WILLIAM T. STANTON was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 8, 1876 as an extra man, taking the place of Thomas R. Grapevine with Engine Company 2. William Stanton was working as a bricklayer when he was appointed to the Fire Department. William T. Stanton served for one year, until being replaced by Pearce Brown on April 8, 1877. 

William Stanton was born in New Jersey around September of 1853. He was working as a bricklayer and living at 515 Bridge Avenue when he was appointed to the Fire Department. He married around the same time he was with the Fire Department. His wife, Lizabeth J. "Lizzie" Stanton, bore a daughter, Bertha was born in August of 1877, followed by Edward in May of 1879, Raymond in May of 1881, and Bessie in June of 1885.

William Stanton move around Camden and pursued several different lines of work during his working life. He was still at 515 Bridge Avenue and working as an expressman and as a mover when the 1878-1879 City Directory was compiled. By 1879 he had moved to 507 Bridge Avenue and was still at that address into 1881. The 1882-1883 and 1883-1884 Directories show him running a saloon at 505 Bridge Avenue. This venture did not last, as the 1884-1885 Camden City Directory shows that he had moved to 509 Bridge Avenue, and was working as a bricklayer. The 1887 Directory lists him in the milk business, but he was back to working a bricklayer the following year. The 1890-1891 shows that he was still living at 509 Bridge Avenue, and was running a livery at 510 Taylor Avenue. In 1892 he was working as a member of the Camden Police Department.

The 1893-1894 and 1894-1895 City Directories show that William Stanton was again involved in the bar business, at Newton Avenue and Chestnut Street. By 1895 he was living at 422 Chestnut Street and working as a bricklayer. The 1896 and 1897 Directories has William Stanton living at 422 Chestnut Street and operating a flour and feed store across the street at 427 Chestnut Street. This venture too did not pan out. By 1898 he had gone back to work as a driver, however, the 1899 Directory states that he was still in the flour business. The Stantons were still living at 422 Chestnut Street when the Census was taken in 1900. No occupation was listed in the Census.

William Stanton was reappointed to the Camden Police Department in December of 1902. He was brought up on charges of drinking on duty in February of 1905. He resigned from the department effective April 1, 1905, along with Benjamin Hovis, John Miller, and John Wagner.

The Stanton family had moved to 1120 Baring Street by the time the 1906 City Directory was being compiled. He was then working as a watchman and that would be his line of work for the rest of his working life. The 1910 Census shows the Stantons at 739 Walnut Street. By 1914 they had again moved, this time to 421 Cedar Street in North Camden. They were still at that address in 1915, when the State Census was taken.

William Stanton and his wife appear to have parted ways prior to the compilation of the 1918-1919 Camden City Directory. His widow and daughter Bessie Stanton Bozarth, also a widow, lived at 531 Berkley Street, where they ran a boarding house, when the 1920 Census was taken. When he separated from his wife, William Stanton remained at 421 Cedar Street, where he kept company with Mrs. Anna Johnson.

William Stanton was still living at 421 Cedar Street in June of 1921. One June 29, 1929 he went to 347 Royden Street and attempted to reconcile with Mrs. Johnson, who had moved out of the Cedar Street house. Failing in this, he shot and killed Mrs. Johnson, then turned the gun on himself, and attempted to shoot himself in the head. He failed also in that, was treated for his wound and taken to jail. Pleading non vult to a charge of murder, on July 5, 1921 William Stanton, 68 years of age, was sentenced to life in prison. On September 18, 1923 it was reported in the Camden Post-Telegram that William Stanton lay dying in the prison hospital at Trenton State Prison.  

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 7, 1892
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Philadelphia Inquirer - March 7, 1892
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Philadelphia Inquirer - July 7, 1898
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Camden Post-Telegram
December 19, 1902

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William Stanton

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 15, 1905
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William Stanton - John Wagner - James Butler

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 16, 1905
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