WILLIAM T. STEINMETZ was born in Pennsylvania in June of 1867, according to the 1900 Census. He married Rosalie Cole around 1892.

By 1894 William T. and Rosalie Steinmetz had moved to Camden. They shared a house with Rosalie's sister Mary and her husband, William Stauts and their children, as well as Rosalie's  mother-in-law, Mrs. Mary Cole, at 1015 South 2nd Street in Camden. City Directories for 1894 and 1895 show William T. Steinmetz in business as a carpenter at 721 Noble Street in Philadelphia and at the South 2nd Street address in Camden. After 1895 he no longer kept a business address in Philadelphia.

Shortly before the Census was taken on June 1, 1900 William T. Steinmetz was appointed Building Inspector for the City of Camden. 

Sadly, Rosalie Steinmetz died in February of 1906. The loss affected William T. Steinmetz deeply. When he took his own life, on December 29, 1906 it came as no surprise to many of his frends and associates, as he had been in a deep depression since his wife's passing.

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 8, 1902

William T. Steinmetz - Henry M. Snyder Jr.

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 21, 1902

William T. Steinmetz

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 23, 1903

William T. Steinmetz
South 2nd Street
- South 4th Street - Chestnut Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 26, 1904

William T. Steinmetz - Spruce Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 14, 1904

William T. Steinmetz - Commerce Street - William Smith

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 29, 1904

William T. Steinmetz - Division Street - South 4th Street
Ss. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Roman Catholic Church - Rev. Lucius Mott

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 4, 1906

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 26, 1906

South 2nd Street - William Steinmetz

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 16, 1906
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Charles H. Ellis - Samuel Hufty - Levi Farnham
Charles Elfreth - J.F. Newton - Frank Heisler
William Osler - John McCabe -
William Steinmetz
Harry Francis

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 6, 1906

J.O. George - George Kruck - William Steinmetz

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 30, 1906

William T. Steinmetz - Fifth Ward Republican Club - Mt. Vernon Street - South 2nd Street
William Harvey - Adam T. Davis Jr. - Ionic Lodge No. 94, F. & A.M.
Legion of Honor - Back End Club

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 31, 1906

William T. Steinmetz - South 2nd Street - William H. Day


Philadelphia Inquirer
January 2, 1907

Frederick Finkeldey Sr.
Louis Mohrman
Harry C. Kramer
Isaac V. Bradley
William H. Day
William Steinmetz
Charles H. Ellis
John Baker
Jacob Schiller
Dr. Marcus K. Mines
Edmund E. Read
Harry C. Sharp

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 3, 1907

William T. Steinmetz - Fifth Ward Republican Club - 
South 2nd Street - Ionic Lodge No. 94, F. & A.M.
Shield of Honor - Knights of the Golden Eagle - Back End Club
Improved Order of Red Men

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 4, 1907

William T. Steinmetz - South 2nd Street - William H. Day