ORVILLE GOLDSBORO JR.  was born in Camden, New Jersey on February 1, 1924 to Pauline and Orville Goldsboro. His father had been born in Magnolia in 1894 and had worked as a farm laborer in Marlton in the late 1910s before coming to Camden. By January of 1920 Orville Goldsboro Sr. was boarding at 220 Benson Street in South Camden.

The 1930 Census lists the family, which included younger sister Doris and an aunt, Pauline Hinton, at 768 Walnut Street in South Camden. The elder Goldsboro was working as a laborer.

In the spring of 1942 Orville Goldsboro Jr. appears to have been living with his mother at 750 Sycamore Street. Sadly, his parents were living apart at this time. Orville Goldsboro Sr. was staying at 1020 Lawrence Street and was unemployed when he registered for the draft. He died not too long afterwards.

Orville Goldsboro Jr. was inducted into the United States Army at Camden on August 25, 1943. He returned to the city after completing his military duty. The 1947 Camden City Directory shows that he was living at 717 Ringgold Street with his widowed mother and sister Doris.

In February of the following year his wife Georgia bore a son, Steven.

On December 1, 1953 Orville Goldsboro was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He reported for duty with Engine Company 1 at 409 Pine Street the following day. He served with Engine Company 1 until May 23, 1966. 

Orville Goldsboro Jr. was transferred to Ladder Company 2 at 619 Kaighn Avenue on May 23, 1966. He resigned from the Camden Fire Department on August 18, 1966. This occurred around the same time that his son Corporal Steven M. Goldsboro, was sent to Vietnam. 

Tragedy struck the Goldsboro family in 1967. Son Steven, who had joined the United States Marine Corps in 1964, was killed in action while serving in Vietnam on February 8. He was brought home to Camden and buried with full military honors at New Camden Cemetery. 

Orville Goldsboro Jr. passed away in August of 1985, survived by his wife and twelve children. The Camden Fire Department's last address of record for him was 227 Erie Street in North Camden.

Orville Goldsboro's son Wayne Goldsboro is married to the former Gayle Robinson, daughter of brother firefighter Andrew D. Robinson.  

Camden Courier-Post * November 30, 1953

3 Hosemen Made Fire Captains

Three hosemen were promoted to the rank of fire department captain today by Public Safety Commissioner E. George Aaron.

Aaron also announced the appointment of six new firemen and two new policemen. 

Thomas E. McParland, 1617 Euclid Avenue,, of No. 6 Engine Co.
Leonard F. Garbrecht, 5 Court G, Canterbury Apartments, of No. 10 Engine Co.; and Louis J. Martelli, 569 Line Street, of No. 8 Engine Co., were promoted to captaincies in the Fire Department.

The new firemen are Henry J. Keating, 3316 Lemuel Avenue, transferred from the Police Department; Thomas J. McCabe, 385 Garden Avenue; Orville Goldsboro, 293 Liberty Street; Carmen Ianelli, 310 Berkley Street; Michael Panelli, 802 South 6th Street, and Harrison W. MacNeir. 29 South 35th Street.

The new policemen are Michael A. R. Gimino, 925 North 22nd Street, and Vincent J. Wall, 12 Court H. Canterbury Apartments.

September 1954- Roll Call at the housewatch desk of Engine Company 1 's old quarters, South 4th & Pine Streets, South Camden on the occasion of Fireman Charlie Cook's retirement following his last tour of duty. From left: Firemen Andrew Robinson, Eugene Alston, Theodore Primas, Charles Davis, Captain Jesse Jones presenting wrist watch, Firemen Jesthroe Hunt, Samuel Fisher, Charles Cook, Orville Goldsboro, Captain Raymond Amos, Fireman Alfred Greene.

Camden Courier-Post * January 26, 1957
Samuel Liberatti - Avon Street - West Street - Beckett Street - August Johnson - Orville Goldsboro
Raymond Amos - Bertha Alemi - Edward R. MacDowell - Pine Street - South 4th Street
Engine Company 1- Engine Company 2 - Ladder Company 1

Camden Courier-Post December 30, 1957

Engine Company 1 - Raymond Amos - Orville Goldsboro
August Johnson
- Reginald Laws - North 2nd Street
South 9th Street
- Bradley Avenue - Chestnut Street
Erie Street
- Market Street - Point Street - Washington Street