EDDIE DOLIN was a well-known figure in Camden both for his exploits on the basketball court and in the general community. For many years he was the tender of the Federal Street drawbridge. 

Edwin Thomas Dolin was born on August 1, 1892 in Staunton, Virginia to Edwin B. and Birdie Dolin. By 1900 the family was living in West Homestead PA. The elder 

Dolin worked as a bandmaster in 1900 and by 1910 as traveling salesman for a cash register company. When the 1910 census was enumerated young Edwin, sister Loris and brother Ford were still living at home, as was his paternal grandmother Anna, aunt Mabel Dolan, and maternal uncle Herbert Coust.

Eddie Dolin broke into professional basketball in 1911 with the Charleroi team in the western Pennsylvania-based Central Basketball League. This was the league's sixth and final campaign, as it disbanded after playing a few exhibition games in 1912. Charleroi featured two of the CBL's best players, Jackie Adams and Jimmy Brown. When the CBL broke up, all three and as well as another Charleroi standout, Bill Herron, came to Camden for the 1912-1913 campaign. They may have been recruited in part by Camden-born basketball veteran Eddie Ferat, a member of the old Eastern League Camden Electrics, who had been playing in the CBL. Roy Steele, another CBL star, played briefly for the Camden in 1912-1913, and would return a few seasons later. 

In the better-financed Eastern Basketball League, Eddie Dolin played with one of the best teams in the East, Camden of New Jersey. The Camden team was known as the Camden Alphas from 1912 to 1917, the Camden Crusaders from 1919 to 1921, and as the Camden Skeeters from 1921 until the league's collapse in 1923. Eddie Dolin played in Camden for nine seasons, from 1912 through the end of the 1917 season, and again after World War I. During his prime years, two of which were lost to the the war-caused suspension of play, he was in the top ten in scoring in the EBL six times. 

Although he played basketball in Camden, Eddie Dolin did not make his residence here permanently until after World War I. When he registered for the draft on June 5, 1917, Eddie Dolin and his wife were living at 227 Ninth Street in West Homestead PA, near Pittsburgh. He was then working as an inspector for the Pennsylvania Railroad at Pitcairn. He was not called to active duty during the War. 

Eddie Dolin was did not play professional basketball in 1917-1918, and no pro ball was played in 1918-1919. The 1920 Census, taken in January of that year, shows him and his wife Marion and their daughter Marion living at with a relative, William Haley, at 44 Potter Street in Haddonfield NJ. Eddie Dolin was working as a steel inspector at a steel mill. By this time he had returned to basketball. He played one game for the Plymouth Shawnees in the Pennsylvania State League before returning to Camden. 

The 1919-1920 season for Eddie Dolin was a great success. He played 37 games for the Camden Crusaders and was third in the league in scoring. The 1919-1920 Camden Crusaders were champions of the Eastern Basketball League, which was and is acknowledged by many to be the leading professional basketball league of its time. His teammates included star players like Jimmy “Soup” Campbell, Neil Deighan, Roy Steele, and Dave Kerr, and young local talents Joe Hyde, Sam Lennox, and Richie Deighan. The team was owned by local businessmen Dr. Charles B. HelmW. Penn Corson, who had also been Sheriff of Camden County. Eddie Dolin continued to play basketball in Camden until the Eastern league collapsed on January 18, 1923. He held the single-season record for most games played, 47, during the 1921-1922 EBL campaign.

When the EBL folded Eddie Dolin signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers of the metropolitan Basketball League, where he finished out the 1922-1923 season. The following year he played for the Trenton Royal Bengals in the same circuit. Eddie Dolin did not play professional basketball again until 1928, when he appeared in one game with the Cleveland Rosenblums in the American Basketball League. This team had a strong Camden connection, as four other Camden players appeared for the Rosnblums that season, Rich Deighan, Soup Campbell, Dave Kerr, and Joe Sheehan.

Time and injuries had taken their toll. Eddie Dolin played some semi-pro ball in the South Jersey League, but his days as a star player were long gone. Although not active politically, his wife Marion served as a Republican county committeewoman, and Eddie Dolin held several jobs in municipal and county government over the rest of his working life. He had bought a home in Oaklyn NJ around 1923 and lived their as late as the winter of 1938, before moving to Haddonfield.

The 1930 Census shows the Eddie and Marion Dolin living with their two daughters, Marion and Dorothy, in Oaklyn NJ in a home they owned at 401 Newton Avenue. He was then working as a shipper for an engineering company. Eddie Dolin later worked for the borough of Oaklyn's Board of Health. By the spring of 1942 the Dolins had moved to 25 Chestnut Street in Haddonfield NJ. He was then working for Camden County in the "Bridges and Roads Department." The Dolin's lived at the Chestnut street address as late as the fall of 1959 before moving to Cherry Hill.

