THOMAS J. MURPHY was appointed to the Camden Police Department on August 13, 1902. He served for almost 31 years, retiring on January 1, 1933, having reached the rank of Sergeant. His son, Thomas P. Murphy, joined him on the Police department in 1928, and was promoted to detective in 1937.

In January of 1920 the Murphy family was living at 705 North 2nd Street in North Camden. Thomas P. Murphy, who had not joined the force yet, was working as a machinist. Besides Thomas P., there were four other children, sister Frances and brothers William, Steven, and John. Sadly, Stephen Murphy died on November 24, 1922 of pneumonia at the age of 18.

The 1930 Census shows the Thomas J. Murphy family residing at 545 Vine Street in North Camden. Frances had married Dr. Edmund Hessert and had moved to Audubon. Sons Thomas P., Wilbur, now by then an accountant at the Victor Talking Machine Company, and youngest son John, who also worked at Victor, as a clerk, were still at home.

Prior to his retirement Thomas J. Murphy served as desk sergeant at police headquarters. He last resided at 417 Cooper Street. Thomas J. Murphy passed away on August 9, 1943. He was survived by his wife, Anna, sons Thomas P., Wilbur, and John, and daughter Frances Hessert. Another son, Stephen, had died in 1922 of pneumonia at the age of 18. Anna Flynn Murphy died in January of 1958.

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 7, 1893

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Philadelphia Inquirer - March 5, 1906

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Camden Daily Courier
July 12, 1906

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Camden Post-Telegram
November 30, 1910

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Thomas J. Murphy



Camden Courier-Post * October 8, 1932


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David S. Rhone - John W. Golden - Arthur Colsey - Thomas P. Murphy - Thomas J. Nicholas
Daniel W. Leach - Harry Hankins - James McDermott - Joseph T. Johnson - Harry Bakley - Irving Varley James M. Ellis - William Bryant - Samuel Hibbert -  William C. Horner

Camden Courier-Post * December 31, 1932


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George Ward - George Frost - Louis Shaw Thomas J. Murphy - William Robertson



Camden Courier-Post
August 10, 1943

Thomas P. Murphy
John W. Golden
Thomas J. Murphy
Arthur Colsey
Dr. Edmund C. Hessert
Wilbur Murphy
John Murphy