THOMAS WALTON was born in Pennsylvania in February of 1851. He married in 1870 and was living in Philadelphia when the census was taken in 1880. The family at that time consisted of Thomas Walton, his wife Caroline, and children James, 9, Florence, 7, William, 4, and Thomas, 2. All three of the Walton sons would become plumbers in Camden as adults. Thomas Walton was working as a wagon driver when the census was taken. The Walttons moved to North Camden shortly afterwards. Another son, Jesse Walton, was born after the family had moved to Camden.

The 1881-1882 and 1882-1883 Camden City Directories show Thomas Walton working as a laborer and living at 225 Bailey Street. Directories from 1883 through 1896 show that he lived at 227 Bailey Street. He had moved to 314 Vine Street by the time the 1897 Camden City Directory was compiled, and remained at that address until his death.

Directories show that Thomas Walton worked as a wagon driver in 1883 and 1884, and as a lumber counter in 1885. A staunch Republican in Camden's First Ward, in mid-1885 he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department, where he served as a ladderman with the Hook and Ladder Company, On July 1, 1886 he began working as a patrolman with the Camden Police Department, where he served until May of 1893. He then took a position with the Pennsylvania Railroad's police department.

In 1899 Thomas Walton was appointed to Camden County's Board of Elections.

On November 22, 1903 Judge Charles G. Garrison appointed Thomas Walton to the eleven person court jury charged with witnessing the execution of murderer Paul Woodward, on January 7, 1903. The execution was carried out as scheduled.

Thomas Walton was serving as President Camden County's Board of Elections when he took ill in 1904. He passed away on February 7, 1905. Thomas Walton was survived by his wife, and sons James F. Walton, George Walton, Thomas Walton.

Philadelphia Inquirer * July 1, 1886

Abraham Bradshaw - William Jones - Harry Miller
Thomas Walton

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 1, 1886
John W. Streeper - William Jones - Harry Miller - Thomas Walton - George Hunsinger
Pine Street - Abraham Bradshaw

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 17, 1886

Harry Curtis - Charles Todd - Thomas Walton
Isaac Shreeve
- Isaac Lovett

Philadelphia Inquirer * May 23, 1893

James Connors - James Murphy - Benjamin Thomas
Alfred Hayden - Godfrey Eisenhardt - Thomas Walton
John Foley

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 30, 1899

Harry Curtis - Thomas Walton

Philadelphia Inquirer * July 12, 1899

William J. Browning - Thomas Walton - John Cherry
Clarence T. Atkinson - David S. Barry

Camden Daily Courier * January 12, 1904
First Ward Republican Club - William E. Alberts - O. Glen Stackhouse - Joseph Kolb - Ephraim T. Hires
George F. Kappel - John Beard - Francis F. Patterson Jr. - George P. Pechin - Thomas Walton
Joseph Burt - Walter Banks - William Lyons - Charles Cook - William Weaver - Robert Finley
Samuel P. Jones - Antonio Mecca - John Leighton Westcott - William J. Bradley - Walter Banks
Joseph Potter - Joseph Baumeister - Dr. John F. Leavitt - Dr. William Iszard -
Joseph Logue

Philadelphia Inquirer * February 4, 1905





Philadelphia Inquirer
November 23, 1902

Patrick Harding
Frank S. Albright
William J. Paul
Thomas Walton
David E. Barry
Edward Wilcox
Dr. WIlliam H. Iszard
Dr. J.F. Leavitt
Dr. WIlliam H. Knowlton
Dr. William Miles
Dr. George H. Chapman
Charles G. Garrison
Paul Woodward





Philadelphia Inquirer * February 7, 1905

Philadelphia Inquirer * February 8, 1905

Jesse Pratt

Philadelphia Inquirer * February 12, 1905

Thomas Walton - Vine Street - Rev. Kittridge Wheeler
Rev. C.K. Binder -
John Stowe - Rudolph Preisendanz
George Kappel - Powell Steele - O. Glen Stackhouse

Philadelphia Inquirer * February 12, 1905

Thomas Walton - Harry Curtis