ORRIS W. SMITH was born in Camden on September 8, 1920 to Edward and Catherine Smith. The 1924 City Directory shows the family at 1113 Carpenter Street. By 1929 the Smiths had moved to 2827 Concord Avenue in Cramer Hill, and had moved to next door to 2825 Concord Avenue by April of the following year. Edward Smith was then working at Haddon Press, as was daughter Ethel.  Also living at 2827 Concord Avenue in April of 1930 was Ethel's husband, Jack Thomson, grandson Jackie Thompson, not quite two years of age, and another Smith daughter, Catherine. 

After serving in the Untied States Marine Corps during World War II., Orris W. Smith moved to Cramer Hill was living at 913 North 25th Street when the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled. 

Tragedy struck Orris Smith and his family on September 6, 1949. His six year-old son, Orris Martin Smith was the second of thirteen persons killed by mass-murderer Howard Unruh, while sitting on a hobby horse having his hair cut for the first day of school in Clark Hoover's River Avenue barbershop, while his mother watched in horror.

Orris Smith later moved to 2818 Pierce Avenue. He was an active member of Mathews-Purnell Post 518 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, whose post home was at 2712 Hayes Avenue in Cramer Hill

Orris W. Smith died while at his job at the Belmont Iron Works, 22nd and Washington Avenue in Philadelphia, where he had been employed since 1940, on December 9, 1957.

Besides belonging in the V.F.W., Orris W. Smith was a member of Fairview Methodist Church at 2301 River Road in Cramer Hill, and Mozart Lodge 121, Free and Accepted Masons..

Camden Courier-Post - 1951

VFW Will Install Steifel Tonight As Post Head 

Irving L. Stiefel, veteran of War II, who received a Bronze Star for heroism on Okinawa, will be installed tonight as commander of Corporal Mathews-Purnell Post 518, Veterans of Foreign Wars

Past Department Commander, Joseph H. Meade will act as installing officer. 

Stiefel served in the 77th Division during World War II, serving in the Pacific-Asiatic theatre. 

Others to be installed are Orris Smith, senior vice commander; Robert Cornog, junior vice commander: Chester Knaub Sr., quartermaster; Burroughs Messick, adjutant; John H. Mohrfeld 3d, I post advocate: Stephen L. Walter, chaplain; Chester Knaub Jr., surgeon, and John Morgandale, officer of the day. 

Irving R. Steifel

Also, Alvah S. Ward, patriotic instructor; John Mulford, historian; William Mountney Jr., service officer; Paul H. Fredericks Sr., legislative officer; James Flanigan Sr., two-year trustee; Amos Hawk, one-year trustee; William Mountney Sr., assistant adjutant: Edward Kinsley, guard; Clifford Knaub, national color bearer; Frederick Sauer, post 61 color bearer; James Flanigan Jr., bugler; Joseph Hasher, Public relations officer; Orris Smith, entertainment chairman; William Mountney Jr., canteen chairman; William Mountney Sr., poppy chairman; Stephen L. Walter, Memorial Day chairman, and Louis Kupper, State Fair chairman.

Mrs. Victoria Nicktern will be installed as president of the post auxiliary by Past Department President Carrie R. Bean assisted by Conductress Theresa Mungioli, who also is a past department president.

Also to be seated are Mrs. Mary Clifford, senior vice president; Mrs. Betty Horner, junior vice-president; Carrie R. Bean, treasurer; Ruth Ibe, secretary; Mrs. Etta Papaycik, chaplain; Mrs. Filomena Fratti, conductress; Mrs. Anna Mathews, guard; Mrs. Alberta Mulford, trustee, and the following delegates to the district convention: Mrs. Beatrice Fredericks, Mrs. Edna Weaver, Mrs. Clifford, Mrs. Horner; Mrs. Ella Gauntt and Mrs. Mulford.

Alternates are Mrs. Fratti, Mrs. Margaret Worrel, Mrs. Mathews, Mrs. James Flanigan, Mrs. Ella Hasher and Mr.. Anna Messick. A buffet will be served after the the installations.

Camden Courier-Post - July 1951

VFW Auxiliary Plans Card Party Wednesday

A card party sponsored by Corporal Mathew-Purnell Ladies Auxiliary 518, V. F. W., will be held Wednesday at 2172 Hayes avenue. 
Mrs. Victoria Nicktern chairman, will be in charge. Her committee includes Mrs. Carrie Bean, Mrs. Theresa Mungioli, Mrs. Edna Weaver, Mrs. Beatrice, Fredericks, Mrs. Mary Clifford, Mrs. Esther Rowand, Mrs. Etta Papaycik, Mrs. Millie Pettit, Mrs. Betty Harmon and Mrs. Elizabeth Knaub. 

Camden Courier-Post - August 17, 1951

COMMITTEES were named at the last meeting of Corporal Mathews-Purnell Post 518, VFW, to plan for the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the post and its auxiliary. 

The event will be observed with a dinner all the night of October 27 in the parish hall of St. Anthony of Padua Church, Twenty-eighth street and River avenue. Irving L. Stiefel, commander, has named as members of the anniversary committee Orris Smith, Alvah S. Ward, Paul H. Fredericks, John Morgandale, Albert Morgandale, Burrough Messick, Stephen Walters, Chester Knaub Sr., Louis Silverman, William Mountney, Albert Cornog and Michael Mungioli. Silverman and Messick are in charge of tickets. Members of the auxiliary committee include Mrs. Carrie Bean, co-chairman; Mrs. Victoria Nicktern, Mrs. Theresa Mungioli, Mrs. Edna Weaver, Mrs. Beatrice Fredericks, and Mrs. Esther Rowand.

