ROBERT A. GILMORE was born in Maryland in September of 1854 to Thomas and Mary Gilmore.

The 1870 Census shows Robert Gilmore, his mother Mary, and sister Mary living in Camden's South Ward. His father had apparently passed by the time of the Census. Robert Gilmore was then working in a sawmill. The family was living at the home of Isaac J. Gilmore. As Isaac was, according to the Census, 29 years old and the widowed Mary Gilmore 45, it is unclear as to the relationship between the two. Young Mary Gilmore married Frank Matlack in the 1870s, and Robert Gilmore and his mother made their home with the Matlacks at 408 Mechanic Street by 1877. Both Robert Gilmore and Frank Matlack worked as laborers at an iron foundry.

On April 23, 1877 Robert A. Gilmore was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as an extra man with Engine Company 1, replacing Henry Wagner. He served for one year, and was replaced by Samuel Subers.

Robert A. Gilmore lived at 408 Mechanic Street through at least the beginning of 1883, with his mother Mary. Robert Gilmore worked as a laborer and and iron moulder during these years. He married around 1882, and his wife Sallie gave him four children, two of whom were living in 1900, John and Bertha.

The 1884-1885 City Directory shows Robert Gilmore and family at 220 Clinton Street. He had begun work as a marine engineer for the W.P. Clyde steamship line. The 1885 Directory indicates the family had moved to 1122 Broadway. By 1887 the Gilmores had again relocated, this time to 328 Clinton Street. The family was still listed at that address as late as 1895. The Gilmore family moved 334 Mickle Street prior to the compilation of the 1896 City Directory. They are not listed in the 1897 or 1898 editions.

By the time the 1899 Camden City Directory was being put together, Robert Gilmore and his family had moved to 723 Mickle Street. Robert Gilmore made this his home through at least January of 1920. The 1900 Census shows Robert and Sallie Gilmore living with their children John and Bertha. By 1910 John had married, and his wife Elvira and their son Edward lived there. The 1920 Census shows that John Gilmore and his family were no longer at 723 Mickle Street, just Robert, Sallie and Bertha Gilmore at the address.

Robert A. Gilmore died not long after the 1920 Census. His widow and daughter Bertha were living at 580 Benson Street when the 1924 Camden City Directory was compiled. 

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