WILLIAM S. DAVIS was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to replace George W. Bates as an extra man with Engine Company 2, who resigned December 20. 1870. He had previously worked as an engineer, and was making his home at 112 North 6th Street when appointed to the Fire Department. With a few brief interruptions, William S. Davis served as a member of the Camden Fire Department until 1888. He was appointed Engineer of Engine Company 2 on April 8, 1873 and spent the rest of his time in service fulfilling that position. 

William S. Davis was born in Pennsylvania in August of 1847. According to the 1890 Veterans Census, he served in the United States Navy aboard the USS Powhatan in 1862. Two other members of the crew during that time, Barton Lane and William Marsh, also became Camden Fire Department members in later years.

He married Dollie Amanda Shearman around 1870. His wife was the daughter of William H. Shearman, who was an original member of the Camden Fire Department, serving in the rank of Assistant Chief Fire Marshal for the first fire district.

City Directories and Fire Department records show William Davis living at 525 Federal Street in September of 1872. By April of 1874 he had moved to 425 Federal Street. The Davis family was living at 535 Arch Street in April of 1877, They moved to 28 North 5th Street the following year, remaining at that address as late as 1885. The 1880 Census shows him, his wife Amanda, and children Mary, William, and Mabel. The 1900 Census states that William S. Davis and his wife Amanda had four children of which three were still alive. 

The 1888-1889 Directory states that he lived at 428 South 2nd Street, and was working in Philadelphia. By 1890 he had moved to 516 North 9th Street. The 1891-1892 and 1892-1893 Directories give his address as 822 Carpenter Street. He is not listed in the 1893-1894 and 1894-1895 editions. By the time the 1896 Directory was compiled he had moved to 335 North 9th Street, where he stayed through 1898. By 1899 William S. Davis had relocated to 1129 Maple Avenue. William, Amanda, and daughter Mabel Davis were still at 1129 Maple Street when the 1900 Census was conducted. They moved to 1145 Maple Street shortly afterwards. William S. Davis passed away on July 29, 1902. He had been working for the New Jersey Wire Stitching Company prior to his passing. His widow was living at 840 Pearl Street when the 1906 City Directory was compiled, and by 1910 had moved to 430 Washington Street, where daughter Mary Davis Riddle kept a saloon.

A veteran of the United States Navy during the Civil War, William S. Davis was a member of Thomas M.K. Lee Post No. 5 of the G.A.R.

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