VERNON CULLEN JONES was born in Delaware in September of 1897 to Edward and Evelyn Jones. His father was a teamster. The third of five children, he was living with his widowed mother and siblings Camley, Rueben, Clufford and Edith in Pittsgrove Township, Salem County, New Jersey by the summer of 1910. Edward Jones passed sometime after 1904.

Vernon Jones married at 19, and when he registered for the draft in September of 1918 he was living with wife Olive at 1011 South 6th Street. Vernon Jones was then working as a truck driver for P. Mealy & Sons in Gloucester City, New Jersey.

Shortly after the compilation of the 1929 Camden City Directory, Vernon Jones and family moved to 1017 South 6th Street. The Census of April of 1930 shows the Jones family, which consisted of Vernon C. Jones, wife Olive and sons Vernon E. and Harry C. Jones at a house they now owned at 1017 South 6th Street. Vernon C. Jones was by this time a member of the Camden Police Department. Vernon C. Jones had been promoted to Detective by 1932, and was still serving in that capacity as late as the summer of 1940. The Coty Directory for that year shows him back at 1011 South 6th Street. A Vernon and Sally Jones are listed at 779 Spruce Street in the 1943 City Directory, but it is unclear as to exactly who they were.

Vernon C. Jones appears to have left Camden by 1947. He passed away in 1961 and was buried at Locustwood Cemetery, where he rests besides his wife.  

Camden Post-Telegram * August 19, 1925

Charles Younger - Y.M.C.A - Lewis H. Stehr Jr.
Joseph Connell -
John W. Golden
Charles T. Humes - Archie Riess
Walter A. Mertz - Engine Company 1

Everett Joslin - Joseph McDonald - Vernon Jones
Frank Nelson - William Rogers - Harold Dunnit
John Bright -
Edwin Callahan - Walter Larson
August Pflederer - Clarence Phifer - Thomas Welch
Stanley Wirtz - Charles Naylor - George Rothwell
Richard Donnelly - Lester Gleason - Joseph Keefe

Fred Schucker - Harry Wagner - Chris Moll
Harry Layton - Edgar Ellender - August Haverkamp
Frank Kuda - Harry Kleinfelder - William Foehle
Thomas Shanahan - Harrison Pike
Lester Anderson - William Wood
George Townsend - Allen Palmer - William Swartz Nelson Till - William MountneyJohn A.Strauss
Frank Obermann - Edward Menzies
John Mulligan - Frank Kates - Clifford Lane
Nelson Andrews - Harry Leigh

John Lennox - William Merrigan
Howard Walker - Harry Greenan - Peter Laird

Smith- could be David, George, Roy, or Spencer William Rudd?

Camden Motorcycle Sporting Club
Joseph Bernart
Frank DeViney
Carl Preisendanz
Edward Paul
Charles Ellis
George Gummel
Bennett Arnold
Clayton Albertson

Camden Courier-Post - February 4, 1928


But Yeggs Must Leave Gats at Home While Cops Practice With Camden's new Desperado Eliminators

Wanted: Targets for Camden’s new desperado eliminators. Bandits, burglars, snipers and their ilk are requested by Chief of Police James E. Tatem to apply at police headquar­ters Monday morning at 10 o’clock, when a practice shooting party will be held.

Chief Tatem said today Camden’s bandit-chasing squad is “just rarin’ to go” with six new automatic rifles guaranteed to shoot full of holes the toughest bandit in less time than it takes to say “Aligoop.”

For the further enlightenment of the bandit fraternity, Chief Tatem announced detailed instructions on how to0 use the new carbines will be given this afternoon at 3 o’clock to bandit chasing police by Captain Arthur Colsey and Herman Engle, a representative of Stein Brothers, this city.

The rifles arrived at police headquarters yesterday afternoon. They will be distributed in each of the city’s three police districts in the campaign to rid the city of desperadoes.

The weapons can fire a magazine of 20 shots in a few seconds. They will be mounted in the three red bandit chasing coupes used by the district squad members. One of the coupes is now being used by Archie Reiss and Vernon Jones in South Camden, while two others are expected to be delivered within a few days, according to Chief of Police James E. Tatem. They will be assigned to Walter Smith and Joseph Carpani, First district detectives and Louis Schlam and Richard Donnelly in the East Camden district.

Swivel attachments make it possible to fire the guns from a fixed point in an automobile. Detached they may be fired from the shoulder. Besides firing a magazine of 20 shots without stopping, they can be adjusted to single fire, using .45 caliber cartridges.

