Gordon Jr.


WILLIAM B. GORDON JR. was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to replace Frank S. Jones, who had had been removed from service as the driver of the Hook & Ladder Company, known today as Ladder Company 1, on June 9, 1871. 

When the Census was taken in 1860 William B. Gordon, his wife Mary and baby William were boarding with Mary's mother, Anna Maria Schwaab and family in Camden's South Ward. Also living there was Mrs. Schwaab's son William H. Schwaab. Both William B. Gordon and William H. Schwaab would serve as members of the Camden Fire Department after the Civil War, as would another brother-in-law, John J. Olden, who was married to Elizabeth Schwaab. Another of the Schwaab clan (the family also used the spelling Swope), C. Edward Swope, was a member of the Fire Department in the 1880s.

William B. Gordon was a bookbinder by trade, and may have worked for Robert S. Bender. He lived at 347 Cherry Street during his time in service with the Camden Fire Department.

William B. Gordon was dismissed from his position on January 14, 1872. He was replaced by Charles Elfreth, brother of future Chief of Department Samuel S. Elfreth. William B. Gordon Jr. was re-appointed on April 8, 1873 as a Stoker. He was then living at 435 Spruce Street. He was still at 435 Spruce Street when he resigned his position on October 7, 1874. William B. Gordon returned to service in April of 1877. He was then residing at 333 Cherry Street. He was again removed from service on July 2, 1878. The 1880 Census shows William B. Gordon and family at 319 Cherry Street. He appears in the 1883-1884 City Directory at 335 Spruce Street, but does not show up in any City Directories afterwards, nor does he appear in the 1890 Veteran's Census or the 1900 Federal Census.

Philadelphia Inquirer * March 24, 1877

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