WILLIAM WYNN was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 8, 1876 as an extra man, taking the place of George W. Himelspark with Engine Company 2. William Wynn worked as box maker prior to his appointment to the Fire Department. William Wynn served for one year. He was replaced in April of 1877 by Charles Reed

William Wynn  was born in Pennsylvania in 1851. It appears he was the son of William and Mary Wynn, and that at the time of the 1870 Census he was living at home and working as an apprentice carpenter. He moved to Camden during the 1870s, and, as stated above, was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in April of 1876. By this time he was working as a boxmaker. William Wynn was living at 202 Mickle Street at the time of his appointment to the Fire Department, and stayed at that address through the beginning of 1899. 

William Wynn married in the late 1870s. August of 1879 his wife Mary gave birth to a daughter, Alice. Another daughter, Anna May, would follow a few years later. When the Census was taken in June of 1880 the Wynn family was living at 1126 South 3rd Street. The Wynn family does not appear in the City Directories from 1881 through 1883. The 1884-1885 City Directory shows William Wynn at 630 Cherry Street. He remained at that address through 1890. At some point in the 1880s or early 1990s Mary Wynn passed away. 

The 1892-1893 Camden City Directory shows William Wynn residing at 202 Mickle Street. he was then working at a box factory in Philadelphia. William Wynn remarried around 1894. The 1894-1895 Camden City Directory shows that he had moved to 560 Pine Street. His next door neighbor was Camden Fire Department member William Jobes

560 Pine Street was the home of the Wynn family into January of 1920. The 1900 Census shows William Wynn, his wife Sarah, and daughters Alice and Anna May at the Pine Street address. The family remained intact through 1910. At some point after that year's census Anna May Wynn either married or passed away. William Wynn ran as a Democrat for Camden's City Council from the 6th Ward in 1910. 

She was not at home when the 1914 City Directory was compiled. The Wynn family does not appear in the 1924 Camden City Directory. 

Philadelphia Inquirer * August 30, 1910

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