Hubbs Sr.

WALTER PAGE HUBBS SR. was born in New Jersey in October of 1871 to Allen Hubbs and the former Lucy G. Page. His father was a farmer. The family is listed in the 1870 Census as living in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, and it is likely that he was born there. The family included an older brother, Charles Hubbs, and a younger brother, Royden Keith "Roy" Hubbs. By the time the Census was taken in 1880 the family had moved to Stockton Township, which consisted of what is now Camden, north of the Cooper River. Stockton reorganized from a township to a town in the 1890s and subsequently was unified with Camden in 1899. Allen Hubbs was politically active in Stockton and in Camden County politics, serving for several years as a county freeholder and also as the tax collector for Stockton. He moved to Palmyra in the mid-1890s, dying on 

December 26, 1896 the mid-1890s, dying on December 26, 1896 from injuries suffered when he was struck by a train two days earlier.

Walter Page Hubbs became engaged to Laura Jenkins, the daughter of Samuel Jenkins, who lived in Stockton in what was the referred to as Wrightsville, more or less in the vicinity of 25th and Federal Streets. The engagement was announced in January of 1895. Walter and Laura Hubbs wed in October of that year. Their plans were to live in Palmyra changed at the end of 1896 with the death of Allen Hubbs. The 1898 Camden City Directory shows Walter Hubbs as 1539 Federal Street, working as a salesman at a feed store. The Hubbs' were still at that address in 1900, Walter Hubbs still at the feed store when the census was taken.

Allen Hubbs had been an active member of the Democrat party, and when the Democrats won the city government election in 1902, Walter Hubbs was appointed to the police department. The 1903 City Directory shows that he had moved to 201 North 27th Street. The Hubbs family would maintain a presence at this address into the early 1980s. 

When the Republican came back to power in 1905, Walter Hubbs' career as a police officer came to an end. He found work at the nearby Pavonia railroad yards as a railroad car repairer, and worked there into the 1930s. By 1940 he had retired. Laura Hubbs died on September 22,1940 and was buried at Arlington Cemetery in Pennsauken. Walter Hubbs Sr. passed away at some point after April of 1953.

Walter and Laura Hubbs had a large family. The children were, in order of birth, Allen, Lucy, Harold, Beulah, Myrtle, Walter P. Jr., Evelyn, and Joseph Hubbs. Sadly, young Lucy died in 1904 at the age of eight from spinal meningitis.

Laura Jenkins Hubbs' nephew, Private Jacob Kessler Jenkins, was killed in action while serving with the United States Army during World War II, when, on November 26, 1943 the troop transport HMTS Rohna was sunk by an air-to-sea guided missile of the coast of North Africa. It was the first such attack of its kind, and was kept secret for almost 50 years.

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 27, 1895

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 14, 1895

Allen Hubbs - Samuel Mills - Lillie Manning - Harry Armstrong
Ida Meade - John Cullingsford - Mary Richards - William Fieldhouse
Mary Kirk - Albert Flick - Estella Abbott - George Morrow - Viola Reese
Edwin Freeman - Anna Jenkins - Lewis Paul - Mrs. Charles Chamberlain
Walter Hubbs and Laura Jenkins
Thomas Hubbs - Charles Hubbs - Roy Hubbs

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 5, 1895
"Clara May" is a typo, Laura May is correct

Robert S. Johnson - Belle Spear - Rev. George Ridout
Wesley M.E. Church - Calvary M.P. Church
Walter P. Hubbs - Allen Hubbs - Rev. Joshua Tushingham

Trenton Evening Times - December 24, 1896

Allen Hubbs - Walter Hubbs

New York Herald Tribune - December 25, 1896

Allen Hubbs - Walter Hubbs

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 27-29, 1896

Allen Hubbs - Walter Hubbs
William B. Hatch Post No. 37, G.A.R. 
Amity Lodge No. 166, International Order of Odd Fellows

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 12, 1897

Stockton Wheelmen - Walter Hubbs - E. Allen - Harry Kahler
Charles Johnson - F. Stannard - J. Taylor - E. Overd - W. Shivers
John Cullingford - Adolph Bothe

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 5, 1899

Stockton Wheelmen - Walter Hubbs - Harry Kahler - John Mathis
G.H. May - Frank Stone - Thomas Richards - Captain Matlack
North 28th Street - High Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 10, 1903

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 10, 1903

North 34th Street
North 36th Street
Westfield Avenue
East Camden
Walter Hubbs

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 25, 1904

North 27th Street - Cramer Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 10, 1905

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 19, 1905

Walter Hubbs - Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 1, 1905

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 30, 1905

George Aultemus
Frank Devereaux
John R. Wolf
Wilfred M. Kaighn
A.J. Vansant
Frank W. Tressey
John Vanderslice
Dr. William I. Kelchner
Robert Garrison
George H. Watt
John E. Smith
Ludwig Winters
Martin J. Ewe
William S. Wilkins
Levi Sharp
Dr. William H. Kensinger
Walter Hubbs
George Martin
Thomas S. Armstrong
Huelings Mulvey
Josiah Kirkbride
Lewis Schimer
George H. Jones
Thomas Pooley
John J. Welsh
Alfred R. Taylor
Bernard Funfer
John Carver

Penrose W. Hirst - Charles H. Mills - James S. Pratt
Thomas B. Hall - William H. Jennings - Frank H. Burdsall - Clarence B. Groff
Dr. Dowling Benjamin - Joseph Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 27, 1906

Walter Hubbs - John Meyers - North 22nd Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 12, 1909

Walter P. Hubbs
with his daughter
Myrtle Hubbs Cook (Gugg)
Steve and Jim Carty
and Toni Lynn Lavargna
(the baby in her arms)

Miami Florida
circa 1953

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