WILLIAM HARVEY was born in England in October of 1845 to James and Sarah Harvey, and came to America while a young boy. The Harvey family was living in Camden's South Ward by the time the Census was taken in 1860. James Harvey worked as a machinist.

After serving in the United States Navy under Commodore David Farragut, William Harvey returned to Camden in the 1880s. At the time of the 1880 Census, his father was living at 308 Walnut Street, next door to former Mayor Samuel M. Gaul, who had been mayor of the city from 1871 to 1874. Through the good offices of Gaul, a staunch Republican, William Harvey secured an appointment to the police department by then Mayor in 1886. William Harvey would serve with only a brief interruption in the 1890s until his retirement in March of 1912. 

City Directories from 1887 through 1891 show William Harvey residing at 1010 South 2nd Street. The 1900 Census shows William Harvey living at 274 Walnut Street with his wife Annie and six children ages 22 to 2- William W., James, Emma, Maggie, Sarah, and Alexander. From 1904 through 1908 the Harvey family is listed at 263 Mt. Vernon Street. They were still at that address when Annie Harvey passed away after a long illness on March 23, 1909. William Harvey lodged at 1024 South 3rd Street when the census was enumerated in 1910. By 1912 he  remarried sometime thereafter, and was living with his second wife, Hannah (aka Annie) at 1116 Locust Street. They are listed in City Directories at that address through 1924. He became a widower once again sometime after the 1920 Census was taken. He last lived in Camden at 406 North Front Street.

On February 26, 1912 veteran police officers George Horner, William Harvey, and Benjamin Middleton retired from active service with the Camden Police Department.

William Harvey died at the Camden County Hospital at Lakeland in Gloucester Township on February 23, 1928 at the age of 83.

William Harvey's sister Emma was married to John J. Brown, an original member of the Camden Fire Department in 1869 and later on a bar owner in South Camden. Her stepson (John Brown's son from an earlier marriage) was William D. Brown, who became secretary of the Board of Education and later served as Camden's city clerk. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 8, 1887

John Foster - William Harvey

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 2, 1889

William Harvey - Henry Bunting - James Simpson - Pine Street - South 2nd Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 28, 1890

William Harvey
Samuel K. Hires
Kaighn Avenue
South 3rd Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 30, 1890

Henry S. Scovel
William Harvey
Charles S. Ridgway
John O'Brien
Ezra Conkling
Benjamin Braker

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 25, 1890

Jesse Pratt - Thomas Barnes - John Barnes
William Harvey

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 20, 1890

William Harvey
Joseph Flanigan
Mickle Street
South 2nd Street
Robert F. Miller
Edward Bates
Charles Bates
William Harris
Jesse Pratt
James Lafferty
Dennis Corbitt
Thomas E. Mullane
Kaighn Avenue
South 4th Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 22, 1890

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Jesse Pratt - Thomas Kripps - Lawrence Smith
William Harvey

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 24, 1891

William Harvey
John Dilmore
Mrs. C.F. Zimmerman
Liberty Street

Camden Daily Telegram
March 30, 1894

Samuel Dodd
John Foster
John L. Westcott
Harry Griffin
John R. Jones


William E. Cromley - George Kappel - Harry Curtis - O. Glen Stackhouse - A. Lincoln James
John Pratt -
Samuel Bakley - Benjamin Middleton - William Harvey - J. Oscar Weaver - Harry Mines
William Selby - Albert Myers - Edward Hartman - Caleb Williams - Richard Golden - Ralph Bond
William Schregler - Jacob Woodside - Frank Matlack - Alfred Hayden - John Dall - Josiah Sage
C. Henry Peters - Charles Lederman - William Butts
Alexander Alcorn - Charles Lightenberg - Ferdinand Laird

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 4, 1894

John Foster - William Harvey

Camden Post
July 24, 1895

Marwood "Sweeney" Derrickson
Charles Burton
Ida Parker
Harry Oliver
Mrs. Griffin
Mrs. Green
John L. Westcott
Baxter Street 
Chestnut Street
William Harvey


Camden Daily Telegram
October 14, 1898

Hugh Boyle
Joseph Nowrey

Edward S. Hyde
Harry McNeil






Camden Daily Telegram
October 31, 1898

Joseph Nowrey
William Harvey
O. Glen Stackhouse
David Bentley
Frank Matlack
James Roach
J. Oscar Weaver
Albert S. Shaw
Thomas W. Moore

Abraham Briscoe
Walter H. Chase
Edward Lewis
John Miller
Ben Bunston
Edward Fortie
Jacob Granger
Herbert Weaver





Camden Daily Telegram
November 7, 1898

John Foster
Hugh Boyle
Joseph Nowrey
O. Glen Stackhouse
William Harvey











Philadelphia Inquirer - July 23, 1900
North 2nd Street - South 3rd Street - Henry Hayes - Arthur Stanley- Edward Hyde - Thomas Cunningham George Nowrey - James O. Weaver - William Harvey - O. Glen Stackhouse - Mrs. Ida Buckingham
Robert Forbes - John McKenna - William Ivins - Jmes Buckingham -
John Foster
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Philadelphia Inquirer - July 19, 1903

William Rudolph - Charles A. Rudolph
Van Buren Street - Van Hook Street
William Harvey - Thomas Pooley - Alfred S. Snow
Charles Fitzsimmons - Charles Cornog
Edward S. Hyde

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 17, 1903
William D. Hart - William Harvey
George Willingmyre 
O. Glenn Stackhouse 

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 26, 1903
William Harvey - Lewis Bechner - John Emerick - William Emerick
Henry Hope

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 10, 1904
William Harvey - Arthur Stanley

Camden Post-Telegram * February 21, 1907
William Harvey - Darlington Condiff - South 2nd Street - Mt. Vernon Street
Emmanuel Baptist Church - Rev. N.C, Lassiter

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 4, 1912
William Harvey

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 29, 1912

David Kates - George R. "Roby" Thompson - William Greenwood
George Horner
- William Harvey - Charles H. Ellis - Benjamin Middleton
Anson Kelley

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 2, 1919 

Haddon Avenue
Thomas Cunningham

Harry Mines
Thomas Cheeseman
William Harvey
George Kleaver
Clarence Boyer
Dr. Addison B. Reader
Rev. Charles I. Fitzgeorge
Union Methodist Episcopal Church
John Painter

Camden Courier-Post
Evening Courier - February 25, 1928

Jesse Pratt 
South 2nd Street - Front Street - Washington Street

Camden Courier-Post
Evening Courier - February 27, 1928
Ben Courter


William Harvey - Jesse Pratt - J. Leighton Wescott