WILLIAM HENRY RUSHWORTH was born on October 5, 1872 in Pennsylvania to Samuel and Margaret Rushworth. The family was living in Shenandoah, Schuylkill County PA when the 1880 Census was taken. Samuel Rushworth kept a hotel there. The 1880 Census shows the family included older siblings Ella, John, and Michael, as well as younger children Mary Jane, Matilda "Tilly", and George.

The 1890 Camden City Directory shows Margaret Rushworth, the widow of Samuel, living on Westfield Avenue near Arlington Street in Stockton. William Rushworth is also listed there, working as a barber. He was active in the fraternal order known as the Knights of the Golden Eagle in the 1890s..

William Rushowrth married Laura Nelson on April 17, 1895 at the First Baptist Church in Stockton. A son, Samuel Rushworth was born in October of 1896. He died in May of the following year. The Rushworths were then living at 416 Evans Street in South Camden. Another son, Clarence was born in July of 1898.  

The 1900 Census lists William Rushworth and family at 627 West Street, the home of his widowed mother-in-law Rebecca nelson and her sons, Charles, William, and Elwood Nelson. William Rusworth's mother and brothers Richard and George Rushworth were listed at 2936 Westfield Avenue.

The 1906 City Directory shows William H. Rushworth working as a barber and living at 2936 Westfield Avenue. Margaret Rushworth, widow of Samuel, lived next door at 2934 Westfield Avenue. The 1910 Census states that William Rushworth was working in the "store room of oil railroad". He then lived at at a home he owned at 2934 Westfield Avenue. Shortly after the 1910 Census was taken, William Rushworth was appointed to the Camden Fire Department.

The 1918-1919 City Directory shows William H. Rushworth and his wife Laura residing at 2948 Cramer Street.

The 1927 Camden City Directory and Fire Department records from 1931 show William H. Rushworth living at 2943 Westfield Avenue in East Camden. William H. Rushworth was still serving with the Fire Department in April of 1930. He retired shortly afterwards.

William H. Rushworth had passed away on Janury1 5, 1946. His widow, Laura, was still living at 2943 Westfield Avenue when the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled..

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 8, 1894

Knights of the Golden Eagle - William Rushworth
F.H. Trachsel - Clarence Vrachsel - Thomas Bullock - Frank Reese

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 21, 1895

William Rushworth
Rev. J.M. Ashton
First Baptist Church
Stockton Wheelmen
St. Wilfred's Church
Frank Jones
Fairview Church
Calvary M.P. Church
Dudley A.A.
Harry Smith
William Richardson
Clarence Stackhouse
A.F. Reed

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 4, 1897

Evans Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 18, 1914

Peter B. Carter - Edward Dudley - Harry Green - Dudley Grange - Cooper Hospital
South 15th Street -
Federal Street - South 8th Street - William McCauley - William Rushworth

2941 & 2943
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2941 & 2943
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2941 & 2943
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William H. Rushworth & Family
William & Laura Rushworth
Clarence Rushworth