WALTER STILES MATTISON was born in Camden, New Jersey on March 19, 1886. He was the son of Joseph B. Mattison and his wife, the former Maggie Pennington. He was the youngest of three children, coming after Samuel K. and Rebecca L. Mattison. The Mattisons were originally from Bridgeton, New Jersey. Joseph Mattison had worked as a farm laborer there before coming to Camden in 1882. The family is listed in City Directories at 54 North 2nd Street from 1883 to 1885, Joseph B. Mattison's occupation being given as seaman. The 1887 Directory states that he was working as a driver for the Camden Horse Railroad Company, but gives no address.

It is unclear as to what became of Joseph B. Mattison. He does not appear in Camden City Directories after 1889. Maggie Mattison is listed by herself from 1891 through 1894 at 105 South 5th Street. The 1895 City Directory shows Maggie Mattison at 701 Berkley Street. The 1896 and 1898 Directories shows Margaret Mattison, widow of Joseph, at 703 Berkley Street. The 1900 Census also states that Joseph B. Mattison had passed away. The family was living at 704 Berkley Street. Mrs. Mattison did have a boarder, John T. Davis Jr., a house painter.  City Directories and census records indicate that John T. Davis began boarding with Maggie Mattison around 1894 and that he was still boarding with her as late as 1911. It is likely that he and Mrs. Mattison had a relationship and that Mr. Davis was something of a stepfather to Walter Mattison.

City Directories show Maggie Mattison, Walter Mattison and John Davis at 701 Berkley Street from 1901 to 1904, and at 422 South 7th Street in 1905 and 1906, 728 New Street in 1907, and at 563 Mickle Street in 1908 through 1910. The 1910 Census shows of the three children, only Walter was still living with their mother. Walter Mattison was at that time employed as a grocery salesman.

On June 7, 1911 Walter S. Mattison married Loice Winford Corson at the First Methodist Episcopal Church at South 6th Street and Stevens Street. The witnesses were Dorothea Corson and Charles H. Suders. The marriage produced two children, Daughter Leah Mae in 1915 and so Walter S. Mattison Jr. in 1916. 

The young couple were making their home at 576 Auburn Street by 1913. By the end of that year the Mattisons had moved to 575 Clinton Street, which would remain the family home through at least 1947. 

On April 11, 1917 Walter S. Mattison was appointed to the Camden Police Department, along with Nathan Petit. Both served well over 30 years with the department. At least one other man, Harry Kyler, was appointed the next day. He too put in over 30 years with the Camden Police.

On September 12, 1918 Walter S. Mattison registered for the draft. After the war Walter Mattison began rising through the ranks in the police department. City Directories from 1923 through 1926 show him as the turnkey at the City Hall Annex, which is to say, he managed the jail. In 1929 Walter Mattison was promoted to Sergeant, and was assigned to the Second District house on Chestnut Street.

In 1934 Walter Mattison's daughter Leah Mae Mattison married George Getley, an officer of the Camden Police Department assigned to motorcycle duty. The marriage produced two grandchildren, Janet L. Getley and George E. Getley Jr. by 1940. Sadly, Walter Mattison's wife passed away in 1941 and George and Leah Mattison Getley's marriage foundered shortly before the compilation of the 1943 City Directory. By 1946 Leah had moved back to 575 Clinton Street. Leah Mattison Getley remarried after 1946, moved to Pennsauken by 1954, and later moved to Texas. 

Walter S. Mattison was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 1943, and to Captain in November of 1949. Captain Mattison died of pneumonia on August 1, 1950 after short illness. He had been living at 541 Washington Street, the home of Camden County freeholder Oscar Moore, to whom he was related to nay marriage, Mrs. Moore having been a niece of the late Mrs. Mattison..