Instruction in the adjustment and use of the weapons will be given today by a representative of the company that sold them- at $175 each— to the city.


February 7, 1928

Vernon Jones

Camden Courier-Post * June 3, 1930
Catherine Christman - Joseph Conti - Nicholas Bartluci - John Fisher - Mary Reginelli - Marco Reginelli
Garfield S. Pancoast -  Clifford A. Baldwin
William "Big Bill" Wierman - Ralph Bakley
C. Leonard Brehm - Louis Schlam
Clarence Bunker - Clarence Arthur
Wilfred L. Dube - Andrew Zopesky

From Left: Howard Smith - James Paradise - Theodore Guthrie - Joseph Mardino - Walter Welch
Vernon Jones - Walter Smith 
Highland Avenue
South 33rd Street
North 34th Street

Camden Courier-Post - March 21, 1932


Two women charged with soliciting, another with operating a disorderly house and one man were arrested by Second district police over the weekend in a drive against disorderly persons.

One of the women, Louise Noel, 23, and the man, Jake Keller, 45, of 3061 Mickle Street, were arrested when District Detectives Vernon Jones and Thomas Cheeseman raided an alleged disorderly house at 652 South Second street.

The Noel woman was released in $500 bail while Keller was freed in $25 security as a material witness.

The other arrested and held in $500 bail were Ethel Morgan, 34, of 626 South Third Street, and Frances Randolph, 25, of 312 Pine Street. They were "picked up" on South Camden street corners.

Camden Courier-Post - June 4, 1932

Philip Attardi
Vernon Jones - Thomas Cheeseman
Charles V. Dickinson - Broadway -
Line Street

Camden Courier-Post * June 6, 1932

Carrie Becker - North 33rd Street - Harry E. Renders - Charles Luers
North 2nd Street - George W. Rush - Farragut Avenue - Watson Street
Joseph Benson - Charles Benson - Edward Marshman - Morse Street
John Grogan - North 22nd Street - Charles Dudley - North 3rd Street
Ralph Bakley - Vernon Jones - Thomas Cheeseman - Marshall Thompson
George Thomas - Clinton Street - James Williams - South 2nd Street
John B. Simons - Samuel Aronow - Kaighn Avenue

Camden Courier-Post - February 3, 1933


The police court hearing of a man arrested on charges of operating a disorderly house and of two women arrested there, was postponed yesterday because District Detective Vernon Jones, who made the raid, was not in court to testify. It was the fifth time within a month that the case had come up for a hearing and was postponed. 

The defendants are Alexander Lopez, Irene Brodowicz and Jean Welsh, all of 1334 Dayton Street. Lopez has been at liberty in $1000 bail since his home was raided January 9, while the two women have been released in $25 security each. 

On the other occasion, postponements were granted for various reasons, among them being the fact that defense counsel was not in court for one hearing while Lopez pleaded illness for not appearing for another scheduled hearing. Today, Lopez was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to the charge, but Jones was not in court, whereupon Judge Pancoast deferred the case.

It was the fourth time that the Dayton Street house had been raided. On one occasion the police said they found a bar in the basement and ordered Lopez to remove it.


Second District police seized a "wash boiler" still and arrested three persons last night when they raided a dwelling at 954 South Ninth Street.

 Arrested were George Young, 29; his wife, Ethel, 19, and Anna Fussel, 37, of 614 Chestnut Street. Police also took along the Young's three­ year-old son, Julian, and lodged him in the detention room under the care of a police matron until his parents obtain bail.

The raid was staged by Sergeant Walter Mattison and District Detectives Vernon Jones and Thomas Cheeseman.

Young was held as proprietor and the others as material witnesses. He will be given a hearing today.

Camden Courier-Post

June 2, 1933

Camden Courier-Post - June 6, 1933

One Goes to Jail in Default of Paying $50 Fine

Two excuses offered by two men for the presence of beer in their stores failed to impress Police Judge Pancoast yesterday. One storekeeper went to jail for 30 days in default of a $50 fine and the other storekeeper was fined $200.

Charles Yatzus, 43, of 1036 Central Avenue, went to jail because he was unable to explain how he was able to purchase beer and whiskey when he was on the verge of becoming a charge of the city emergency relief administration.

After Lieutenant Ralph Bakley had testified beer and whisky were found in his store, Yatzus said he was expecting friends from Wilmington and had purchased the liquor for use while they were at his house. Then he said he didn't have any money and was running a small store to keep from becoming an emergency relief charge.

