OWEN KERNAN was born in Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, Ireland on June 20, 1866. He came to American in 1886 and married MArgaret Finnegan in Philadelphia in 1891. He soon moved to Camden, where the first of five children was born in February of 1893. After working as a lineman, Owen Kernan went into the bar business, a trade he would follow in Camden for over 35 years, the last 22 of them at 200 Market Street. He first went into the liquor business in 1901, at 800 Fern Street. At some point in 1903 he moved his operation to 1735 Broadway, a building known as the Flatiron Hotel, due to its triangular shape. In June of 1906 he took over the bar at 601 Pearl Street. During the summer of 1911 Owen Kernan bought the building at 200 Market Street. In September of 1911 he contracted with the firm of Graw & Reeves to build a three-story brick building at that address, which was completed in three months time. Owen Kernan opened for business in January of 1912.

Owen Kernan passed away on January 4, 1934. The Kernan family remained in business at 200 Market Street until 1956, when they sold they property to Campbell Soup, who took possession of the building on March 1. Son Joseph Kernan wanted to move the business to 223 Market Street, but was denied permission to transfer his liquor license, due to their already being three bars in the immediate vicinity. He subsequently sold the liquor license to My-Friends, Inc., who opened a bar called My Friends at 2643 Mt. Ephraim Avenue.

Camden Post-Telegram * July 6, 1906

Edward A. Welsh - Owen Kernan - Robert Peacock - 601 Pearl Street

Camden Daily Courier
January 15, 1907

Edward A. Welsh - Owen Kernan

Camden Post-Telegram
July 14, 1911

Joseph C. Kolb
Owen Kernan


Camden Post-Telegram
September 28, 1911

Joseph C. Kolb
Owen Kernan
John R. McCabe
James "Jimmy" Martin
Joseph R. Graw
James H. Reeve

Camden Courier-Post
January 5, 1934

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