The auxiliary will meet tonight at the post home, 2712 Hayes Avenue with Mrs. Nicktern, president presiding. 

Camden Courier-Post - October 29, 1951


Corporal Mathews-Purnell Post No. 518 will celebrate its 30th anniversary at a dinner with the Ladies Auxiliary in the parish hall of the St. Anthony of Padua R.C. Church, River Avenue and Twenty-eighth Street, Saturday, at 7 p, m. This will be the 29th anniversary for the auxiliary. 

The Rev. William J. O'Rourke will give the invocation, the Rev. Warren G. Jennings will say grace and Rabbi Max Weine the benediction.

Eleven Gold Star Mothers will be honored guests of Commander Irving J. Stiefel. They are Mrs. Ada Mathews, Mrs. Katherine Corbett, Mrs. Marie Hunt, Mrs. Catherine Cahill, Mrs. Harry Maisch, Mrs. Joseph Selah, Mrs. Walter Haines, Mrs. Charles Reynolds, Mrs. John Peterson, Mrs. John A. Gorman, and Mrs. Mary Simpson.

Other invited guests are Congressman Wolverton, Mrs. Alice Trimble, department senior vice president, Ladies Auxiliary; Mrs. Florence E. Stark, past national president; Mrs. Mary Norcross, Seventh District president; Mrs. Victoria Nicktern , president of the 508 auxiliary; Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Ryan; Mrs. John J. Tischner; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Meade, Mrs. Herbert L. Stoolman, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Pfrommer, Mrs. George Clymer, Mrs. Fiore Malacrea, Mrs. Warren G. Jennings, Mrs. Max Weine, Albert J. Gifford, past commander, Camden county council; Alvah S. Ward, department chief of staff; County Commander Schuler; Southern area membership chairman, and many others. 

The toastmaster will be Stoolman. Michael Mungioli is banquet chairman, and Mrs. Carrie R. Bean, past department president,  co-chairman. They will be assisted by Mrs. Victoria Nicktern, president of the 518 auxiliary; Mrs. Beatrice Fredericks, decorations; Mrs. Esther Rowan, Edna Weaver and Mrs. Theresa Mungioli, recreation, and Orris Smith, program. 

At a meeting of the post at 2712 Hayes Avenue; Stiefel welcomed two new members, Robert C. Barr, who served in the army, and Gordon Kraft, navy, in World War II. Steve Walter reported that Otto Self is ill in the Philadelphia Naval hospital. Joseph Hasher reported Edward Bossett was in Cooper Hospital and doing nicely. He is in room 14.

At the entertainment last Saturday night, with "Big Time" Charlie Crane as master of ceremonies, the following sang: Dot Flanigan, "Sweetheart" of 518; Fred Falkerberger; Ann Flanigan, "Singing Waitress"; Lois "Singing Cow Girl," and Mike "Medals" Mungioli..

Camden Courier-Post - November 1951

MATHEWS-PURNELL POST 518 met at 2712 Hayes avenue. Commander Irving L. Stiefel welcomed two members, Robert C. Barr and Charles E. Wilson, both veterans of War II. 

Bernard Brown reported that Edward Bossett who underwent three operations in Cooper hospital, was improving at home. Chester Knaub Sr. reported Robert Louis was ill in Cooper Hospital. Robert Morgandale reported that the Last Man's club of War II was progressing and will make a report later. 

After the meeting, a buffet luncheon was sponsored by Commander Steifel in honor of the past commanders and officers of the post and the auxiliary. One hundred and twenty-five members and visitors attended. Among the guests were Mabel Dukes, District Chief Edgar R. Ellender of the Camden fire department, and William E. Hilbmann, who was introduced as the public relations officer of Camden county council. Steifel presented Hilbmann with a pot of flowers. 

Hilbmann responded with a few remarks and said he could look back to 30 years ago when John C. Stroud and Raymond G. Price stopped at his house and suggested of the formation of a VFW post in Cramer Hill. "The go ahead sign was given and here's what you see today, one of the finest and best VFW posts in the whole state," Hilbmann said.

Steifel thanked the hosts for their services. They are past presidents of the 518 auxiliary, Mrs. Elizabeth Knaub, Mrs. Ruth Ibes, Mrs. Esther Rowand, Mrs. Margaret Worrell, Mrs. Edna Weaver, Mrs. Beatrice Frederick and Mrs. Etta Papycik. Also introduced were Past Post Commanders Chester Knaub Sr., Peter Winters Sr., Michael Mungioli, William S. Mountney Sr., Stephen L. Walter and Alvah S. Ward. Other post officers introduced were Orris Smith Sr., vice-commander; Robert Cornog Jr., vice commander; Chester Knaub Sr., quartermaster; Burroughs Messick, adjutant; Stephen L. Walter, chaplain; Joseph Hasher, public relations.

Others present were Chester Knaub Jr., John Morgandale, William Mountney Jr., Frederick Sauers, James Flanigan Sr. and James Flanigan Jr. 

Auxiliary officers were Mrs. Victoria Nicktern, president; Mary Clifford, Senior vice president; Mrs. Betty Horner, junior vice president; Mrs. Ruth Ibe, secretary; Mrs. Etta Papaycik, chaplain; Mrs. Filomena Frati, conductress, and Mrs. Anna Mathews, Mrs. Edna Flanigan and Mrs. Millie Pettit, guards. 

Camden Courier-Post
December 10, 1957