WILFRED WASHINGTON FRY was born on August 14, 1875 in Mt. Vision NY to the Reverend Walter and Eleanor A. (Kemp) Fry. He received his prep education at the Mt. Hermon Boys School in Mt. Hermon MA, and received an LL.D. degree from Colgate University.

In 1896 Wilfred W. Fry began working for the YMCA at the Bedford Branch in Brooklyn NY as the Assistant Secretary. In 1898 he was appointed General Secretary of the YMCA in New Brunswick, where he remained until 1901, when he was transferred to Trenton, where he remained through 1907. During this period he married Anna Gilman Ayer, daughter of advertising executive F. Wayland Ayer. In 1907 Wilfred W. Fry was sent to run the Pittsburgh PA branch of the YMCA.

In 1909 Wilfred Washington Fry left the YMCA and came to Camden NJ, where on April 16 of that year he began work at his father-in-law’s advertising firm., N.W. Ayer and Son, whose offices were at 308 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. He was made a partner in the business in 1911, managing partner in 1916, and headed the firm after the death of F. Wayland Ayer. He also was chairman of the board of the Meridale Dairies Inc. and Meridale Farms, a Jersey cow breeding operation. He also was vice-president of the Camden Horse Railway Co. and the Camden and Suburban Railway Co., a director of the First National Bank in Philadelphia. As of 1920 he also was serving as President of the Religious Press Association in Philadelphia, the YMCA in Camden, a member of the General Board of the National Council of the YMCA and chairman of the

foreign division of the national councils of the United States and Canada YMCAs. He also was a trustee of Colgate University, the Rochester Theological Seminary, and the Northfield School.

The Fry family lived at 406 Penn Street in Camden, which had been F. Wayland Ayer’s home. They had two daughters, Deana Ayer Fry and Eleanor Kemp Fry, and a son Wayland Ayer Fry. Wilfred Washington Fry was a member of the Downtown, Art, and Manufacturer’s clubs in Philadelphia, the Union League Club in New York, and the Camden club in Camden. Politically he was a Republican.  

Wilfred Washington Fry passed away on July 27, 1936 in Philadelphia PA. In October of that year, a memorial service was held for him at North Baptist Church in Camden, where he had been an active member.

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 15, 1922
Wilfred W. Fry Dr. C.P. Tuttle
Charles H. Ellis Kirby Garwood
Howard Hemphill Edwin Carson

Camden Courier
June 6, 1925
Wilfred W. Fry
Rev. Jmes D. Morrison
Charles Glendenning
George A. Silver
Forrest Newmeyer
W.P. Buckwalter Jr.

Camden Courier-Post - February 10, 1928

Choral Group of Organ Club Has New Name
Singers Form ‘Musical Art Society’ According to Plans Made at Founding

The Choral Association of the Camden Chapter, National Association of Organists, has become a separate organization. From now on it will be known as the Musical Art Society

The group, at its start here, was sponsored by the Camden Chapter with an aim to establish it as a separate group as soon as a successful working basis was reached.

Patronage has been forthcoming which has assured the society of a place in the musical activities of the community. The plan is to develop a sound choral group, capable of producing serious choral works in artistic manner.

The society’s membership list is still open. Voices, both male and female, are needed. Singers with ability at reading are especially urged to make themselves known. Applications, under the new society’s plan, should be sent to Edna M. Llewellyn, Fourth Avenue and Kings Highway, Haddon Heights.

Rehearsal will continue at the First Baptist Church here on the first, second and third Mondays of every month.

Present patrons are Wilfred W. Fry, Mrs. Fry, Charles K. Haddon, Mrs. Walter J. Staats, Hon. E.G.C. Bleakly, Mrs. Elwood A. Harrar, Mrs. F. Morse Archer, A. Wilbur Nash, Dr. Edward M. Sullivan, J. Walter Levering, Dr. Joseph E. Roberts, William G. Moore, Mrs. Mary L. Neer, Mrs. J. Harry Knerr, Mrs. Ada M. Eckenhoff, Mrs. Charles A. Reynolds, and Joseph D. Brisby.

