RAYMOND J. BURGESS was born in Camden on June 22, 1902 to Elsie and Marcellus Leroy Burgess. His father worked as a blacksmith. The 1910 Census shows the family, which included sons Leroy and Harold, at 620 Walnut Street

Raymond Burgess was working for the American Ice Company in January of 1917 when he and five other men, including George Clayton and Robert Knox, took part in rescuing a skater who had fallen through the ice at a lake in the Kirkwood section of Voorhees Township. One of the other men, George Clayton, was appointed to the Camden Police Department in 1918; another, Robert Knox, joined the Camden Fire department the same year.

The Burgess family was living at 710 Mount Vernon Street in 1918, when the elder Burgess worked at New York Shipbuilding Corporation's shipyards. 

Although not old enough to have to register for the draft, Raymond Burgess enlisted in the United States military during World War I, and was still on active duty when the Census was taken in January of 1920. His family had by then moved across he street to 721 Mount Vernon Street by January of 1920. The Burgess family, which included son Leroy Jr., lived at 764 Line Street as late as 1924.

Raymond Burgess married at the age of 21. The 1927 and 1929 City Directories show Raymond Burgess living with wife Helen at 515 South 7th Street and working as a machinist. The April 1930 Census shows them with two daughters, Helen and Marguerite. The Burgess family was still living at 515 South 7th Street when the 1940 Camden City Directory was compiled. 

Raymond Burgess was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on December 19, 1930. He reported for duty on January 1, 1931. Raymond Burgess served with Engine Company 7 on Kaighn Avenue in the mid 1930s. The 1943 and 1947 Camden City Directories show the Burgess family living at 1272 Sayrs Avenue. By 1959 Raymond J. Burgess had moved to 265 Marlton Avenue

Raymond J. Burgess served for over 29 years, retiring on pension on October 22, 1960. He died in May of 1962.

Camden Post-Telegram * January 22, 1917
Charles R. Evans - South 32nd Street - Harry Haas - Walnut Street - Grant Wishart - South 35th Street
Wilbur Crane - Haddon Avenue - Matthew Yingling - Dr. Charles Jackson
Raymond Burgess - George Clayton - Charles Armstrong - Robert Knox - Arthur Kees - Joseph Rush 

Captain Henry Zook of Engine Company 7 stands between the company's 1928 American LaFrance combination chemical and hose wagon on left (serial 6305) driven by Ray Burgess and the 1928 American LaFrance 750 gpm pumper (serial 6303) driven by Russell Benson. Photo dates from about 1936.