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 3, 1917
Benson Street - O. Glen Stackhouse - Walter Mattison

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 22, 1918

Walnut Street
O. Glen Stackhouse

World War I Draft Card

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 19, 1919

Margaret Ward
Walter Mattison
Alfred Altitomannte
Frank Traolina
Master Street
South 4th Street
William Schregler

Camden Evening Courier - December 13, 1930


Lawrence T. Doran - Charles V. Dickinson - Clifford A. Baldwin - Walter Mattison
Howard Smith - George A. Ward - Jeff Kay - Alfred Shires - Harry Kyler
Archie Riess -
Walter Smith - Harry Cattell - Earl Rider - Charles F. Smith
Charles H. Smith -
John Toal - John Taylor - Frank Carle - Oscar Thompson
Highland Worsted Mills
- North Camden - State Street 
Moore Street - Chestnut Street


Second District police seized a "wash boiler" still and arrested three persons last night when they raided a dwelling at 954 South Ninth Street.

 Arrested were George Young, 29; his wife, Ethel, 19, and Anna Fussel, 37, of 614 Chestnut Street. Police also took along the Young's three≠ year-old son, Julian, and lodged him in the detention room under the care of a police matron until his parents obtain bail.

The raid was staged by Sergeant Walter Mattison and District Detectives Vernon Jones and Thomas Cheeseman.

Young was held as proprietor and the others as material witnesses. He will be given a hearing today.


June 2, 1933

Camden Courier-Post * June 13, 1933


A Camden policeman was suspended indefinitely and relieved of his badge yesterday on a charge of drunkenness on duty. 

The patrolman is Alfred Trusty, colored, of 1858 South Ninth Street. He is attached to the Second police district. 

Chief of Police John W. Golden ordered the suspension after he had received telephone calls informing him there was "a drunken policeman raising cain downtown." 

Golden ordered Lieutenant Ralph Bakley, commander of the district, to investigate. Trusty was brought into the station house by Sergeant Mattison. He has been ordered to appear before Golden today.

Camden Courier-Post
April 2, 1934

John Lockwood
Kaighn Avenue
Martin Wood
Liberty Street
Abraham Franks
Lyric Theater

Mount Vernon Street

Walter Mattison
Frank Wilmot




Camden Courier-Post
Evening Courier - September 10, 1934

Arthur Colsey - Ralph Bakley - William T. Feitz - Frank T. Lloyd - Samuel P. Orlando - Emma Heisler
George Ward - Michael Tenerelli aka Mickey Blair - Edward V. Martino - John Garrity
Walter S. Mattison - Edward Leonard - Richard Cornog - George Weber - Joseph Leonhardt
Leon Branch - Thomas Cheeseman - Frank Wilmot - John Houston - Vernon Jones

Camden Courier-Post
Evening Courier - September 11, 1934



Arthur Colsey - Ralph Bakley - William T. Feitz - Frank T. Lloyd - Samuel P. Orlando - Emma Heisler
George Ward - Michael Tenerelli aka Mickey Blair - John Garrity - J. Harry Switzer
Walter S. Mattison - Edward Leonard - Richard Cornog - George Weber - Joseph Leonhardt
Leon Branch - Thomas Cheeseman - Frank Wilmot - John Houston - Vernon Jones
John Potter - Walter Welch - Herbert Anderson

Camden Courier-Post
September 11, 1934


Camden Courier-Post * October 28, 1936

Lewis LibermanWalter Mattison - Maurice DiNicola - WIlliam Stibi Sr. - Gus Rhiem
Samuel Boykin - George Kendig - BroadwayFederal Street - Lawrence Street

Camden Courier-Post * February 9, 1938

Tall Cedars to Entertain National Head at Fete Here Saturday

Charles Siegel, Supreme Tall Cedar of the United States, and his official Camden Forest No.5, staff will be honored at a dinner and at the second annual charity ball of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon, at the Walt Whitman Hotel Saturday night.

Among the guests will be City Commissioner Frederick von Nieda and Mrs. von Nieda; City Commissioner Frank J. Hartmann and Mrs. Hartmann, Surrogate F. B. Hanna and Mrs. Hanna, Sheriff Joseph Van Meter and Mrs. Van Meter, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pearson, Mr. and, Mrs. August Romelle, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cook, Mr. and Mrs. James Knox, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brown.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Forsythe, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Giffins, Mr. and Mrs. William Del Baugh, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Strouse, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Peters, William G. Rohrer, Miss Flora Tulk, Mr. and Mrs. George Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dahl, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ireton, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mattison, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miles, Lieutenant Albert Eckenroth and Mrs. Eckenroth.