The former choral association will retain its officers under the new title of the Musical Art Society, with the exception of the post of secretary. Miss Llewellyn will replace Walter M. Smith temporarily.

The officers are: Henry S. Fry, director; Miss Llewellyn, treasurer; Ada M. Eckenhoff, librarian; Robert M. Haley, president; Marion V. Taylor, Evelyn Lawrence, Stanley Nelson, Harry W. Schwartz, Marjorie Riggins Seybold, F. Marie Wesbroom-Dager and Howard S. Tussey, executive board.

The society will present at least two public concerts in the spring, one in April at the North Baptist Church and the spring concert, which has been tentatively scheduled for May and will probably take place in the First Baptist Church.

Camden Courier-Post * June 12, 1933
Musical Arts Society Will Dine at Oakview

The Musical Arts Society will hold its annual dinner and election of officers at the Oakview Country Club, Woodbury, on Monday evening. 

With Lewis A. Shearer as chairman, the committee in charge includes the following officers: Wilfred W. Fry, LL.D., president; Raymond B. Heston and George H. Ostermayer. vice presidents; Mildred E. Hudson, secretary; Mrs. Maude G. Benson, treasurer; Charles E. Sylvester, financial secretary of Organ Club; Ethel Thegler, financial secretary of Choral Club; Howard Tussey, chairman of executive committee; Howard C. Eagin, editor of "Cypher"; Ada M. Eckenhoff, librarlan; Dr. Henry S. Fry, conductor, and the following members of the executive committee: Mrs. Marjorie Riggins Seybold, C. Alfred Rowand, Forrest H. Newmayer, H. A. Dudley, Mrs. Marion S. Nelson, Mrs. Gertrude D. Bowman, Mrs. Marion H. Owrld, Mrs. F. H. Halligan, Miss Mildred E. Huntsinger and J. H. Senior. 

Camden Courier-Post * June 4, 1932

Camden Courier-Post June 12, 1933

Wilfred W. Fry
Wayland Ayer Fry
Penn Street


Camden Courier-Post * June 12, 1933
Students Return To Spend Summer Vacation Home

The younger set is occupied with homecomings these days with the college men and women and the boarding school students returning to the fold. Mrs. William T. Haddon will return early this week to her home, 336 Hinchman Avenue, Haddonfield, with her daughter, Miss Aileen Elizabeth Haddon, who is a student at Bradford Junior College, Boston, Massachusetts. Mrs. Haddon made the trip by motor and was accompanied by her son, William K. Haddon, II, and Everett A. Tyler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett A. Tyler, also of Haddonfield. 

Leon F. Rittenhouse of 1557 Bradley Avenue, is leaving today for California, where he will continue his study of medicine. Mr. Rittenhouse was a graduate from Washington Missionary College, in the national capital on Monday. 

Two of the Wilfred W. Frys' children were graduated at schools in New York and Massachusetts, this past weekend and today. Tonight Miss Eleanor Fry will be graduated from the Emma Willard School at Troy, New York Last week Wilfred W. Fry, II, was graduated from Mt. Hermon School, Mt. Hermon, Massachusetts. 

Henry J. Bowes Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Bowes of Merchantville, spent last week in Annapolis, Maryland, where he took entrance examinations for the United States Naval Academy. He was graduated last week from Valley Forge Military Academy, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. 

Miss Helen Pratt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Pratt of 213 North Fourth Street, has returned from Bucknell University for the Summer.

Miss Betty McCausland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William McCausland of Salem, was graduated at the Birmingham School, Birmingham, Pennsylvania last week. Mrs. McCausland, with her daughter, Miss Frances McCausland attended the Commencement exercises as did Miss Elsie McCausland, who is a student at the school. 

Miss Eleanor Holman of 108 North Fourth Street and Miss Betty Dickinson of 931 Cooper Street, have returned to their respective homes for the Summer. They are attending Syracuse University. 

Miss Frances Snyder of 331 North Forty-first street, was graduated at Syracuse this month.

