanski
William Kelly

Camden Courier-Post * January 12, 1953


Benjamin Dzick - George Ellis - Marshall Thompson - Stanley Slagle - James J. Lenahan
Robert Sharp - Mary Lynch - Charles Clark -
Lynch's Cafe - North Front Street
Thomas Murphy - Harry Tracy - William Kelly - Oliver Morgan - John J. Hegar
Harry Kyler - Vincent Conley - Broadway - Federal Street - South 7th Street - John V. Wilkie
Kaighn Avenue -
Liberty Street - North 3rd Street

Camden Courier-Post * February 2, 1956

William Kelly - Joseph Carpenter - Broadway - Globe Furniture and Appliance Company

Camden Courier-Post * December 12, 1957

William Kelly - Joseph Piligno - Thomas Stanton - Theodore Woods
John McNulty - Anthony Marino
Timothy McCarthy - David Dowling - James McManus - Samuel Grazullis
Milnor Hotel - South 18th Street -
Admiral Wilson Boulevard

Camden Police Department - 1962 Report
Roll Call and Inspection

Front row from left: William Kelly, John Ferry, Clyde Waters, Andrew Monroe, Cecil Picou, Isaiah Pitts, Sergeant Joseph Troestel

Middle Row: Standing behind Waters and Monroe (with mustache) is Fontaine Shockley, unknown, unknown, Freddie Dobson, Horace "Speed" Wilkerson, Frank Crissey is at far right, holding a book.

Back row Starting at the window: Jerome Spratley, Arnold Cream,  Danny Domerowski and at far left Art Lewandowski

Camden Courier-Post
January 25, 1972

William Rosenblatt - Joseph A. Watson - A. Donald Bigley
East State Street - Frank Senatore - William Kelly


Front Row left to right: Frank Senatore, Willie Guidotti, Anthony Bezich, Pros. A.D. Bigley, Al Scarduzio, Dominick DiBart, Dominick Caruso, Isiah Steinberg.

2nd row (and those behind that row): Jerry Banks, Bill Eisenberg, Ed Kitlas, Harry Slattery, Harris Berman, Bill Reeves, Jerry Cohen, Tony DiMaggio, Capt Patrick Carr, Steve Robinson, Chief Bill Large, Sam Natal, Capt. James Large, Franz DeNie, Harry DeVore, Joe Carmen, Vince Wall, Fred Block, Louis Rodriguez, Bill Kelly, Estel Brown, Charles Cohen, Tom Mitchell, Tom Stuebing, Tom Schules 

3rd Row (and those behind that row): Bob DePersia, Ginger Horner, Fran Conniff, Sue DiMaggio, Alice Palumbo, Doris Logan, Clare Sylvestro, Celia May, Caroline Migliaccio, Jo Sosa, Michele Thomas, Alice Adams, Mary Didio, Sue Weisenfeld, Virginia Roberts, Betty Greene, Charlene Dyer, Ira Back

4th Rowe: Jim Jackson, Joe Perry, Walt Haver, Leonard Dryer, Frank Werner, Bill O'Brien, Vic Sarubbi, Al Malloie, Charlie Weber, Joe Price.

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