Last a resident of Cherry Hill, New Jersey Eddie Dolin passed away in July of 1970. Marion Dolin had preceded him in death in April of 1965.


Central Basketball League
Season Team G FG FT TP PPG
1912-1913 Charleroi 50 100 0 200 4
Central Basketball League Career Totals 50 100 0 200
Eastern Basketball League
1912-1913 Camden Alphas  34 64 0 128 3.8
1913-1914  Camden Alphas  40 57 1 115 2.9
1914-1915 Camden Alphas  40 108 1 217 5.4 10th
1915-1916  Camden Alphas  40 94 0 188 4.7 10th
1916-1917  Camden Alphas  39 84 0 168 4.3
1917-1918  DID NOT PLAY
1918-1919  NO EBL DUE TO WAR
1919-1920  Camden Crusaders 37 78 66 222 6 3rd
1920-1921  Camden Crusaders 38 99 73 271 7.1 3rd
1921-1922 Camden Skeeters 47 101 94 296 6.3 4th
1922-1923 Camden Skeeters 21 40 31 111 5.3 10th
The league disbanded on January 19, 1823
Eastern Basketball League Career Totals 336 725 266 1716 5.1
Pennsylvania State League
Plymouth Shawnees  1 0 2 2 2.0
Pennsylvania State League Career Totals 1 0 2 2 2.0
Metropolitan Basketball League
1922-1923 Brooklyn Dodgers  5 14 10 38 7.6
1923-1924 Trenton Royal Bengals 25 28 50 106 4.2
Metropolitan Basketball League Career Totals 30 42 60 144 4.6
American Basketball League
1927-1928 Cleveland Rosenblums  1 2 1 5 5.0
American Basketball League Career Totals 1 2 1 5 5.0
Roy Steele's Professional Career Totals

Camden Courier - July 28, 1913

Alpha Club - Broadway - Basketball - Roy Steele - Jackie Adams
Eddie Dolin - Allie McLaughlin - J-mmy Brown - Bill Herron


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Camden Crusaders
1919-1920 Eastern Basketball League Champs

Front row, left to right:  Jimmy “Soup” Campbell and Joe Hyde.
Second row:
Dr. Charles B. Helm, Neil Deighan, Roy Steele,
Eddie Dolin, Dave Kerr and Sheriff W. Penn Corson.
Back row: Bill Mitchell, trainer;
Sam Lennox, Manager Bill Kennedy, Richie Deighan and Timekeeper Jim Kane.

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Camden Courier-Post - February 2, 1938

2 'Veteran' Officials to Serve Again on Oaklyn Health Board



Emil C. Hessert, Sr., president, and Edwin T. Dolin, secretary-
registrar of the Oaklyn Board of Health who have taken over their positions following re-election.

Hessert, a resident of the borough, for 40 years, has served many years in municipal positions in Oaklyn. 

Dolin, one time famous basketball player, is beginning his third term. He formerly played center for the old Camden basketball team in the Eastern League.

Hessert to Start 16th Year of Service and Third Term as President;
Dolin, Secretary, Was Once Professional Basketball Star 


Few men in Camden county have given longer or more unselfish serv­ice as a municipal official than Emil C. Hessert, Sr., who is beginning his sixteenth year as a member of the Oaklyn Board of Health and his third term as president.

One of the incorporaters of the borough, Hessert served 12 years as a member and clerk of the Board of Education and was several times a member of borough council and a former president of the governing body. He has lived in Oaklyn 40 years, and is the father of five children.

While not a veteran so far as a municipal official is concerned, Edwin T. Dolin, board secretary and registrar of vital statistics, is a veteran athlete and at one time was considered to be one of the greatest professional basketball players in the East.

Dolin, who starred for several years as center of the old Camden basketball team in the Eastern League, is serving his third term as an official of the board of health.

Camden and South Jersey basketball fans will recall when Dolin, with the late "Jackie" Adams and Jimmy Brown, came to Camden in 1912 from Charleroi, in the Central League, to play for the old Alpha Camden quintet. For several years the team played in P.R.R. Y.M.C.A. Hall, Third and Mickle Streets. Later the games were staged in the 114th Infantry Armory, on Haddon Avenue.

The Camden team was one of the greatest in the country for several years and twice won the Eastern League pennant. Old time fans ranked Dolin as the best pivot position player in the circuit and compared him to the acknowledged peer of all-time centers, Willie Keenan, of De Neri fame.

Dolin later played with Brooklyn and Kingston in the New York Metropolitan League. He finished his playing days in the former South Jersey League. A series of injuries, including an injured knee and fractured ribs, caused him to retire.

Dolin is married and has lived in Oaklyn 15 years. His wife was formerly a member of the Camden County Republican Committee. Dolin has not been active politically.


Camden Courier-Post - July 26, 1955
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