Angelo Teto, 42, of 1024 South Third Street, insisted Earl Foy, 1016 South Sixth Street, came into his store to buy a bottle of root beer and not 3.2 beer. Foy, who said he was directed by Lieutenant Bakley to make a "buy" of beer at Teto's store, testified Teto told, his 11 year-old daughter to get a bottle of beer from the ice box. Before the deal could be completed, Foy said, Detective Vernon Jones entered the store.

Foy said Teto ordered his daughter to return the beer to the icebox, saying he recognized Jones. The beer, Teto said, was purchased for his own use. Teto insisted that Foy had asked for root beer and was to be served root beer. Judge Pancoast said he did not believe Teto's excuse and fined him $200.

Because he refused to follow the friendly advice of a policeman and "go home to sober up," Louis Schechtman, 48, of 2374 Broadway, is in the county jail today, beginning a 60-day sentence, in addition to pay­ing a $25 fine.

He faces another hearing tomorrow on charges of selling beer illegally.

Schechtman, according to Motorcycle Policeman George Jefferis, was creating a disturbance at Broadway and Fairview Street yesterday. He became abusive when told, to "go home and sober up," Jefferis said, so he went to jail. Judge Pancoast sentenced him to 60 days on the charge of being intoxicated.

Robert Powell, 430 Stevens Street, a taxicab driver, filed a charge of disorderly conduct against Schechtman, alleging Schechtman refused to pay a taxicab bill of $12.35. The disorderly charge brought a fine of $25.

Lieutenant Ralph Bakley alleged Schechtman had been violating the temporary beer law of New Jersey by selling beer without a license. Judge Pancoast said Schechtman will be taken into court tomorrow morning for a hearing on the beer charge.  

Camden Courier-Post - June 9, 1933

Runnemede Man Wandering on Street, Identified by Driver's License

Missing since Wednesday night when he failed to return home after work, Albert J. Berberick, 39, of Pine Avenue, Runnemede, was found last night wandering about Camden in a dazed condition. 

He was discovered by City Detective Vernon Jones on Chestnut Street near Ninth. In fear he might have suffered from poisoning he was taken to West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital where a stomach pump was administered.

He was so weak he was unable to answer questions but he was identified through his driver's license and by troopers from the Mt. Ephraim barracks who were summoned to take him home. 

Berberick's car was found abandoned Wednesday night on Forrest Avenue, three blocks from his home. On the front seat was a note reading: "The finder of the car kindly deliver to my home on Park Avenue, signed, Albert J. Berberick."

He obtained work at the RCA Victor plant here several days ago after having been without employment several months. His wife said he had been despondent. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 17, 1933


A 40-gallon still and five gallons of "white mule" were seized and three persons arrested last night when Detectives Thomas Cheeseman and Vernon Jones raided a house at 828 South Second Street.

Crayton Hopkins, 19, of that address, was held in default of $500 bail as the proprietor pending a hearing today. Lucille Johnson, 28, also of that address, and William Makson, 26, of 3709 Warren Street, Philadelphia, were held in default of $100 bail as material witnesses.

Camden Courier-Post - June 19, 1933


Police Judge Garfield Pancoast expressed indignation Saturday against what he termed' "lying defendants" and sentenced three of them to jail in default of fines as the result of a South Camden liquor raid.

A 40 gallon still and five gallons of "white mule" were seized by Thomas Cheesman and Vernon Jones, detectives, at 838 South Second Street Friday night. After Crayton Hopkins, 19, arrested as the proprietor, testified that he did not know who, owned the still, and that he was merely hired at the place, the court expressed skepticism and sentenced Hopkins to 100' days in default of a $100 fine. Hopkins had named "George Smith" as his employer. 

Lucille Johnson, 28, also of the South Second Street address, and William Makson, 26, of 3109 Warren Street, Philadelphia, were sentenced to 90 days each in default of $100 fine when they testified they knew nothing about the place or its ownership. 

"I'm tired of people lying who are caught doing something they shouldn't be doing," Pancoast said, imposing the sentences.

The still was found on the second floor of the house, according to Detective Jones. He said Makson was arrested as he left the rear of the place with a 2 gallon container of liquor around his waist.

