WILLIAM F. SCHMID was born near Harrisbirg PA in 1868 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph von Schmid. The family had moved to Philadelphia PA by 1879, when Joseph von Schmid founded the Inter-Urban Realty Company. In 1889 he opened an office at 2522 River Road in what was the Stockton Township, taking his son William, then 20, in as a partner. When Joseph von Schmid passed away, William dropped the "von" and went as William Schmid. His name was occasionally misspelled as Schmidt. William Schmid would conduct business in this office for 61 years, right up until his death in April of 1950.

William Schmid was one of the leading citizens of old Stockton Township, and an advocate of its merger with Camden in 1889. He served as the police judge in Stockton, and was appointed its postmaster in the 1890s by President Grover Cleveland. After the merger with Camden, he would serve for many years as a justice of the peace. He also served on the Board of Taxation and was involved with other tax and real estate related entities. He also served as a deputy sheriff and as assistant treasure of the Camden County Welfare Board. Sometime between the summer of 1910 and 1914 he moved to North 26th Street. In 1916 William Schmid co-founded with Robert Denny Clow the Camden County Real Estate Board. His sons Richard and William Jr. joined the firm in 1924 and 1929 respectively. 

William F. Schmid died at his home, 945 North 26th Street in Camden NJ on April 22, 1950, He is buried at Bethel Memorial Park in Pennsauken NJ. His sons continued the family business into the 1960s.

Biographical Review - 1897

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Philadelphia Inquirer * July 18, 1896
Market Street Ferry  - Vine Street Ferry

Philadelphia Inquirer * April 2, 1903

Frank Ford Patterson Jr.
F. Joseph Rouh
William Schmid
George W. Jessup
John Furey

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 28, 1909

Camden Memorial Day Committee

In order that Camden veterans may have an elaborate celebration on Memorial Day, Mayor Ellis yesterday appointed the following committee of citizens to act in conjunction with them: William D. Vanaman, William Sangtinette, Frank W. Tussey, William Fox, Dr. J.W. Martindale, Walter L Tushingham, Ira E. Lutte, Harry C. Kramer, John W. Coleman, Bernhard Schroeder, Edward H. Nieland, Daniel M. Stevens, W.F. Powell, Abe Fuhrman, Jacob Neutze, Francis B. Wallen, Charles A. Ackley, Louis T. Derousse, James M. Bentley, John K. Newkirk, William Schmid, John Larsen, Sigismund Schoenagle, Charles M. Baldwin, and Harry A Whaland.

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 28, 1911

Mayor Ellis - Soldiers' Monument - William Thompson - Rev. A.H. Newton
First Methodist Episcopal Church - Isaac T. Nichols - Amos Richard Dease - H.L. Hartshorn
William D. Vanaman - Charles A. Ackley -
Charles M. Baldwin - James M. Bentley - John W. Coleman
C.K. Deacon -
Malachi D. Cornish - Louis T. Derousse - William Fox - Abe Fuhrman - Harry C. Kramer
Ira E. Lute - Dr. J.W. Martindale - Jacob Neutze - Edward Nieland -
Dr. H.S. Riddle - William Sangtinette
Bernhard Schroeder - William Schmid -  Sigismund Schoenagle - Daniel M. Stevens - Frank W. Tussey
Walter L Tushingham -
Francis B. Wallen,- Harry A Whaland

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 3, 1912

George Bachman
William Weiser
Joseph Shackleford
Frank W. Tussey
Adam R. Sloan
William P. Osler
Reuben Croxton
George E. Boyer
William F. Schmid
George F. Hammond
John W. Johnson
Albert B. Fortiner
J. Blair Cuthbert

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Philadelphia Inquirer * March 10, 1912

 Harry Cheeseman - William T. Boyle - Marcus N. Carroll - Frank X. Devereaux - William Schmid
J. Frederick Voigt

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 23, 1912

Charles H. Ellis - William Weiser
Joseph Shackleford - Frank W. Tussey
Adam R. Sloan - William P. Osler
Reuben Croxton - George E. Boyer
William F. Schmid - John W. Johnson
George F. Hammond - Albert B. Fortiner
J. Blair Cuthbert

Masonic Temple - Ridgway House

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Philadelphia Inquirer - April 1, 1914

Charles H. Ellis 
Frank W. Tussey 
Charles M. Curry
W.L. Tushingham
Bernhard Schroeder William Schmid
Edward Nieland
Daniel M. Stevens 
W.F. Powell
Abe Fuhrman
C.K. Deacon
Jacob Neutze
Charles A. Ackley

Francis B. Wallen

  Harry A Whaland
Dr. Wallace McGeorge
Ralph D. Baker
William F. Kelly
Lawrence B. Reader
Malachi D. Cornish
Gen. John A. Mather
James E. Hewitt
David Jester
William Sangtinette

Philadelphia Inquirer * February 7, 1915

Camden Post-Telegram * May 1, 1918

William P. Hallinger - Raymond L. Warren - Joseph H. Forsyth - Robert D. Clow - George W. Kirkbride
Meyers Baker - Howard A. Walton - George W. Jessup - William B. Hambleton - Johan A. Ackley
Frank Burr - R.A. Rockhill - Maurice B. Rudderow - Ralph D. Baker - Edgar Freeman - William Schmidt
Charles G. Jessup - Clinton I. Evans - Anthony J. Oberst - Leon E. Todd - William Derham - T. Yorke Smith Eldred I. Hibbs - Henry Budney - Carl Evered - Francis C. Ely - William Schmid

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 14, 1919
George Kleinheinz - George Fisher - Samuel M. Shay - Edward J. Kelleher
Rocco Gimello - John T. Cleary - William Schmid 
Joseph Keefe - Frank Homan

Camden Courier-Post - August 9, 1933

Resolution Denounces Borrowing of Funds for Projects Not Self-liquidating

One of two resolutions adopted yesterday afternoon by the Taxation Committee of the Camden County Real Estate Board opposes the borrowing by Camden county or city of any funds for projects that are not self-liquidating.

The resolutions were acted upon at a luncheon of the committee, headed by Leon E. Todd, in the Hotel Walt Whitman. Copies were sent to city and county officials.

One proposed loan which the resolution opposed was the application for federal industrial recovery funds to carryon the Camden county park program. It had been called to the attention of the committee that plans are being considered to alter the city and county budgets for various projects. 

The other resolution indorsed plans submitted to newspapers 

by the joint taxation committee of the New Jersey legislature for the relief of taxation on real estate "provided, however, that all such additional funds so assessed and raised will be utilized on for the direct relief of real estate."

Other members of the committee are William S. Abbott, president of the Real Estate Board; Earl R. Lippincott, George B. Robeson, J. William Markeim, Carl R. Evered, William F. Schmid and Edward J. Borden.

Herbert K. Strattan, a Democratic leader of Haddonfield, also expressed opposition to the park loan appllication.

He stressed three reasons as his grounds for opposing the loan, the first being the absence of a definite plan for spending the money.

Strattan also charges that the members of the park commission are incapable of handling such a large project and that no one park has been finished and no portion of the parks are self-liquidating, thus necessitating large annual maintenance funds.

He also stated the loan would increase Camden's bonded indebtedness, which could not be afforded at this time.

Camden Courier-Post * April 8, 1950

Camden Courier-Post * April 24, 1950

Camden Courier-Post * April 26, 1950