WILLIAM T. COMERFORD JR. was born on February 28, 1889 to William and Ida Comerford in Camden, New Jersey. The family had recently moved to Camden from Delaware. William Comerford Jr. was one of at least eight children. The family was living at 417 Erie Street in North Camden in 1890, according to that year's City Directory. His father worked as a caulker and as a ship carpenter at the many shipyards in Camden. When the Census was taken on June 1, 1900 the Comerford family was living at 13 North 21st Street in East Camden. The Census shows the Comerford children, aged 18 to 1, as Theodore, Charles, Howard, William (the census records him as Willie), Blanche, Paul, Pauline and George.

The family was living at 8 Marlton Avenue in East Camden when the 1906 Camden City Directory was compiled. 

The 1914 Camden City Directory shows William Comerford and his family, including his parents, at 15 North 25th Street. He was then working as a clerk.

Republican party leader Jacob Schiller lived nearby (at one time around the corner on Federal Street) and it most likely was at his behest that William Comerford  was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on November 26, 1916. During his career he served as a Battalion Chiefs Aide, at the East Camden firehouse from the time he joined the department through the end of 1920, then at the Engine Company 3 firehouse at 1813 Broadway. He was working in the title of District Chief's Aide when he retired. 

William Comerford was living at 2706 Westfield Avenue in East Camden when he registered for the draft on June 5, 1917. When the Census was taken in January of 1920 William Comerford, his wife Emma, their four sons, William  III, Frederick,  Roland, and Lawrence, and his parents were at that address. They were still at that address in 1927. When the City Directory for 1929 was compiled, the Comerford family had moved to 25 North 24th Street. The April 1930 Census shows William and Emma Comerford, his parents, their four sons, daughter-n-law Mildred, the wife of William III, and granddaughter Dolores at that address. By 1931 William Comerford had moved to 39 South 33rd Street. By 1940 he had moved to 3808 Westfield Avenue.

On November 16, 1940 Roland Comerford joined the Camden Police Department, where he had a long and distinguished career.

On March 18, 1941, firemen arrived at a working fire in a vacant dwelling at Chelton Avenue and Mulford Street, South Camden. As members were extinguishing the blaze, Fireman William Comerford discovered a moonshine still on the second floor. The building had been a contraband whiskey factory. Acting Chief Leonard Megee summoned police who confiscated fifteen gallons of stock.

William Comerford registered for the draft a second time in the spring of 1942. The family then lived at 3808 Westfield Avenue. By 1943 William and Emma Comerford had moved to 207 North 40th Street

William Comerford Jr. having reached the mandatory retirement age of 65, retired on May 1, 1954. The Comerfords were still living at 207 North 40th Street as late as the fall of 1959. William Comerford Jr. passed away in November of 1964. 

Philadelphia Inquirer * December 1, 1916

Israel Adams - Charles Fitzsimmons IV - Furman Price - WIlliam McCauley Lewis Newman - Henry Suters - William Comerford

Camden Courier-Post * May 25, 1934

Roy R. Stewart - George W. Garner - Kenwood Avenue - South 6th Street - Kaighn Avenue
 James Young - Laurence Newton - Furman Chester Price - Irvin F. Bishop - James A. Creato
William Comerford - Leonard Megee - John H. Lennox - Umberto DiClaudio - Morris Tartar
Lewis Liberman - William S. Stiles

Camden Courier-Post
November 16, 1940

Mary Kobus - Edward Tatem - William H. Tatem
Mt. Vernon Street - Charles Errickson
Roland Comerford -
William Comerford
Cramer Street 
Joseph Hooven - North 19th Street
Philip Farrow - Newton Avenue
John Gryickiewicz - North Front Street
Thomas Winstanley - Bailey Street
Anthony Bretschneider - Louis Street
Camden High School
Woodrow Wilson High School

Undated 1949 photo showing William Comerford, driver for Camden's fire chief, passing out circulars to recruit support for police and fireman pay raises in front of the Alfred Cramer School.

Camden Fire Department Personnel Record