ROLAND EVANS appears to have been born in Delaware on November 10, 1892 to Abram Evans and his wife, the former Alice Nickels. The family, which include older older brother Francis and younger siblings, Duane, Baynard, Richard, and Mary lived in or around Smyrna, Delaware when the Census was taken in 1910. Roland Evans, then 17, was working on a farm.

Young Roland Evans got himself into serious trouble around Christmas of 1911. He procured a pistol, and he may or may have not shot a man named John Barrett in Delaware. On December 26, 1911 he was in a house on Sycamore Street in Camden, brandishing his gun and boasting about having shot a man. Robert Green apparently tried to relieve Evans of the firearm, which discharged, fatally wounding Green. Evans was arrested and brought to trial on April 22, 1912. Charged with first degree murder, he was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to serve four to ten years in prison. 

Roland Evans behaved himself while in prison and was pardoned on April 26, 1915. He appears to have settled in Philadelphia, registering for the draft there in 1917, and stayed out of trouble until his passing in 1957.

Harrisburg Patriot
December 27, 1911

Roland Evans
Robert Green

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 28, 1911

William Schregler
O. Glen Stackhouse
Roland Evans
John Barrett
Robert Green
Sycamore Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 14, 1912

William T. Boyle - Charles G. Garrison - Charles A. Wolverton  - Howard Carrow
Roland Evans - Herbert Drake - William Harris -  William Gradwell - Georgianna Gilliland
Robert Green -Stefano Torcesso - Nunzio Imperato - Charles Ford - Effie Wagner

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 22, 1912

Charles G. Garrison - Roland Evans - Robert Green

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 23, 1912

Charles G. Garrison
Robert Green
Roland Evans

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 27, 1915

Charles G. Garrison
Robert Clayton - William Knapp
Ernest W.Powell - John S. Smith
Frederick R. Boyd - Alpino Fiorelli
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