Camden Courier-Post - June 24, 1933
Camden Unit Makes Real Estate Broker Chairman of Advisory Boards

Earl R. Lippincott, real estate broker, has been named chairman of the advisory board of the Camden unit of the Salvation Army, succeeding William D. Sayrs.

Elections of officers for the group were held yesterday following a luncheon meeting at Hotel Walt Whitman. Vice chairmen of the organization include John J. Robinson and Mrs. Arthur J. Casselman.

Other officers include Mrs. Charles A. Wolverton, treasurer, and Miss Elizabeth Magill, secretary.

Members of the executive committee selected the following committees: Woman's committee, Mrs. Arthur H. Holl and Mrs. Wilfred W. Fry; finance committee, Dr. F. William Shafer, William D. Sayrs, Frank C. Propert, Mrs.  Wolverton and Mrs. Holl; property committee, Howard Hemphill, John J. Robin son, Herman E. Hensgen, Arthur J. Casselman and George C. Baker; public relations and publicity, Rev. John Pemberton, Joseph G. Tweedy, Mrs. Mary W. Kobus, Dr. Albert B. Pancoast and Patrick H. Harding; program committee, Dr. James Rodger, Propert, Robinson, Tweedy and John L. Shannon. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 25, 1933

Friends and Associates File by Bier Prior to Private Funeral Today

Educators, students, alumni and men and women of all walks of life, who benefited by her teaching, joined yesterday, afternoon and last night in a final tribute to Miss Clara Stewart Burrough, principal of Camden High School, who died Friday.

They passed her bier in silence at her home at 228 Washington. Avenue, Haddonfield. Surrounding the casket were countless floral expressions of sympathy.

Today the family will have strictly private services at 2 p. m. at the house. Dr. George F. Finnie, pastor of North Baptist Church, of which she was a member for years, will preach the sermon and conduct the burial services in Colestown Cemetery.

The honorary pall-bearers will be Dr. Howard Dare White, assistant state commissioner of education; Samuel E. Fulton, president of the Camden Board of Education; Dr. Leon N. Neulen, superintendent of schools; Dr. James E. Bryan, former superintendent of schools; Thomas W. Trembath, vice principal of Camden High School, Wilfred W. Fry, North Baptist Church; George M. Bryson, former member of the board of education; Dr. William A. Wetzel, principal of Trenton High School, and Henry P. Miller, principal of Atlantic City High School.

The following members of the Camden High School Associate Alumni will be active pall-bearers:

William A. Rogers, president; Franklin S. Garman, 1907; Albert E. Burling, 1909; Charles E. Glendenning, 1913; Robert A. Haley, 1921, and Merrill N. O'Brien, 1911.

What was to have been, a joyous occasion Saturday night was turned into one of sorrow when the alumni met at the school for a. dance and frolic in honor of the graduates.

Instead of the reception, the alumni passed resolution of condolence, and voted to raise a four-year scholarship costing $20,000. The alumni plans to endow a fund to give graduates from the school a complete four year course in a university. A new graduate will be given a scholarship each year. It will be kn6wn as the Clara S. Burrough Scholarship. Rogers was authorized to appoint a committee to raise the fund.             .

A floral piece had been ordered placed in her chair at the school by the alumni early Saturday. It was carried with solemnity to a tree planted by the alumni in her honor near the school. After singing her favorite hymn, "The Lord is My Shepherd" Rogers offered a prayer.

The alumni also sent a floral expression to the house. Classes, graduates and various state, county and city educational groups were represented In the floral tributes.

Miss Burrough died at 1 p.m. Friday, one hour after she had been placed on the retired list after 45 years of service as a teacher and principal in Camden schools. She had been principal of the school since 1900.

Camden Courier-Post - August 5, 1936

Camden Courier-Post
October 20, 1936

North Baptist Church
317 Linden Street
North Baptist Church
317 Linden Street 
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Camden Courier-Post
February 26, 1938


North Baptist Church
Rev. Dr. Walter S. Dunlop