Camden Courier-Post - June 28, 1933

13 Still Operators Jailed By Pancoast in Effort to Smash Huge Chain
Police Nab Men and Woman in Early Morning Raids

Camden police believed they had broken the first link in a chain sys tem of stills yesterday when Police Judge Pancoast sentenced 13 persons, several of them from Philadelphia, to 90 days each in the county jail None was able to pay a $200 fine.

 The prisoners were arrested in three raids by District Detectives John Trout, Walter Smith and Vernon Jones early yesterday. All the defendants are colored.

"I believe you're all implicated in this chain system," said Judge Pancoast in sentencing the first group. "I believe it is directed in Philadelphia and that the police have broken the first link.' I think your stills are scattered all through Camden."

 Smith and Trout arrested Martha Norman, 38, of 833 Jackson Street; Margaret Baner, 35, same address; Jessie Fife, 23, of 1120 Carpenter Street, and Jolie Brandy, 33, of 618 North Forty-sixth street, Philadelphia, in a raid at 432 Senate Street.

 The detectives testified they had been watching the place for some time. Trout, alone, saw Brandy drive up and take three bags of sugar inside. Trout left to get Smith and when they returned all four defendants were sitting in Brandy's automobile: The Norman woman, they said had a. one-gallon can of moonshine on her lap.             ,

 Inside the detectives stated, they found a 50-gallon still in operation and four barrels of mash. Brandy denied he was the operator and said the owner was a man, known only as "John."

 Ray Shedrick, 22, of 433 Senate Street, pleaded guilty to operating a 50-gallon still in his home. He said he sold his whisky where he could but refused to name his buyers. He also was arrested by Trout and Smith.

James Green, 32, of 749 Division Street, admitted operating a 25-gallon still at that address but, said it was for his own use only and that he sold none of it.

 Arrested with him were Marion Smith, 26, of 615 North Forty-fifth Street; Charles Marton, 34, of 2131 North Twenty-first Street; Felix Carroll, 31, of 2006 North Gratz Street; Gladys Little, 28, of 612 North Forty-sixth Street, and Beatrice Hill, 32, of 5733 Commerce Street, all Philadelphia.

 The alleged operators all were charged with violating the city speakeasy ordinance, which prohibits gathering of "disorderly persons." The others were charged with being material witnesses or frequenters.

Camden Courier-Post
July 12, 1933

Garfield Pancoast
Herbert Reuben
Vernon Jones
Frank Tomiczewicz
Louis Street


Camden Courier-Post - August 15, 1933

Whisky and 65 Bottles Also Seized by Cops in Segal Street Speakeasy

Modest Moonshinery Found in 'Empty' House

James "Jimmy" Rodgers, 28, former boxer; fell into the hands of police again last night when they raided a speakeasy at 1000 Segal Street, allegedly operated by him.

One gallon of whisky and 65 pint bottles were confiscated by the raiders, who were led by District Detectives Walter Smith, Marshall Thompson and Harry Kyler.

Three others were arrested. One of them, James Greer, 35, of 332 North Second street, placed a charge of possession of stolen goods against Rodgers when police unearthed some articles stolen from Greer two months ago.

Others arrested were Thomas Spencer, 33, of the Segal Street address, and John D. Wood, 35, of 928 Kimber Street.

Rodgers has fallen afoul of the , law on numerous occasions. He has been arrested several times for operating speakeasies. He was also arrested as a material witness in the "Shooey" Bonner murder two years ago.

He will be given a police court hearing today,

Detectives raided a vacant dwelling at 225 Chestnut Street last night and seized a "moonshine" plant consisting of two stills, 36 barrels of mash and oil and gas stove cookers.

The place had been under observation by Detective Vernon Jones for two weeks.

No one was inside when Jones and Patrolmen George Hemphill and John Houston entered. A 50 gallon still was on the second floor and a 35 gallon still on the first floor.

Camden Courier-Post
Evening Courier - September 3, 1934
William T. Feitz - Sycamore Street - Joseph Leonhardt - Stanley Wirtz - Arthur Colsey - George Ward
Samuel P. Orlando - Gustav Koerner - Emma Heisler - Cornelius Murphy - Thomas Bonelli
Edward Grapatin - Joseph McKenna - Catherine Loughead - Edith Miller - Edna Butler
Joseph "Joey" Powell - Stanley Powell Thomas Cheeseman - Frank T. Lloyd




Detective William Feitz
Arthur Holl - Vernon Jones - Cecelia Spencer - Roy R. Stewart - Frank Adams - Joseph MacDonald
Henry Gorba - Edward McKenna -
Rox Saponare - Edward B. Rogers

