WILLIAM H. DOUGHTEN was appointed to the Camden Fire Department  in June of 1873 as an extra man with the Hook and Ladder Company to take the place of Edmund Shaw who had been transferred to Engine Company 1. William H. Doughten served until April of 1876, when he was not re-appointed due to a change in politics in the leadership of the Fire Department. He was recalled in April of 1878 and he remained a Camden fire fighter until April of 1882. He was again reinstated in 1884 and served through 1888.

William H. Doughten was born in Pennsylvania in October of 1850, the son of James Doughten. Cemetery records show his mother's maiden name was Peak, other than that, of his early life there is no record. He appears in the 1870 Census in Camden's Middle Ward. He was already working as a tinsmith at the time, and was boarding with Sarah Komer and her daughter Mary. When appointed to the Fire Department he was living at Hamilton Street (which was renamed Berkley Street in 1882) and William Street. When reappointed in 1875 he had moved to 434 Riley Street. When reappointed to the Fire Department in April of 1878 he had moved to 443 Henry Street.

At the time of the 1880 Census William H. Doughten was still living at 443 Henry Street with his wife and daughters Elevia and Lillian "Lillie" Doughten. A son, William H. Daughten Jr. would soon come. 

The 1893-1894 and 1894-1895 City Directories show William Doughten at 258 Pine Street. By the time the 1896 Directory was compiled he had moved to 301 Pine Street. This would be his home through 1906. The 1910 Census states that William H. Doughten and his wife were living at 280 Mount Vernon Street with their daughter Lillian and her husband Charles T. Cannon. Charles Elfreth, who had served with the Fire Department and was then working in the city tax office, lived a few doors away at 288-290 Mount Vernon Street and policeman Harry Mines lived at 294 Mount Vernon Street.

The 1914 Camden City Directory shows William Doughten and his son residing at 538 North Front Street and in the tin roof business. He was not listed in the 1918-1919 City Directory. His widow Mary was living with her daughter Lillian and her family when the Census was taken in 1920.The 

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