Music will be furnished by the Famous Sonny James Orchestra.


Floor Show to Be Added Feature of Dance Here on Saturday

Plans for a snappy floor show as an additional feature' of the second annual charity ball of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Camden Forest No. 5, were announced yesterday.

Sonny James with the recording and broadcasting orchestra that bears his name, will supply the musicó interspersing swing for the youngsters with waltzes for the old-timers.

James will present as the floor show attraction The Musical Aces and Their Queens, radio performers. 

Harold Stephans, vocalist with the orchestra, also will be featured.

The ball is scheduled for Saturday night at Hotel Walt Whitman.

The general committee consists of the membership of all other committees, which are:

Executive: Joseph C. Brown, Grand Tall Cedar, ex-officio; William E. Strouse, chairman and Daniel W. Forsyth, secretary and treasurer.

Grand Conductor: Walter W. Giffins.

Reception: Paul C. Ireton, leader; George Murray, Walter Morris, William Rohrer, Harry Holt, Vic Marx, Charles Ackley, Howard Dahl, Francis Gaskill, Frederick von Nieda, and Frank Hartmann.

Tickets, Walter Mattison; door, Louis Bull and Paul B. Miles, press, Frank H. Ryan. Electrical, Wilbur Peters; wardrobe, Charles Neil, William Strong, Elmer Burgess, Taylor Kellogg and Charles Green; safety, Lieut. George W. Frost, Frank Jaggard, Russell Young and Francis Gutherman; decorations, Fred Knodel, Charles Dorrman, Harry Sykes, Harry Flowers, Merton McCormick, Edward Zimmerman and William Delbaugh.

Camden Courier-Post * December 13, 1939

George Clayton - Edward Middleton - William Dolan - John B. Stanton - George Frost - Edward Carroll
Walter S. Mattison - Albert Cornog - Ralph Bakley - John Garrity - Joseph Mardino
Herbert Bott
- Edward P. Leonard Sr.

World War II Draft Card

Camden Courier-Post * November 29, 1949

NAMED CHIEF of the Camden police department today, Captain Gustav Koerner, a 26-year veteran of the department and one time baseball player, is shown receiving the congratulations of Public Safety Director Aaron. A native of Camden, Chief Koerner succeeds George W. Frost, who resigned Jan. 1, 1948. Captain Samuel Johnson had been acting chief since then.

Gustav A. Koerner - George W. Frost
E. George Aaron - Mary MacClennan 
John Garrity - Walter Mattison
Albert Cornog - Edward Carroll
Samuel Johnson - Walter Rowand
Frank Call - George Brunner
Angelo Malandra - James J. Mulligan
Bart A. Sheehan - Nathaniel Petit
David S. Rhone - Mitchell Cohen
Charles T. Humes


Camden Courier-Post * May 16, 1950

Camden Courier-Post
August 2, 1950

North Camden
Square Club of North Camden
Murray Funeral Home
Cooper Street


Camden Courier-Post * August 3, 1950


Camden Courier-Post
August 4, 1950

POLICEMEN HE COMMANDED perform the final service for Captain Walter S. Mattison, veteran of 33 years with the Camden Police Department, as the act as pallbearers at his funeral today from a Cooper Street funeral home. 


Camden Courier-Post * August 4, 1950


Gustave A. Koerner - E. George Aaron - Edward Shapiro - Stanley Zuchowitz - Carmin Fuscellaro Jr.
Harry Brown - William Yeager - Charles Hance - Sidney Doughty - Earl Quinton - Earl Wright
Charles Stone - John Trout - Walter Zimolong - Robert Kelly - William Miller - Joseph Fearon
William McDade - Herman Keubler - Walter Rowand - Willard Schriver
Rev. Stacy D. Myers - Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church