Camden Courier-Post
Evening Courier - September 10, 1934

Arthur Colsey - Ralph Bakley - William T. Feitz - Frank T. Lloyd - Samuel P. Orlando - Emma Heisler
George Ward - Michael Tenerelli aka Mickey Blair - Edward V. Martino - John Garrity
Walter S. Mattison - Edward Leonard - Richard Cornog - George Weber - Joseph Leonhardt
Leon Branch - Thomas Cheeseman - Frank Wilmot - John Houston - Vernon Jones

Camden Courier-Post
Evening Courier - September 11, 1934



Arthur Colsey - Ralph Bakley - William T. Feitz - Frank T. Lloyd - Samuel P. Orlando - Emma Heisler
George Ward - Michael Tenerelli aka Mickey Blair - John Garrity - J. Harry Switzer
Walter S. Mattison - Edward Leonard - Richard Cornog - George Weber - Joseph Leonhardt
Leon Branch - Thomas Cheeseman - Frank Wilmot - John Houston - Vernon Jones
John Potter - Walter Welch - Herbert Anderson

Camden Courier-Post * September 15, 1934

Mickey Blair - William T. Feitz - Roy R. Stewart - Frank T. Lloyd - George Ward - Arthur Colsey
Edward V. Martino - Samuel P. Orlando - Fred Klosterman - Joseph Klosterman - J. Harry Switzer
Lawrence T. Doran - George Frost - Benjamin Simon
Vernon Jones - Stanley Wirtz
Nathan U. Katz - Kaighn AvenueGeorge Clayton - John Geronio -
Crawford Smith
Cooper Street -
Carman Street

Camden Courier-Post * October 12, 1934


Left: Thomas Cheeseman
Right: Vernon Jones

Frank T. Lloyd - William T. Feitz
Emma Heisler - Roy R. Stewart
Glenn Brown - Michael Tocco
Thomas Cheeseman - Vernon Jones

George Weber -
Frank Wilmot
Howard Fisher - Joseph Leonhardt
Frank F. Neutze - Arthur Colsey
Lawrence T. Doran - Samuel P. Orlando
Rand Street - Baring Street
Division Street - South 6th Street
Kaighn Avenue - Princess Avenue
Sycamore Street

George Weber - Frank Wilmot - Howard Fisher - Joseph Leonhardt
 Frank Martz - Erie Street - Albert Young - North 2nd Street - Andrew Pointkowski - South 9th Street
Crawford Smith - Carman Street - Charles Simonin - Fairview Street - John Studinger - Federal Street Samuel Ford - John Geronio - Cooper Street - James Davis - Mt. Vernon Street - Oscar Conway
Mitchell Street - Mary Angelo - Pine Street - Thomas Kirk -
Carpenter Street - Samuel Karon
Mt. Ephraim Avenue - Walter Hart - Thurman Street - Frank Kulczynski - Orchard Street
Clarence Arthur - Clifford Del Rossi - Benjamin Simon - Leon Branch - Walter Smith - Howard M. Smith
Michael Tenerelli aka Mickey Blair - Anna Smallwood - Fred Klosterman - Joseph Klosterman
Lillian Vincent - Frank Tyson - Edmund Powell - William Kinsler - John Feitz - Walter Taylor - Joseph Rea
Harry Smith - John Lockwood - Edward Troutman - Thomas Moreland 

Camden Courier-Post
October 2, 1936

Lewis Liberman
Richard Everett
Carteret Street
Joseph Mardino
Benjamin Simon

Vernon Jones
George Weber


Camden Courier-Post - October 3, 1936

Lewis Liberman - Richard Everett - Meyer Sakin - Carteret Street
Joseph Mardino - Benjamin Simon - Vernon Jones - George Weber

Jewels and $341 Hard Cash Escape Fire



August 3, 1940

Vernon Jones
George Weber
John "Pete" Brecker
Paul Ziest
Kathryn Simon
Cooper Street
Hollingshead Fire
Camden Trust


Camden Courier-Post

July 22, 1941

Vernon Jones
George Weber
John Czetyrka
Elwood Urbanowicz
Morton Street
Jackson Street

South 9th Street

Fairmount Street

Camden Courier-Post
July 30, 1941

Mitchell Cohen
Gene R. Mariano
Vernon Jones
George Weber
Frank Whipple
Earl Hamby
Jackson Street
Fairmount Street
Morton Street
South 9th Street
John Czetyrka
Elwood Urbanowicz