RALPH H. CLINE was born in New Jersey on May 27, 1902 to William and Viola Cline. He joined the Camden Police Department on July 1, 1928 along with Joseph Mardino, John Kaighn, and William Stibi. When the census was taken in April of 1930, he was living in a house that he owned at 379 North 33rd Street in East Camden, with his wife, the former Stephanna Pawlak, daughters Vera and Norma, and sister-in-law Edna Pawlak. 

Ralph Cline was still serving on the force as late as December, 1957, and still resided on North 33rd Street as late as 1956. By 1959 he had moved to 416 North 41st Street, where he resided for many years before finally moving to Wildwood NJ. He later moved to Clearwater, Florida where he passed away on January 9, 1990.

Camden Courier-Post - February 3, 1933

Motorist Tagged More Than 7 Times for Same Offense

Charged with being a chronic offender against the all-night parking ban, Wolden Magann, 29, of 2801 Westfield avenue, was fined $5.00 and costs last night by Acting Police Judge James S. Smith in Camden traffic court.

Policeman Ralph Cline arrested Magann January 13 after he had tagged his car seven times. Since his arrest his car has been tagged several times more.

Charged with reckless driving after crashing into the opened Wilson boulevard drawbridge over Cooper River, Warren Mahn, 21, 207 Pavilion avenue, Riverside, was found not guilty and his case dismissed.

George W. Johnson, bridgetender, charged that Mahn ignored red lights. Mahn said he saw only one light, a white one. He denied speeding.

Judge Smith dismissed charges of passing a red light and driving without a license against Joseph M. Shapelow, 26, of Woodlynne. He was arrested January 28 by Policeman Thomas Kauffman. Shapelow said he was hurrying home because his mother, a passenger in his car, was ill. He said he was without work.

Nine motorists failed to appear.

Camden Courier-Post
Evening Courier - September 12, 1934
Klosterman Named by Man Found With Slips On Him After Arrest
Others Must Face Trial; More Arraigned and Bonds Fixed by Court

While Camden County authorities were collecting evidence to present to the new Grand Jury when it convenes next Thursday afternoon to open its extraordinary probe into vice and crime, Camden today pressed their drive on gambling in this city.

Three men, one of whom police declare is a "numbers" bank operator here, were held under bail to await the action of the Grand Jury by Judge J. Harry Switzer when arraigned in Police Court.

The alleged "numbers" baron is Joseph Klosterman, who gave an address of 1400 Mechanic Street. He was held in $3000 bail for the Grand Jury on a charge of operating a "numbers" Lottery.

Held in $2000 Bail

Albert Young, 41, of 519 North 2nd Street, was held in $2000 bail and remanded to the Grand Jury action on a charge of possession of numbers slips. He entered a plea of guilty when arraigned before Judge Switzer.

Walter Hart, 25, of 1245 Thurman Street, who was taken into custody at 9:05 AM today by police after Young revealed he passed over his numbers slips between 2:00 PM and 2:30 PM daily, was held in $5000 bail on a charge of operating a "numbers" lottery. He pleaded not guilty to the complaint which was signed by City Detective George Zeitz.

After arraignment the three "numbers" suspects were taken from court to detective headquarters where they were photographed and fingerprinted.

At the hearing of Klosterman, Detective Zeitz testified that he hand his brother Fred were each fined $500 on May 23 last in lieu of serving a six month jail sentence which had been imposed July 21, 1933 by Criminal Judge Shay after having been convicted of operating a "numbers" lottery.

The detective further testified that he had statement ts from five other persons, one of whom was Young, arrested in connection with the gambling drive, who stated that they worked for the "Klosterman brothers numbers bank".

Besides Young, the others, all of whom are under $2000 bail each for grand jury action, include Frank Kulczynski 26, of 1100 Orchard Street, Charles Simonin, 35, of 709 Fairview Street; Mrs. Mary Angelio, 26, of 600 Line Street; Harry Koron, 42, of 1528 Mount Ephraim Avenue, and Leon Yaroch, 39,of 612 Kaighn Avenue.

Klosterman was taken into custody yesterday by Police Lieutenant Walter Welch, of the Second Police District, on a warrant signed by Zeitz. Young was picked up Sergeant Edward Hahn and Patrolman Ralph Cline.

The Klosterman brothers' "numbers bank", according to Detective Zeitz, was located at Mt. Ephraim Avenue and Mechanic Street.

A "number" bank fugitive, Joseph Cheak, 32, colored, who lives on 10th Street near Kaighn Avenue, is lodged in the Camden County jail awaiting court action. He was arrested in Philadelphia yesterday and brought here to face an indictment returned against him two weeks ago by the Camden County Grand Jury.

Chief County Detective Lawrence T. Doran disclosed that Cheak is known as the operator of the "colored numbers bank" in South Camden.

While police and detectives were scouring the city to learn whether or not the warning issued 36 hours ago to all proprietors of gambling houses to close down and stay closed was being enforced, Mayor Stewart was continuing the questioning of police officials and detectives at his City Hall office.

Data on vice and crime conditions was sought by Mayor Stewart.

Camden Courier-Post - August 4, 1936

Ralph Cline - Thomas Carroll - Howell Street - Lewis Liberman

Camden Courier-Post
October 23, 1942

Ralph Cline
Stewart Patterson
Woodley R. Snyder

Camden Courier-Post
December 14, 1957

Garden State Motors
Nick Cerasi
Ralph Cline


Camden Courier-Post * August 24, 1963
Gold Badges To Be Given 15 City Cops

Fifteen retired Camden City policemen will be honored by the Patrolmenís Benevolent Association, Local 35, Wednesday night at the Police and Fire Club, 1175 Whitman Avenue.

Police Chief William H. Neale, will present awards. The awards will be gold retirement badges mounted in wallets. The men receiving them will have served 20 or more years.

According to Patrolman Robert Mentz, PBA secretary, this is the first time since 1960 that retirement badges have been presented. The ceremonies will follow the organizationís business meeting.

Awards will be made to: Edward Suski, Harry Cattell, Clifford DelRossi, Frank Gutherman, John Houston, Thomas Kauffman, William Stibi, Leon Feltz, Russell Young, Henry Leutz, George Ellis, Everett Joslin, Ralph Cline, John Kaighn and former Chief Gustav Koerner.

Camden Courier-Post * January 9, 1990

Philadelphia Inquirer * January 9, 1990